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Did you know that you are sick, NOT you but your being.You see your being has emotional, physical, energical states. Some of these states can have impact on your daily life.

it's like the fact that you care about what people think of you.That is not the problem itself. the problem is the cause of it. So many of us have been compelled to believe that we are our brains and that our brain creates our reality.

This is a bunch of BS! The REAL question no one really asks is WHY is my mind so powerful? what gives it its power?

Come on Really, you need me to say this? YOU, YOU, YOU. Its you nothing else. And YOU are life you are everything, the universe, the stars the trees EVERYTHING. Don't believe me? take the DNA of a tree and yours and take a really really powerful quantic telescope and you'll see that there's the same thing in both ofyou.

So now you understand you're everything even if you don't believe it. And that is why everything that is happening inside of you happens outside.

Your life is the reflection of you BUT here the most spectacular thing that I've came across. Every time my "brain" had a problem like "what people think of me" i would ask my being directly "where is this coming from then i'd just fix that.

The cool thing is every time i fixed my "being" my brain would come back to stillness. we try so many different ways to "manipulate" our brain to make it go "our way" when in fact the brain just reflects what's in us.

Here! just try this. focus on that thought-belief "i care about what people think of me" then focus on your whole being and around it. do you feel this? do you feel something different? maybe emotionally, physically, energetically what ever you believe in.

what do you feel different in these aspects. yes you can even have a bad memory related to that. maybe you had a bad parent that treated you like he or she didn't care about you.

that's how you fix this problem! by finding the root of it. the brain is just the messenger. you then do the work of healing yourself and then it will be still again. just try it now. take both of your hands in front of you...

DOESN'T matter if you believe this or not! JUST DO IT! take your both hands in front of you while focusing on the problem about "caring about what people think of you" then focus on how your being reacts to that. take the time to really see how your being reacts to that problem. Now, imagine that these "Reactions" goes out of your being, imagine they go into both of your hands right now.

Can you imagine the "things" going into your hands? NOW THROW them into the sky, the universe, take couple of breath. Now focus back on the same problem. Do you feel any different? Do that over and over again until you focus on the problem and you can't re-create the "things" that were there. As this worked for you?

Thanks for reading this far. Wish you a wonderful day.

Richer Morin, Dreams Creator!

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Richer Morin

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