If I believe in something with all my heart and being will the universe grant me it?

I realizing about a fear of abandonment issue as well as obsessive thoughts and over thinking things. Basically I lack faith and it causes disharmony in all areas but mostly in recovery and self worth.

Will the universe open what I am struggling to understand in myself if I ask for it?

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Faith is a seed that needs to be nurtured. Persistence and a willingness to be open will pay wonderful dividends. If you are truly serious about your personal growth, you'll have to make a pledge to yourself to never give up no matter what obstacles may cross your path along the way. Those obstacles will be merely opportunities for you to grow and perceive more of your own Truth if you are willing to open your mind to that.

The Universe is always willing to show us what we want to understand, the real question is are you ready to receive it?

Good luck on your journey and remember to take it easy on yourself. You may fall along the way but you can always get up again - just remember never give up. The right lessons and the right teachers will appear at the right time. As Ursixx just said try to "relax and let it flow."


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There is a question here somewhere and someone stated "start small, a cup of coffee." If you are new to LoA, I would say work your way up so you can reinforce your faith. Read the answers here for the questions tagged [law-of-attraction]. There are quite a few wise sages here and I find many great answers here. So go get that cup of coffee (or tea) relax and let it flow.



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Will the universe open what I am struggling to understand in myself if I ask for it?


But you harbor resistance to that understanding. Why do I say that? Because you use words like struggle and lack of faith. Having faith is the opposite of struggling; it is acceptance, the release of resistance. When you can do that, the universe will answer.

Release yourself from the struggle, and be willing to accept the answer the universe provides.


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In patience,peace,understanding,wisdom,truth and love.there is no conflict so no struggle.

(11 Feb '13, 08:47) white tiger

I think that the Universe has already opened up to your struggle otherwise you wouldnt be on this site. At some level your desire to heal has brought you to a community where you can get answers and help with your struggle. I say that because I came here in my darkest hour and started learning about ways in which I could break down my reisitance and allow manifestations.


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I Think Therefore I Am

I cannot speak from personal experience or even from any real sense of personal belief. However, I can pass along what Neville said. I am reminded of two cases he talked about.

One involved a little girl who couldn't speak, she had no obvious physical problem she was apparently just mentally abnormal. The adoptive mother supposedly thought herself to be abnormal, so her therapist suggested to her that maybe the kid, which was adoptive, was objectifying her own belief, and that she should repeat the affirmation "I am perfectly normal" to herself, even though at first she didn't feel that it was true. In about a day, the girl fell into a coma. When she woke up, she could speak.

The other case involved a friend of Neville's family. He was asked to go talk to a man who was dying from a heart disease that left him completely debilitated. He would feel exhausted just from talking. There was no cure or hope for him. He explained to the man and his wife that there is only one cause for the phenomena of life, and that is the human imagination. That to aid in assuming the feeling of being healed, he should imagine the doctors amazed at the test results, checking and re-checking them, saying "It's a miracle!". He then left Barbados and went back to America. A few months later the man was completely cured, healthy and vigorously living his life.


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Will the universe open what I am struggling to understand in myself if I ask for it?

If it is in your self,you got to know your self,how do you know your self?

Meditate,Be aware,Know your self.

Start at the beguinning.

Are you aware of what you do on the outside?

Are you aware how it relate to the inside?

What comes from you(inside) and what come from other(outside)?

What is right and what is wrong?

Is the right what you are doing?or is there some wrong from what you are doing?Or is the wrong coming from the outside?How do you change that?

How do the right and wrong relates to each other?

How do you use your freewill to change that?

Have you attain the peace inside and outside?

That is the surface level.

If you keep meditating you will reach deeper level: the water and the light eventually they will become one. with out fear you can cross the last door,the lotus will open and the essence will go above to the sun.



So let there be light,Be the light that you can be,experience and enjoy.


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