As per Abrahams' process of Evaluating Dreams, we dream of what we have given significant thought to or are in the process of creating. But how does that tie in with symbolic and sometimes cryptic dreams which we cannot really understand? How does one evaluate them?

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The fundamental principle of dream interpretation:

Everything in the dream is you.

So when you encounter something symbolic in a dream, what does that symbol mean to you?

For me, I often have dreams in big empty buildings. You can decide for yourself what that means, but when I was young I lived in a small trailer, so for me I think the big buildings are (in part) just wish fulfillment. I like the expansive feeling that being in big rooms gives me. That's why I like houses with vaulted ceilings.


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You could get a good book, like "Dreams, Our Magic Mirrors" by Elsie Sechrist, and this will give you a base knowledege. But from my understanding, dream interpretation is different for every single person, so you will still have to adapt some of the answers to yourself personally! Back in my 30's, I kept a dream-journal for a few years, and this also helped to give me insight. Now I am able, after much experience, to remember and interpret my dreams pretty well.....or not. Some of them are just nonsenese. The important ones will be sequential, be vivid, have you feeling something and are not ordinary to you. Best wishes.


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When you dream something, you will have to decide what you want to believe from your dream, or what you want to do about the dream! Based upon my experience, some dreams are a message, a warning, an alert, a question that needs an answer or just an idea for you to use, or share etc.

Some people live for their dreams, while some people disregard their dreams without a second thought.


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