Can someone grow taller using mind power??? I read about[Citation Needed] people who grow taller using mind power. Could this be true after your you pass the age...

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Where did you read about it?

(19 May '10, 15:22) Vesuvius

you are tall enuff you are taller then the generation before is even starting to give the new generation physical problem like back pain and imbalence and clumbsiness. why always try to go in extremes?

(06 Jan '13, 13:51) white tiger

I don't know about him/her, but I am shorter than my father. I am also shorter than one of my grandfathers. Why are you always telling people what they should and should not want?

(06 Jan '13, 14:00) flowsurfer

@flowsurfer at least you will not have back pain imbalence and clumbsiness. experience and enjoy.

(06 Jan '13, 19:00) white tiger

@white tiger, I don't play the game of "at least".

(06 Jan '13, 19:44) flowsurfer
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In answering your question, I will assume for the moment that anything is possible with enough desire and belief.

I also will assume, for the moment, that this world and everything you see in it is a result of thought, perhaps from a collective consciousness or all consciousness.

That means that, like Neo, there might be a way to manipulate the matrix with your own thought.

If this world, and everything in it, is created from thought, it must be a very strong river of thought, as the platform on which this physical world is based (the laws of physics) is quite stable. How powerful is your desire to grow taller? Is it more powerful than the river of thought that creates this world and its physical laws? Is it more powerful than the genetics that dictate how tall you are?

Bashar once said that, to win the lottery using your mind, it would be necessary to shift your consciousness into that alternate universe where you win the lottery. He suggested that it might be better (and more productive) to learn how the universe can make you happy without requiring lottery money.


answered 19 May '10, 15:17

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Well i don't think my desire is more powerful than the river of thought that creates this world and its physical law. I read about it in a sport megazins and was searching on googles for infomration and been thinking since then, is this is possible for mind. I do think affiramtion or autosuggestions do influnce mind to do anthing and was wondering.I'v experainced like walking on fire on bare foot coz of mind power tho.Thanks for the feedback.

(19 May '10, 18:54) hanna

Firewalking is probably explainable in terms of basic physics. See

(19 May '10, 19:34) Vesuvius

we are all the river of though creating this world of experience,since are individual and collective free will influence this world,they have discover that also in quantum harmony and working together is the way to fix all problem.since ego is individual and not making progress for anny one making only conflict and disharmony.

(06 Jan '13, 13:36) white tiger
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From The Nature of Personal Reality (A Seth Book)

So-once more-you form your reality through your beliefs, and your most intimate production is your physical body. Your beliefs about it are constantly fed into inner data. You organize on an unconscious level the atoms and molecules that compose your cells to form your body. But the blueprint is made by your conscious beliefs. To change your body you change your beliefs, even in the face of physical data or evidence that conflicts.

You each have a body and you each have a consciousness. You can practice with these ideas by applying them to your body. For now we are taking into consideration the fact that, generally speaking, you are not going to make yourself five physical feet taller if you are a grown adult already, because there are certain physical laws with which you must contend.

In that context you can even appear taller, and affect others as if you were-which would usually be what you wanted in any case under the circumstances.

You can become healthy if you are ill, slim if you are overweight, gain weight if you prefer, or alter your physical image in profound fashion through the use of your ideas and beliefs.

Your body is an artistic creation, formed and constantly maintained at unconscious levels, but quite in line with your beliefs about what and who you are.


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How true! Thank you for sharing

(25 Nov '10, 17:39) daniele

wonderful post!

(03 Oct '11, 11:09) Nikulas

I don't quite get how Seth jumps from "you can't grow five feet taller" to "but you can appear taller". Well, you can't really appear five feet taller. Is Seth saying "you can't grow five feet, or even five inches taller, but you can gain the psychological benefits associated with height"?

(06 Jan '13, 13:22) flowsurfer

In addition to that, I think that Seth is reffering to the perception that others have about one's physical image, which is influenced by the self-image transmitted through telepathy.

(06 Jan '13, 18:59) T A

Yes but is Seth saying you can't grow taller at all (beyond the inch or two one might gain from better posture)?

(06 Jan '13, 19:40) flowsurfer

Yes, that is what I think he is saying, at least, at this point of our evolution.

(06 Jan '13, 21:10) T A

So what is the profound change you can make to your appearance?

(06 Jan '13, 21:21) flowsurfer

Unfortunately Seth does not specify what those profound changes are, but from his work, I deduct that he is saying that we can change our physical image by changing the suggestions, ideas or beliefs that affect this image. In this regard we could look healthier, younger or more attractive, since these characteristics are influenced by our own ideas or beliefs about our body.

(07 Jan '13, 08:04) T A

I do not really understand why people love Seth so much. I re-read the above and just noticed the "generally speaking", which implies that even the five feet taller thing is not a rule.

(07 Jan '13, 10:16) flowsurfer

Maybe Seth is not for you. Certainly there are other entities that can be understood more easily. However, for the people who like Seth, there is a lot of gain in many topics other than this one.

(07 Jan '13, 11:39) T A
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I believe that it is possible but why would one want to do so? It seems as it there is a problem with self acceptance and if there is then that is what should be addressed. If you feel tall and good on the inside then that is all that matter. Being tall will not make you feel good. The law of attraction cannot violate the laws of nature. We cannot fly because of the law of gravity. If you have not reached a certain height by a certain age thats it. No magic is going to happen. That is not what the law of attraction is about.


answered 19 May '10, 20:20

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i agree. is being taller going to make you accept yourself better? Probably not.

(03 Oct '11, 11:09) Nikulas

you cannot violate the law of gravity,but you can work with the law,the simple fact is that we created machine that work with the law to make us fly. so no going against anny thing is a lost cause going with in harmony bring the desire result.

(06 Jan '13, 13:42) white tiger

Hi ! There's no limit for our spirit,He can do all that we want,there's something we've to know,all that we think another person'll realise it,we're not physicals beings but we're spirituals beings making a physical experience. What is impossible for physic is possible for spirit, all our needs can be fullfiled is we know how to proced,we've the best tools to achieve our needs. Like the economic crise is a physical matter but in a spirit there's no crise,everything is in aboundance.Growing taller is a matter of our mind which can make it a reality at any age,forget what some scientifics can say,a spirit is another reality. What we think can become a reality,it's up to us... Tim


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Unfortunately, the answer to this is usually "NO". The ends of the bone "seal off" when we reach maturity, and cannot grow any longer. Some short people choose to have their legs lengthened by a very painful process involving surgery and screws, but even so, this can only work with children and teens who are still growing. You can make yourself taller by measuring yourself just after you get out of bed, and then comparing that with the height you are at bedtime. The spine "compacts" as we go through the day. We can also improve our posture, which can make us stand taller, but we cannot unseal those bones and make them grow after we are mature. Sorry, I just cannot think of any way one could "think" themselves into growing taller after this happens. But we still need that growth hormone after maturity to heal and for other processes of the body, so we secrete it all our lives.

Good luck with the thinking!!!

Blessings, Jai


answered 20 May '10, 08:58

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Welcome back Jai :-)

(20 May '10, 11:06) Michaela

Yes! Good to see you back. I missed your comments....

(20 May '10, 13:54) LeeAnn 1

Thank you both. I have been both very busy with school, and sick with my leg. It feels good to write again!

(20 May '10, 20:14) Jaianniah

Hope you feel better, love, namaste

(12 Sep '10, 10:09) daniele

Limb lengthening is not restricted to the young. The bones can be unsealed by the simple process of breaking them. That is all the surgery does. When the bone is broken, stem cells rush into the area to build new bone. Bones heal by growing, always. The "screws" are only there to keep the bones growing without making the fracture too serious.

(06 Jan '13, 13:32) flowsurfer
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After reading duryfury's rather intriguing comment, I decided to go to the huge amount of trouble of typing How To Grow Taller into Google and came up with a fairly lengthy list of resources.

Perhaps someone with more time (and interest) than me could sift through the links and summarize what the claimed techniques are?


answered 02 Jun '10, 18:00

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93.6k22130370 Useless advertisement site for some quack remedy.

(02 Jun '10, 18:20) Vesuvius Sensible recommendations for people who are not fully grown yet.

(02 Jun '10, 18:21) Vesuvius - Another useless advertising site.

(02 Jun '10, 18:21) Vesuvius

Pretty much the same story for nearly all of the Google matches on the first two pages. Baseless, snake oil schemes for making money off the internet

(02 Jun '10, 18:42) Vesuvius

Thanks Vesuvius - doesn't sound like any of them have come up with any major breakthroughs in reality creation then

(02 Jun '10, 21:32) Stingray
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OK I've had it. You want to be taller, grow hair, receive with out doing anything. Yes you can have what you want if you have the mind power. Having to generate that much mind power could also create resistance. So, for most of us no. Just keep your request credible. That will give you a life time of contrast to sort out.


answered 24 Nov '10, 19:29

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Yes you can within the physical limitations we've decided to impose upon ourselves do whatever improvement or change you wish to have upon your body. For instant manifestation, it has to come from your heart. So far, I only performed instant manifestation once in my life when I felt love for a painful growth under my arm. Immediately, a bright light emanated from the area of my heart to it. I quickly pulled down my shirt and later looked at it and found it had oozed out and healed. Otherwise, you need to discipline your mind and learn focused concentration. How long would this take you to see results depends totally on you and how much you're willing to put effort into it.

Thank you, namaste


answered 25 Nov '10, 18:01

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Thank you Daniele, would you please suggest the kind of meditation i should use for this? The decipline won't be a challenge for me at this stage of mylife. If i really want somthing and have a strong reasons for doing it, that easy in most cases for me. I will be waiting for your response Love

(25 Nov '10, 21:52) han

Think of yourself as a master of your body! You tell it what to do,and whatever you say it will do it for you! Lie on the floor keep relaxed and repeat to yourself over and over: GROW TALLER.While you are doing that visualise your legs and spine extending in length.Your body is not as solid as you think it is...beyond cells there is a world of pure energy that changes constantly,remember that.Be consistent,nothing happens over night.I got 1/2 inch in few months which is great when observing that i havent grown that much for years!


answered 29 Dec '11, 13:48

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Hello Ninoslav, "beyond cells there is a world of pure energy" - yes i like this phrase very much

(29 Dec '11, 14:30) blubird two

Funny that this question was bumped to the top of IQ after thinking about this subject last night...clearly a synchronicity. :)

I was watching the Director's Cut of Legend with the director's commentary by Ridley Scott switched on.

When the fairy character Honeythorn Gump appeared, Scott related how the actor, David Bennent, had remained short and child-like from his appearance in The Tin Drum thru his appearance in Legend, when he was still age 19.

After Legend, however, he eventually shot up to 5'9".

Ridley then posited his theory that growth was in fact mental, and the human mind had the ability to push or delay such processes.

alt text


answered 06 Jan '13, 13:36

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That is just an example of someone taking longer than usual to mature. Also, I just googled the guy. He is 5'1, 155 centimeters. I'm confused. It is normal to grow slightly around 19. The growth plates usually only close in the early 20s.

(06 Jan '13, 14:38) flowsurfer

Interesting, and thanks for the follow-up. I guess Ridley was wrong? There do seem to be some anecdotes online for these sort of things happening, albeit at a lesser degree:

(06 Jan '13, 15:14) lozenge123

Yes it is many people have done it and are doing is completely natural and scientifically possible to grow taller at any age..there is nothing impossible about it


answered 01 Jun '10, 05:53

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So what is the method that people doing this are using?

(01 Jun '10, 06:44) Stingray

Oh yeah, I wud love to know what methods they are using. Would you mind sharing that pliz? thanks

(01 Jun '10, 09:57) hanna

I'm interested in hearing the method too. Or you can give us a link.

(01 Jun '10, 10:16) MUHD

You've definitely piqued my curiousity :-)

(01 Jun '10, 14:42) Michaela

Hey every1 it's me Duryfury again. Sorry I came back after such a long time, I was experimenting with all this mind power stuff and have been researching a lot on what the power of the mind can create, and it certainly can make you grow taller.

You people asked about any information well you can start at, this girl actually did it and inspired me to do it. Secondly you can also type into google grow taller with subconscious mind OR Grow taller with hypnosis

If you need proof for this then also search for how Milton Erickson made a young man grow.

Anothere forum you can find great info at is, and search for grow taller with law of attraction. These are the most authentic sources I have given you.

Oh and you can also try, the site administrator Dr. Laura is really really helpful. Oh yeah and coming back to me, I haven't been consistent but I did gain an inch in about a week when I did put my mind to it.

One last suggestion, you can find this book online for free, it will change your perception about everything, It is How The Mind Works By Christian D. Larson. Just search for the book name with author and write pdf infront and you can easily download it for free from google.

(02 Dec '10, 14:59) user-1111 (google)

Oh yeah and one more thing, all the information you need regarding growing taller with the mind can be found for free on the internet, so you don't need to buy anything. Not even hypnosisstuff, you can easily find everything you need from the links I gave you. I will try to come back and answer further questions.

(02 Dec '10, 15:06) user-1111 (google)

@Stingray what do you think about this after 9 years is it completely possible?

(22 Jun '19, 12:16) majnu

@majnu - "is it completely possible?" - Anything is possible if you can find a way to align with it:

(01 Jul '19, 14:18) Stingray
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answered 12 Sep '10, 03:08

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lee 10

What is the method (that takes a year) that people are using?

(12 Sep '10, 12:19) Stingray

It only takes a year? Sign meup

(12 Sep '10, 22:11) Back2Basics

You can sign me up too!

(14 Sep '10, 03:07) Inactive User ♦♦

The fellow in the link below, (Positivevibes), claims to have grown a few inches in the span of a month. It is said that he accomplished this using the techniques from AAIIG (focus wheels, pivoting, creative workshop, etc.)!

(28 Nov '17, 18:21) emptyglass
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At what age do we stop growing? How tall are you, and how many more inches do you want to grow? If hypnosis can work to control human obesity, then, why can hypnosis work to increase human growth?

Here is a story: A mother is worried about the growth of her child, the family doctor said that there is a procedure used for children before the age of fourteen. He informed the mother that the procedure includes extracting a certain growth hormone for the deceases body at a specific time; this extraction is them formulated into a serum to be administered to child by a Pediatrician, and the child will then grow to its normal height. So it is my understanding that it can be done for children at the appropriate age, through the family doctor, but not for adults.

Or unless, we have advanced beyond our present technology in science and in the art of Metaphysics, it is in my opinion, and most unlikely that a person can increase their height through Mind-Power. But it is something to think about!


answered 14 Sep '10, 03:13

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Inactive User ♦♦

Such an interesting question. And I wondered. Hmmm. But I do think yes. It is a matter of impregnating and reprogramming the subconscious mind. Don't you think? If you are really in earnest desire about it, I think so. It says the LOA can give you WHATEVER. I never came across a material that stated the words EXCEPT FOR...


answered 24 Nov '10, 17:04

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This Stuff WORKS> Period.

I grew 7 inches in 5 months. From 5'11 to 6'6. Best part is my 5'9 brother is going crazy over why the same thing is not happening to him. Never told him how i did it either. hehehe!

Any Questions just send me an email-


answered 21 Aug '11, 20:05

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Okay - imagine that all of us have sent you an email. Now you can share your response here :)

(21 Aug '11, 21:21) Stingray
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