I am reading Abraham's book "Ask and it is Given". This is the most profound, powerful, logical and practical spiritual book I have ever read. It makes more sense than anything else that I have ever heard. I am wondering why it took me so long to attract this teaching into my life? I believe Abraham has been around for quite a while now.

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@DrHam ,same happened with me , my computer is literally bulging with Ebooks and programmes from various Guru's , I could start my own shop . I love Abraham and if you are enjoying , go checkout the multitude of short vids on YouTube , there's some awesome stuff (love that word, lol) on just about anything you can imagine ♥♥♥

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The only reason I can think Drham is that Now you are ready for what this book has to offer - "When the student is ready the teacher will appear".


answered 12 Jul '10, 20:46

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I like this phrase very much. +1

(12 Jul '10, 21:02) Asklepios

I used to walk past the Abraham-Hicks books in the book-store and turn my nose up at them, thinking I did not want to buy any material that was channeled. How could I know if the authors were making up the books, or if they were real?

I went on this way a couple of years, missing out on some really worthwhile reading. Now I love the books and don't care where the material came from; it doesn't even matter. What changed my mind? Nothing. It's just as Michaela said, I became ready (finally). I picked up one of the books and loved it immediately; I believe I have all of them now.


answered 12 Jul '10, 21:28

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