Something that is really troubling me about the idea that when we choose to come to earth to experience limitation, we also must temporally 'forget' our higher knowledge so to speak. By that I mean all the experiences we had over all of our lifetimes.

Forgive me, I find the following very difficult to put into words...

I'm worried that if we keep doing this for the experiential benefit of it won't we feel in a constant state of being physically limited? For example, the very fact we are here now is evidence of this because we cannot remember explicitly all the experiences we have had in previous lifetimes. When we leave this one it will all come back to us, which is fair enough and the experience of knowing all will become tangible again, but if we then again choose to come back to a limited 3rd density or less experience we also forget all over again! To all intents and purposes we kind of find ourselves back at square one.

The experience beyond this physical life may have felt tangible at the time, but if we are always flinging ourself into the physical again to grow, it will feel like we are perpetually only experiencing one life. Which troubles me because I'm excited about the thought of expanding and realising the sum of all my knowledge and experiences in our everlasting existence. I'm scared of finding myself forever in this moment right now so to speak; the moment where I've remembered in a sense that I'm source energy and I'm waking up spiritually, but I'm craving the knowledge and experiences I know my higher self has, lifetime after lifetime forever!

I hope that was okay to understand, I'd be happy to attempt to clarify further if anyone likes? I'd also be interested to hear if anyone else has felt the same way before.

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Great insights and question. I will answer later :)

(06 Dec '11, 04:45) Eddie

It sounds to me like you are saying that we continue to live in limitation because we continue to reincarnate in a similar 3rd density reality over and over again. I understand where you are coming from with this but how do we truly know where we are on our own personal scale of expansion? How do we really know for sure what has happened, and what will be happening next?

Who's to say that this particular life you are living is not the most expanded and awakened life you have lived yet in 3rd density reality. I actually thought about that myself recently. Through all the bad stuff I have been through over the years, I realized that this may be the very first time, in all my possible lives on planet earth, that I have finally found out who and what I really am. Maybe this is the "breaking through the threshold" life that I have been waiting hundreds of lifetimes for to experience. Just thinking about that gives me an adrenaline rush like no other.

If we didn't feel complete joy and exuberance coming into this particular 3-D experience, then we would have never come to begin with. It's like getting on the roller coaster at the amusement park. You may have road that coaster a hundred times or more, but the exhilaration you get from the ride is never enough and you get on it over and over again seeking that deeply fulfilling thrill that you have felt numerous times before. Even if the ride has many low dips and sharp turns, you know it will eventually get back to the enjoyable part you love so very much.

Your inner being and your higher self are never not with you. We can make it feel from our perceived solid state and our negative conscious thoughts that we are separate, but there never is a separation. We have the ability to tap into the higher being or mind whenever we choose. It all depends what you believe is and is not possible. I choose to believe that this life is the most awake I have ever been and that is very exciting for me.

I see this life as just another step up the ladder of my expansion in the universe. I chose to come here at this time, on this planet, for a particular reason, so I look at what's unfolding as perfect through the good and bad. I don't feel locked into anything because I know that I have free will to choose as I like and being here right now was my choice so I know everything is working out just fine.


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The energy and consciousness of the world is constantly evolving. You chose to be here now. Express the truth in your life now. The more coherently you live the Truth, the easier it is to remember, and if you've had enough of this third dimmension you won't choose to come back. The journey is the destination. Have fun and experience. God


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Why do you think you are locked? The man who thought he was trapped, and sees that he is not, is he not free to escape his delusion?

experience and enjoy.


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you also besides wanting to be here
have a development plan,
recognized what was lacking
and eager to learn

and the future holds the cessation
of rebirth when the task
of knowing who you are
becomes what you are


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