My relationship with my ex disolved a few months ago. I realized that I had negative expectations which led to the relationship going bad.
Long story short, I worked on my vibration, and am persisting all efforts to stay in the NOW moment and feel good now. I have had good success and am mostly feeling uplifted.

Two days ago, after no contact for a month and a half (during which time, I never thought of reconnecting with him, I sent him love when I occassionally thought of him) I heard from him.

He hasnt expressed his reason for getting back in touch, but has told me he felt like getting in touch, and will always appreciate the time we spent together.

I still want to focus on feeling good and letting the good come to me by virtue of raising my vibration. However, I am starting to feel anxious... and feel all sorts of questions popping up. I want to maintain my sense of self, and calm...

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

asked 24 Mar '11, 16:23

Nikki777's gravatar image


Hi Nikki... continue to maintain working on your own vibration and feeling good with or without him in your life. The fact that your are becoming anxious shows that you are allowing him to upset your equillibrium. If you can keep your focus on maintaining your own vibration, whatever the reason or outcome for him contacting you again,things will work out in your favour.

I know you said that you were feeling anxious again.... however, you didn't really clarify whether you are still considering a relationship here.If you're feeling a lot of anxiety over this, there are obviously some issues that haven't been resolved.

I think first and foremost you have to get clear with yourself on what you really want and expect to happen here, and secondly what message is your anxiety trying to give you? This requires you being brutally honest with yourself...about why the relationship dissolved in the first place and if you have both grown enough to possibly give it another try. These are questions only you can answer, and before you even consider resuming the relationship, I would suggest opening the lines of communication so you both can enlighten each other as to what your expectations are.

No matter which way you decide to sway on this, remember to keep you own wellbeing as the main priority if you want a happy solution - Good luck:)


answered 24 Mar '11, 18:21

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Michaela, I don't wish to not pursue this relationship... but I only want to pursue it if it is up to par with my improved vibration. Dont know if this makes sense... I had decided to move on and just let the best happen when we broke up.

(24 Mar '11, 19:15) Nikki777

Seems like you're somewhat undecided - I'd suggest trying to get still and ask yourself 'what do I really want to happen here'? ... only you can ascertain what you really want Nikki. Just make sure you decide from that place of 'improved vibration'.

(24 Mar '11, 19:52) Michaela
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