I have been told by many that life is never perfect and even though things are going great, there is always one aspect of your life that will be unbalanced or in the negative.

I DO NOT believe this to be true. My understanding through law of attraction is that we can achieve balance in all parts of our life. While this is my belief it is not what my life has materialized.

I've had a tough time in many areas of my life and I have resolved things through law of attraction knowledge, except for one part - my professional life. This time I haven't been able to shake the negative environment that I am in. In fact, this is the worse it's been throughout my entire career.

I've tried meditation, violet flame transmutation, positive thought, visualization - you name it I have done it to try to get myself out of this negative space - I'M STILL HERE. 90% of the people around me do not give me respect, the most senior people treat me with scorn... did I sign up for this? How can I fix it?

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Blue Leaf

The block itself is the little "self". The problem is identification and fascination with "something" that is not Real. Remove the little "self".


answered 18 Feb '20, 18:25

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Thank you for your response

(19 Feb '20, 08:59) Blue Leaf

This is a difficult one because there are many ideas among the LOA, New Age, and spiritual communities about your question. As such it raises other questions: Is there karma? Does our soul incarnate to experience certain things that we may class as "negative" here in human bodies? Are these soul lessons for us to learn? Are there past life issues bleeding through into this incarnation? What about entities or interferences from other spirits? What about soul retrieval? I can only speak from personal experience. I've had many sessions with top healers/shamans and the most effective take all of these above questions into consideration. And much of this can be cleared.

I view each of us as the same but different. We all want to get to a place of abundance, but our journey there may be different. If you're diligently working with LOA techniques but are not getting results, then you may want to go deeper into personal development work.

This may seem overwhelming, and you may not need all of that deep transformative work. I suggest starting with reprogramming the subconscious directly. Try Marisa Peer's Uncompromised Life. She is the UK's leading hypnotherapist. And her course reprograms the subconscious into a success and self-worth mindset. She has bonuses on Lovabilty, self esteem, and Confidence included. Sometimes these bonuses are available for free on her website: www.marisapeer.com. Her course, Uncompromised life can be found at MindValley.

UPDATE: You can find free hypnosis tracks by Marisa Peer on Youtube here:


They have transformed many people. Hope it helps.


answered 19 Feb '20, 16:23

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Thank you for an amazing answer and your suggestion.

(21 Feb '20, 09:43) Blue Leaf

You're welcome. I realized I misspelled Marisa's name in the url. Her web address should be:


I'll go back and change it in my original comment for anyone else reading this.

(21 Feb '20, 22:56) maverick35

the entire package
is you, the human being,
what level of awareness
you stop turning over stones
is where you find yourself


answered 21 Mar '20, 20:32

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