What is a soul mate? What is a twin soul?

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It's simple.

The SOUL as a holistic presence/being is divided into number on individual oversouls for example you, me and everyone on the planet.

It did that in order to experience itself, because the only way to experince physical life is become physical. The other reason is that being in the none-physical plane stops growth. Growth is when unknown becomes known thru experience. In the non-physical everything that exists is known therefore in order to experience itself Creation, which consists of Infinite Souls, which further consist of number of oversouls, created for itself the experience of physical reality. It did that because thanks to it we can, as individuals, explore new aspects on the unknown into known, by which we contribute to the whole cosmos.

So the SOUL divides itself into oversouls so it can more experience on more diffrent levels. Now when each oversoul has a specific theme to play out in the physical world. It can be for example love, trusting what is, idea of service etc.

After each of the theme has been explored throuhtfully by the oversouls it advances nito non-physicality. We can say it's like graduating from highschool and moving into college.

So when each of the oversouls of a SOUL "graduate" they will merge and all the experience of each oversouls will contribute to the SOUL for better knowing itself, which leads to Creation better knowing itself.

So to answer your question a soul mate can be a part of your soul (an oversoul) who has a diffrent theme to play out then you and exists in the same dimension of time and space as you do. It can also mean, from a broder perspective, thet we are All One, which means that each oversoul is part of a soul which is part of Creation, so everything is a part of Creation. Looking at this that way we are All One because we are just one of the aspects of Creation reflecting onto itself as an individualized construct known as personality.

So depending on how you look at things it's this and that :)


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Well, I believe we have several soul mates not just one. I believe it is a soul that your soul recognizes and you feel safe comfortable and loving with. Now does that mean you all will get along and want argue? No. It means you are very comparable together when you start out. But time changes people; they grow and learn, and people can grow together and they can grow apart.

The key thing in a partner or soul mate is being able to communicate your feelings, desires, situations or circumstances you are going through and the partner or soul mate tries to understand and comfort you and you do the same for them, and you both will love each other. Now I also believe in asking Jesus for your soul mate or partner, and I think you tell him how you want them to be, and describe all of the qualities you want them to have, then in the end say let thine will be done, giving the control back to Jesus, for he loves you and knows you. And I believe the Lord goes through the process of creating someone for you just like you ask, plus his additions as well. Now you have to be careful, for sometimes he gives you just for what you ask for and it isn't right for you, but you asked and he gave it to you. So be careful what you ask for.

Then I think it doesn't matter where we are...God knows and we will come in contact with them, especially if we are not looking so hard for them. But in the mean time, we must get ourselves ready, for there is improvement to be made on you as well.

Now this twin flame is when you were created you were divided and than you get back together and it is only 1% chance of that they said of you all making if you get together because you all come together to learn from each other before one or the other leaves. I am going to have to find that site again so I can link it and maybe you all will get a better understanding.

Sorry haven't found the link talking about the 1% but here are some good links talking about twin flames.




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Thank you for the link.

(20 Oct '09, 07:55) Celine

You are so welcome Celine.

(20 Oct '09, 19:03) flowingwater

I don't know what a twin soul is, but my definition of a Soulmate is:

a spiritual/evolutionary partner: • with whom you can be whole, healed and therefore holy • who challenges and supports your personal growth and spiritual evolution • who partners with you in the mutual fulfillment of a higher purpose • who channels divine love into your life

A SoulMate relationship is a heroic journey, not without peril. As such, it is a catalyst for both personal and societal transformation. The focus of a SoulMate relationship is healing your selves and the world through conscious evolution and the expansion of your capacities to love and serve each other and all of humanity. At its zenith, the level of love, intimacy and commitment is high.


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one can be complete on their own, but knowing through playing the role of our gender with its other half brings love to the forefront

(24 Jul '14, 20:57) fred

This question again? A 'soul mate' is a member of one's Soul Group, not Soul Family. A 'soul mate ' does not equate a 'Twin Flame'. A member of one's Soul Family is one who shares the same Oversoul. A soul mate does not share the same Oversoul but is a friend, a student friend, at the same level of vibrational frequency and density as you are (hence 'Soul Group'), who agrees, prior incarnations, to play different roles in your incarnations, and vice versa.


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Repetition is sometimes needed to find completion.hence "this question again".

(23 Jul '14, 00:48) ursixx
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