I'm curious with the idea of higher selves and spirit guides after reading this from Erin Pavlina's blog:

Both your higher self and your spirit guides are there to help you navigate your way through life, but they do serve different purposes and roles, so let's talk about who you should consult and when.

A reminder that your higher self is your true essence, your soul, who you are when the veil that shrouds life is pulled back and you remember exactly who you are and where you came from. Your higher self is the part of you that is most conscious, the operator to your avatar. It's like if life was a video game, the incarnated you is the character and the higher self is the gamer sitting behind the scenes eating pizza and drinking soda while influencing and guiding the character through the game of life.

Your spirit guides, on the other hand, were chosen by your higher self to help keep you on track as you navigate the maze of your life. They are celestial beings who may or may not have ever been incarnated as humans, but are qualified to guide you. Their job is to follow the boss's orders and get you from point A to point B with as much learning, growth, happiness, and joy as possible.

I like to think of the higher self as the CEO of your company, and the spirit guides as managers. Your higher self is the visionary, the leader, the one calling the shots, and your guides implement the strategies and directives set forth by your higher self.

So what do they do when we're doing mundane things like watching TV, going on holidays etc etc. Do they have lives of their own, or are they always there on watch waiting to guide us?

Do they choose when to lend us a hand, such as when we put out an intention, or do they interject and anytime they want, regardless of what we want to do?

I hope you get the jist of what I'm asking.

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That would most likely depend on the movie, or whatever other "mundane" activity you are involved in. Try to remember that the higher self or soul reincarnated here to experience life. That includes the mundane elements as well as those that you personally would perceive as other than mundane. They are all inherent to that experience. What you may think of as mundane may actually be thrilling to the higher self. :)

The higher self, however, is aware of the multidimensional nature of its existence, and therefore is able to focus its consciousness (concentrate) on whatever aspect of its reality that it prefers. That may be a physical time/space environment such as a life on earth or non-physical environments, which our physical minds are unable to fully comprehend. It is probably able to maintain an awareness of all dimensions, to some degree, simultaneously.

Your "spirit guides" are not some sort of manager. They are, always have been, and always will be, you dearest of friends. To become a spirit guide, one must have lived many, many lifetimes in order to be entrusted with the role of guiding souls through the often-complex process and ordeal that is physical life. There is no hierarchy of CEO's, managers, etc. running the show. There is only existence, populated by trillions upon trillions of souls, sourced from one ocean of being. Their desire to create and then experience and explore their creations, while at the same time supporting and assisting one another as each evolves through existence and the process of becoming more of what they are.


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it is you shutting it off
your choice of focusing on
external trivia
instead of learning to
know yourself


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Your spirit guides have their own lives too. But as time is different in the higher realms, they can seem like they're always there as they can be there just when you need them. Your spirit guides change as you expand your experience and consciousness as not all spirit guides know everything so those with the relevant experience will become your guides when you shift to a new awareness. You might encounter hundreds of different spirit guides throughout your life, depending on the path you've decided to take, and how long you plan to live for. (I get two to three new ones almost every year as I'm the sort of person that loves change)

A spirit guide might know you don't want to be in an accident the next day so may subtly encourage you to tire yourself out the day before so that you forget to set your alarm, thereby missing the accident (though if you try to speed up then you might make it!). Or if you're thinking about moving out of your area they might say 'Move to Canada!' when you're half asleep or awake looking for a sign, and you instantly say 'But I don't want to move to Canada' thereby helping you to clarify your choice by making it clearer what you do prefer. They never tell you or manage your life. They only guide. It's up to you to realise that sometimes how we might interpret guiding in 3d/4d may not be the way they want to guide us from their 5d perspective.

As there are likely to be a lot of guides in your life, you might get a guide that loves watching mundane movies with you, and that is the only time you'll see him. He might be there just to give you some thoughts about what you're watching, maybe encourage you to pause the video and exercise, remind you to drink water, or eat healthy food while watching, in some subtle way. (He/she/it might simply be there to give you a nudge at the end of the movie with emphasizing your sore back from sitting on the lounge too long, or push you to feel like you've eaten enough, or encourage you to sleep so that you reconnect to Source so that your mundane watching time is over)

However, there really is nothing mundane about anything we do in this existence. If you get some enjoyment from doing it, then so do they. You'll learn something, they'll learn something. Also, there are actually many different levels to what you're doing. If you're filling in forms in an office, they could be next to you feeling the vibrations of the different types of materials in your computer system interact or seeing the electromagnetic connections ebb and flow between the people in the office or feeling your emotional response for each field you're entering and giving you some guidance on how to stay happy while doing it. There's nothing really mundane about anything in 3d if you look for it.

Guides LOVE going on holiday with you. They love being with you when you're feeling joy and will do their best to increase your joy. Holidays are the best times for them as you are closer to being the real you and they can give you more guidance, probably encourage you to pursue your core vibration, your soul passion. You'll find colours are brighter and your experience seems more real as they'll be next to you giving you extra energy and awareness of the world around you (if you're in that state)

The only time a guide is likely to directly intervene in your life is if you're about to cut it short and you had no plans to do so. Many of us have exit doors plotted throughout our timelines and as we approach these we are given a choice whether we want to go back to spirit or stay on Earth. If we haven't finished our lives yet then we definitely don't want to exit, but we may have made a mistake in 3D that is leading us close to one of those doorways. The spirit guide, with the help of the higher mind, might actively persuade you in some way to choose a different road or eat something different or go on that holiday or sign up for that gym. There are countless ways it can happen. That's when they get more active.

The only time a spirit guide has actively made a dramatic physical change in my life when I wasn't asking for it (that I remember) was about 6 years ago when I ran across the road between traffic and was suddenly locked from taking another step into a completely empty laneway. I couldn't move for at least a second, and suddenly a motorbike appeared out of nowhere in the spot I was about to be standing. (Thank you guides!)

Hope this helps. :)


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