Since it really is about feeling good, and things we hear and see 'resonate' with us, how do you know if it 'feels right' to your ego that needs justification or feels right to your higher self?

asked 04 Jun '11, 17:15

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Nice question Michael :)

(05 Jun '11, 02:56) Eddie

Thank you sir, We will see a few more answers before I put in my three cents (inflation) lol

(05 Jun '11, 04:34) you
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In my view, when something feels good it's because we're in alignment with our higher self, so there's no resistance on that path as it is what’s wanted. Through the contrast of our experience we desire positive change and automatically send signals out to our higher self through the channel of imagination. The clearer we are about what’s wanted the better.

Our higher self goes forth and instantly, vibrationally creates our desired future and then calls our physical being towards our already existing future reality. Our emotional guidance system informs us through feeling, whether or not we’re on track to our desired future.

The more we reside in the present moment, the more we pick up on the inspirational messages broadcast by our higher self through the channel of imagination. Those messages are directing us to do what is necessary in physicality in order to real ize what’s wanted. When we’re on track or in alignment it always feels good.

To know if something really feels good due to alignment or feels good due to ego gratification, we use discernment or discretion. There can be a fine line between these states. However, if we do something due to alignment there will be no negative repercussions. Practice makes perfect. I’m practicing the art of discernment and when I get it right, I’ll pick you guys up for dinner in my Lear jet 8-)


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Love the answer & love the analysis. "I'm practicing the art of discernment", that's beautiful. :)

(05 Jun '11, 14:54) The Traveller

Thanks TT. I love it when others see in similar ways to me as it provides confirmation and inspires me to go deeper. We're all riding this wave together, surf the edge :)

(06 Jun '11, 14:06) Eddie

As you so rightly pointed out in your question Michael... the ego needs justification, your higher self needs nothing.

When there is any doubt involved, it has to be coming from ego because your higher self just knows and never needs to question :))

Personally, for me, if it feels right then it is right... because my ego will do what it can to convince or analyze, but when I listen to the feeling it's always coming from a higher place and - I just Know.


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I think this answer came to you from your higher self. Nice answer:)

(05 Jun '11, 15:00) The Traveller

Thanks Traveller :)

(07 Jun '11, 21:35) Michaela

I would like to think outside of the box to answer your question: therefore the higher self I would call God, and the ego the trouble maker I would call Satan your enemy.

Now we listen to both God and Satan at the same time, and this is the tricky part, since God gave us the ability to choose, we sometimes choose to listen to Satan instead of God, and this is where we make mistakes. But if we are conscious of our God given ability, then making the right decision to listen to our higher self, and what feels right is common knowledge.

So the key here is that we have the ability to distinguish between what feels good, and right, but yet we sometimes give in to listen to the ego false deception!


answered 05 Jun '11, 02:16

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Inactive User ♦♦

Thanks Vee, I like your analogy. While it's different to my way of seeing, it makes sense and I totally get it. I love that about conscious awareness, there's no limitation to ways of seeing although different words are used :)

(05 Jun '11, 08:47) Eddie

@Eddie:Yes, I was talking to someone yesterday, about how everyone’s perspective could be so different, yet could be right, and it is amazing how the mind interprets information!

(09 Jun '11, 04:32) Inactive User ♦♦
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