I stumbled across Think & Grow Rich 25 years ago. I have bounced from success to failure for 27 years. Why is it that I cannot hit a consistent place of success?

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This would make a very good question, individually posted. I suggest you post it as a question so that we can properly answer it.

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The reason why you have bounced from success to failure is that you are alive.

The fact that you recognize 'success' in some cases tells me you had times when you allowed yourself to rest for awhile during your ride, which is good.

The fact that you recognize 'failure' in some other cases tells me that you surpassed and survived them, then you were able to stand up, clean the dust, learn your lessons, and keep running.

The beauty of your successes can only be perceived because of your failures... in the absence of one, the other cannot exist.

Finally, if you´re still in the same condition you were when you´ve posted your question, I believe you may be going through one of those 'failure' times... take a deep breath, you´ve been to this place before, but now you know you´re only preparing yourself to celebrate another success shortly, right down the road.

May this take only the necessary time for you to get the best out of it.


answered 12 Nov '12, 19:48

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