I have never been triggered so much by so many little things as in my current relationship of 2.5 years. I'm going to list a few here. By trigger I mean feelings such as jealousy, anger, fear, anxiety etc. when I observe my partner's attitude or behaviour. I ask you to keep an open mind. I am aware that some of them may sound ridiculous if not crazy:

  1. Not being served first by my partner at dinner;
  2. Not being answered immediately when I ask a question;
  3. Not being acknowledged/looked at when I enter the room;
  4. Not being kissed in the morning;
  5. Not being held in bed;
  6. Not being told on a regular basis that I'm loved;
  7. Feeling anxious or jealous when a beautiful woman is on TV;
  8. Not buying stuff for me when he buys for himself;
  9. Not asking me how I feel;
  10. Not being needed;
  11. When he changes a habit or introduces a new habit/hobby;
  12. Not included actively in a conversation.

The above are a few. Others are thoughts (negative) which cross my mind when something is said or done. I am aware of every single thought and emotion present in me. Is this awareness what they call the road to enlightenment? What are your views?

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Hi nbd028 there's a flip side to all these triggers ... in other words is your relationship based on ego or heart and soul.

Here's an article that explains it beautifully

How to Manifest a Blissful Soul-Based Relationship.

Are you currently living in an ego-based or soul-based relationship? The chart below will help you determine to what degree you are currently operating from a soul-based perspective or are coming from Ego. Take a moment to read through each section and notice which side you tend to fall.

Be honest with yourself in this test, so that you know if your response is truly coming from ego or one from the heart and soul. You may want to take notes as to which sections you tend to lean towards and operate from in order to make the shift into a full soul based connection.


Focused on what you are not getting.Feeling needy for love. Seeking approval from your mate. Deep sense of insecurity. Jealous of your mate spending time with others. Critical of yourself and your mate. You are blaming your partner for something that happened in the past, or could happen in the future. Long list of expectations that must be met for you to feel okay.

Soul Based:

Focused on what you are receiving from your partner. Feel completely loved no matter what your partner says or does. You approve of yourself and that is enough. Feel whole and secure because you love yourself. Encourage your mate to spend time with others. You are able to see the beauty and Divine in yourself and your partner. You are focused on the beauty of relating to your partner in the “now”. Clearly setting your desired outcomes in the relationship and letting go of any attachment to them occurring. “Love is the only thing you get more of by giving it away.” ~T. Wilson

ref: https://www.enlightenedbeings.com/how-to-manifest-a-blissful-soul-based-relationship/


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