This question is more directed towards people who follow Abraham's teachings and this question what happens when we die according to the LOA belief system and Abraham's teachings?.

According to Abraham and the answers in that particular question, it has been said that we are all energy or vibrations and we all become back in alignment with who we really are when we die, or become back into part of the universal consciousness that we were once from.

If that is the case then, how do we explain some people seeing their loved ones coming back into their lives a few days after they have passed away in religions like Buddhism and Taoism, or some people with 'third eyes' whom can see lost/wandering/angry/etc souls after they have died? Are all these also part of universal consciousness, or is it just the imagination of humans?

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I think the human mind is capable of conjuring up any kind of image that it wants. This is not to dismiss what others say regarding apparitions - I think if there is a spirit present, it will appear in a form that is acceptable to the one perceiving it.

I did read somewhere that when we first transition back to spirit form that whoever meets us on the other side will be in the form of someone who is in alignment with our belief system as this will make the transition easier. So you could be met by the form of a loved one or if you're a Christian, by Jesus or a Saint you like, if you're a Buddhist by Buddha etc.

Really, we can speculate all we like but until we transition we're not going to know for sure.The closest we can get is listening to the experiences of those who've had a near death experience and even then, it's entirely our own choice what we choose to believe.


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I have been with a number of relatives and friends as they passed over, including both of my parents. All of them, regardless of their physical condition, regardless of their mental condition, regardless of their respective beliefs, regardless of whether or not they were on medications, all had extremely similar transitions. Beforehand, they began talking to "dead friends and relatives" whom the rest of us could not see, who were coming to see them and help them "over".

Perhaps this is something the mind "cooks up" in order to bring comfort, hope and peace. Perhaps it is real! Or a dozen other possibilities. As we all know, there are many books, theories and lectures available out there trying to help us guess where we are going when we leave this life as we know it. But as Michaela said, we can't be sure.

It is possible in my mind, to interpret the words of Abraham in different ways as well. Perhaps not literally! And possibly those words mean different things to different people.

As researchers look into near death experiences, and as more people have them (advances in medicine) and as more questions are answered by Abraham, maybe someday we will have more clarity on "what is next"!


answered 08 Sep '10, 17:39

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