I feel like a brand new shiny car, which periodically gets a dent. The dent is raised and smoothened, but as soon as this is done, another dent appears.

In my life I acknowledge that my outer reality is reflective of my inner state of being or vibration. Many have asked here how one can gradually shift to a higher vibration and there are many exercises, practices and perspectives offered. Why is it so hard then to not focus on the dents that present themselves in my life. The dents represent the dents inside me. It feels such a harrowing job to identify the dents in myself, let alone address them and shift away from them.

Abraham Hicks advises to ignore reality and focus on our desire (or to calibrate ourselves to that state of being or vibration which equates that of our desire). Bashar states that we are to identify the limiting beliefs and any other connecting limiting beliefs and to bring them to light until we realise how futile they are. Neville Goddard advocates primarily, visualisation of the things desired and one feels as if they have it. He also advocates 'feeling as if'.

All these practices sound very good and I do believe they obtain the desired effect or reality. But how doable are they?

The dents in my life, which I restore, happen over and over, in different experiences, and not preferred. I recognise that this is a cycle. Perhaps I think I've repaired the dents but actually haven't?

asked 20 Dec '20, 07:51

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Hi nbd028 "why is it so hard to not observe my immediate reality?" ... in other words, how to become conscious of ingrained habits (beliefs) ... and by the way "dents" in french means "teeth"!

(22 Dec '20, 01:57) jaz

my preferred methods are meditation and the teachings of Melody Flethcher "Deliberate Receiving" ... have fun :)

(23 Dec '20, 02:58) jaz

Maybe look at the "dents" and say wow I remember when I got that and I survived and I learned and I know so much more about myself now. That dent is actually pretty cool ... then get on with the next moment.

(02 Nov '21, 02:25) Audrey Reese Johnson
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You can fight with the "dents" and all that happens is that you make them stronger... What you resist, persists, as the saying goes.

The more elegant solution is to acknowledge that your focus keeps going to them, but then take the emotional sting out of the dents by becoming more vibrationally general about them (rather than specific) so that their power to affect your vibration is neutralized.

See the EDIT section of Focus Blocks - Do the statements have to be written in a positive way?


answered 21 Dec '20, 05:51

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Exactly right. The more you try to ignore your reality the more this reality grows. the work here is to accept reality not ignore it.

(18 Dec '21, 16:01) myself

In your question you stated the following

"All these practices sound very good and I do believe they obtain the desired effect or reality. But how doable are they?"

That is a decision in consciousness

"How doable are they" is an assumption that presupposes that it is not doable, which will fulfill a certain outcome in reality that reflects that statement.

the dents are necessary because they are the contrast against which the "preference" stand out

every state of neutrality is a new balance point of nothingness that needs to be given meaning through an opinion of something against something else.

One something takes the form of "preference" as described as the "new Shiny car", and the other something, which is differentiated against the first by contrast takes the form of a "dent"

Without these two and the constant interplay between there is no expressible reality that can be projected by your senses

Like a painter painting a worthwhile experience of emotion, the reality you project needs to create an emotional & transitional movement within you as a result of the interplay between your inner and outer projections of existence.

so that you feel like you are changing and becoming something (which is an illusion because you are complete, playing a game of "but I'm not complete")

Most people exist in a state of one step forward and two steps back

In this awakening journey the result will transform that to two steps forward and one step back.

But many of us think that this personal transformation is supposed to produce the effect of two steps forward and no steps back, two more steps forward and no steps back.

but how is this possible in a state of nothingness oscillating into two opposing frequencies to create existence itself?

Perfect existence without contrast is already at the source where single point of existence is in balance.

It already exists without your help to define perfection any further.

You exist as a point of reference to explore and project the contrast and expresability between all that is and all that isn't (which is non existence)

And as you exist with your experiencial interplay between what you want and what is, you are re-defining the boundary of all that is

Your job is not to be all that is, for that job is already taken.

Your job is to catch that state by surprise by being incomplete within the completeness that is creation.

Your incompleteness moves creation to re-define itself

If you are complete, then what is the point of existing?

The average lifespan of a retiree is 18 months, because having nothing to do is much more difficult than being frustrated within what needs to be done.

completeness and nothing to do leads to death

incompleteness constantly drives existence.

We are moving into the 4th density, not enlightenment.

4th density is the same as 3rd density, except now you know that you are creating your reality.

Your senses project your reality and not the other way around.

Now you can consciously choose the effect, and project the experience of that effect as a feedback loop through your five senses.

Every decision within you is a choice and an effect, created out of an interplay of opposing fields of energy of creation.

You either have contrast or nothingness, which is actually the balance point of nothingness and everything-ness, which itself is re-defining that boundary against existence and non existence.

Your are here to help with that push against what is and what could be.

that cannot be done with reaching a point where nothing else is necessary.

So embrace the incompleteness and the dents.

Bashar (and elan) have some of the best advise regarding what is coming

they suggest that we practice reacting with excitement at the sight of a "dent" because that is an opportunity to expand.

and we are the expansion factor of creation

Creation re-defines it's boundaries of what is potentially all that is and what is the physical project-ability of that potentiality

We are the portion of creation given the task of exploring that physical project-ability through conscious intention as opposed to the instinctive approach used by the animal kingdom.

We are the portion of creation that thinks and interacts with the physical projection of that "thinking" which expands all that is to a re-defined all that is.

Getting rid of the dent is the expansion mantra.

So embrace the dents & get excited about your ability to infuse positive energy in response to the "dents" in life, for now you are being given the chance to know that the entire universe is an outward projection of your senses from within a non physical state called existence.


answered 08 Jan '21, 02:48

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The Traveller

edited 09 Jan '21, 02:21

@TheTraveller what is your preferred approach to manifesting your desired reality?

(10 Jan '21, 15:11) Marin

I am manifesting it regardless of weather I desire it or not because both desire and non preference are attractions of my present and greater self. So I have been working on why I am aligning into the reality that I am projecting with my senses and where within me exists the desire for that which exists as the outer reality that surrounds me.

(13 Jan '21, 23:14) The Traveller

It is so cool to see you active on here @The Traveller. Some of your knowledge completely flipped my worldview 4 or 5 years ago, so I had bookmarked some of your responses. I only came across them again a few weeks ago, and now here you are. Thank you for the thought you put into your writing. It has made a difference to someone.

(19 Jan '21, 20:12) Bluebell

@The Traveller - Hello again (after a long time). Back from your travels? ;)

(20 Jan '21, 02:05) Stingray

Sorry for ignoring your question. the email system motivates me to look in here from time to time. But I don't check my e-mail for long periods. In my childhood I was fortunate to stumble on the beginnings of this awakening process, and progress was only made within solitude. It's a paradox. We flex our intellect here but this knowledge only awakens in the absence and vacuum of the intellect. Thank you for keeping this place alive and interesting. Your efforts don't go unnoticed.

(14 Dec '21, 02:11) The Traveller
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I became super excited in my 20s earth time about the Seth books written by Jane Roberts. These books tell us that subatomic particles are spinning/vibrating/pulsating so freaking fast that nothing can be physical, not even the hardest diamond, therefore leaving imagery at our command. This is when I also read many books about super fast healing. People are healing themselves with their own imagery, their belief that they ARE imagery itself. Since subatomic particles spin so fast, how can we be anything BUT imagery? Practice is what it takes. Each time I would hurt myself, I would immediately tell myself that I am perfect. Perfect imagery. I ignored the dent, the bruise, the cut, the sniffles. I did not wish to imagine them. After all, they were my imagination to begin with. Soon my hurts were going away immediately. They just weren't there anymore. I wished for others that their pains be gone. I began to attract people. I saw them as perfect. I felt energy flow through me in all kinds of ways. I wished that my 5 year old son's pain would stop. I ignored it. In a few minutes I felt a small bit of energy leave my abdomen and then go in his direction. This is when his pain stopped.


answered 02 Dec '21, 17:13

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Somehow i need to share this with you. I think you will be able to appreciate what this unlocks within you. This realization awakened in me and I first thought I arrived at it all on my own, only to listen to Bashar's words the next day & hear him say exactly the same thing, but I had never caught it before. and here it is: EXISTENCE IS THE SUBSTANCE YOU ARE MADE OF centering your awareness within this opens up things that the intellect is incapable of taking you towards. (ignore the grammar)

(14 Dec '21, 01:32) The Traveller

I had a NDE as a child, 2. I say that after reading a whole lot of books in that direction. First I read books like Edgar Cayce and HEALERS AND THE HEALING PROCESS and PSYCHIC HEALERS. This reading was in my middle 2 late 20s earth time. I have believed all these books because they are about the experiences of others. To the Korean priest out in the woods that stepped on a sharp wooden stake, that then healed himself within a couple of minutes--I say, thanks for that imagery. If you can, I can 2

(14 Dec '21, 05:07) MagicallyEternal

Hi Traveller. You like Seth, too? I remember Seth writing-that to peer further into the air, to see, feel and think about what is there because we are literally in the midst of unlimited dimensions, each one with its own energy beings going about what they think is important. Seth is so full of details it is overwhelming. But I stopped reading those books because Seth said the PHYSICAL word so much. Bashar says PHYSICAL, too. This PHYSICAL word is not true at all, so I delved into HANDS OF LIGHT

(14 Dec '21, 05:12) MagicallyEternal

WRITTEN by Barbara Brennan, a physicist. We/atoms are electrical energy fields, light itself. In this book are many pictures of what we look like as eternal holograms/electrical fields. We exist in an electrical energy field matrix, so this God/INTELLIGENCE must be a holodeck of electrical energy fields that images are embedded within. That is why we are not solid or physical. We are electrical energy fields embedded with images. They can't be separated. This is how our bodies ARE our minds.

(14 Dec '21, 05:22) MagicallyEternal

I have come to accept that all perspectives and all layers are correct. I believe that the word "real" belongs to 5 sense data, thus "reality". but all the other layers above still exist, remaining unknown to the 5 sense argument. then one discovers the intellect and the intellect is now superior and thinks lesser of the "real". but the "real" doesn't disappear. then the seeker peeks underneath the intellect & discovers that there is Knowing-ness underneath. now more debate ensues.

(14 Dec '21, 15:28) The Traveller

where does the though begin when it always Occur instead of think? In trying to find this, one realizes that intention is a force beneath thought that carries ones focus in silence. Here Existence seems to be our natural state upon which all other layers are built. One doesn't need to meditate to realize it. You are it in all states of focus. But shifting ones perspective into existence changes the way your mind translates your understanding. This is the paradox. You don't need special powers.

(14 Dec '21, 15:44) The Traveller

Just assuming that you now center your awareness as existence first and everything else built upon that changes the mental data. It's like looking into a mirror and then telling yourself but I am on the same side as the thing I am looking at.

(14 Dec '21, 15:48) The Traveller

Traveller, remember in Seth books where Seth said that existence is a game, OR that we are performing this game, AND the horrendous word, too? I have also read that we are supposed to be FOR each other, helping each other. I would like to know why the "people" on this earth have turned horrendous and been allowed to stay that way. It is as if the souls creating us are taking pride in the atheism and wars and prisons and cartels on this earth. Pride as if we are babies able to do anything at all.

(14 Dec '21, 16:29) MagicallyEternal

Sure we have free will, BUT, we are the images these souls are creating. WE are ONE with these souls that vibrate most of their lives in other dimensions. It is these souls that are perpetrating these horrendous acts on each other. We are like the side game just wondering what is going on. If we all knew that we are eternal light holograms right now, then we could stop these souls from their horrendous games. Remember when Seth spoke about probable Gods? We could be images of a horrendous God.

(14 Dec '21, 16:35) MagicallyEternal

Shouldn't all "people" believe just one set of ideas, that we are all eternal energy and light? Why must it be an opinion that physics says atoms are electrical energy fields and that we all consist of atoms? Why are these atoms called physical? Wouldn't believing we are eternal light take away that physical word which is the cause of the immediate reality? Can't we all just drop the PHYSICAL word and then name each child with the ETERNAL word before the rest of the name? As in ETERNAL TRAVELLER

(14 Dec '21, 16:58) MagicallyEternal

MagicallyEternal. You can't change the library inside which you are standing. you happen to be aware of the horrendous acts within the horror section but you are aware of all the positive glowing white light books as well. you are wishing that the library didn't contain a horror section. you can't change the library, but you can change where you hang out within it. It will still contain the same books, but your experience of the entire library will change based on where you hang out within it.

(15 Dec '21, 00:25) The Traveller

The Traveller, simultaneous time. Harsh experiences as child consequence of present moment. All exist at once. Hard to comprehend daily this kind of issue. No one understands but souls. Souls slow to share. Even games have known rules. The book AN ASCENSION HANDBOOK calls this an experiment. This must be why nazis experimented on people creating much pain. Nazis still here. Experimenting is innate. Centuries of pain still here. Souls create painful games. Many "past" civilizations much smarter.

(15 Dec '21, 02:25) MagicallyEternal

If the contents of books and history has more effect on me than my own personal experience then I reckon I've got all the laws of gravity upside down ... hmmm

(15 Dec '21, 03:34) jaz

The books I like a lot are the ones that say I am an eternal, perfect being constantly being created as quarks magically burst forth spinning billions of times a second as 3 points of light forming protons and neutrons. My personal experience says I am stupid and ugly and good for nothing AND the cause of that mother's sickness. Which idea set should I follow? hmmmmmmm .........YOUR way says I should stick with the words I heard as a child and since then. I was severely bullied by those ideas.

(15 Dec '21, 06:33) MagicallyEternal

I am discriminated against for the books I read Even those on this website that believe we are spiritual or spirits, etc. also believe they are physical, meaning solid, not vibrating or pulsating or spinning with energy....practically DEAD, even though the books I like say there is no such thing as death. I am not thrown in2 the cages called physical and solid and death because of the books I read. Why should I listen 2 words that say reading books actually turns the laws of gravity upside down?

(15 Dec '21, 06:43) MagicallyEternal

I say the law makers of the rules on this earth are interested in power. They are bound to say anything in their own favor. If the laws of gravity need to be turned upside down, then so be it because they were probably lies to begin with

(15 Dec '21, 06:45) MagicallyEternal

my own personal experience shows to me that the law of attraction really does work :)

(15 Dec '21, 06:51) jaz

Where do you get those "law of attraction" words?

(15 Dec '21, 08:53) MagicallyEternal

in my youth i spontaneously attracted things, situations using emotion, imagination, concentration ... later when studying spirituality i realized the process is named 'law of attraction'

(15 Dec '21, 11:01) jaz

One could say that emotions and concentration attract subatomic particles that then take the form we are imagining. I was thinking that the LOA meant "things" that people call solid/physical. But then I remembered that these "things" are subatomic particles taking the shape that those beings using concentration imagine them AS. Concentration etc. causes the collapse of waves, which is where waves bunch up tightly, then spin as subatomic particles first before we see them as "physical". MAGICALLY

(15 Dec '21, 12:07) MagicallyEternal

What is called spirit is actually electrical energy fields.
Once I was looking out the front door at a hot day, wishing that it be a cool day. Then I looked around and saw a window of rain hanging in the air, in the house. I was anywhere between 10 and 15 years old earth time. Then this window disappeared. I wished, but not with emotion. I thought. I don't remember concentrating or imagining how fast that window popped up. Jaz, Have you found your imagery popping up in front of you that fast?

(15 Dec '21, 12:07) MagicallyEternal

The Traveller, "then one discovers the intellect and the intellect is now superior and thinks lesser of the "real". but the "real" doesn't disappear. then the seeker peeks underneath the intellect & discovers that there is Knowing-ness underneath." Those that channel use this "real" to think and know because it doesn't say negative words like "no" and "physical" and "death", etc. This "real" is INTELLIGENCE itself, the ONE that is constantly creating/imagining what we see and don't see.

(15 Dec '21, 12:29) MagicallyEternal

yes @MagicallyEternal 'subatomic particles, spin, spirit is actually electrical energy fields' ... all this is very interesting however nowadays i like to keep things simple and practical ... globally i believe that everything is energy, consciousness and infinite possibilities which seems to fit in with that famous formula e=mc2, have a great day :)

(16 Dec '21, 02:46) jaz

Sounds like your words "have a great day" has written me off as being too not simple and practical. Okay, we will not write to each other any more. Did you ever share your energy experiences with imagery or prayer like I did? I mean specifics? I shared feeling energy enter my body and leaving my body as the way healing was accomplished. Did you?

(16 Dec '21, 04:33) MagicallyEternal

I'm the one that's simple and practical @MagicallyEternal ... i do enjoy your indepth explanations, perhaps opposites really do attract ... yes i've had many many many subtle energy experiences, i practice personal magnetism everyday, i also enjoy divination

(16 Dec '21, 06:49) jaz

I would like you to share your energy experiences, the details. I would like to enjoy your indepth explanations like you have enjoyed mine. It is only fair. I don't understand what you mean by opposites attracting. It is as if you are saying we think in opposite terms. In what way?

(16 Dec '21, 10:38) MagicallyEternal

you wish me to share my experiences ? @MagicallyEternal, the space in this small comments box is far too small ... I suggest that you take a look at one of my previous accounts here on inward quest ... blubird two for example and my question 'Have you ever experienced feeling invisible' https://www.inwardquest.com/questions/44216/have-you-experienced-feeling-invisible

(16 Dec '21, 12:57) jaz

"maybe opposites do attract"

Its my understanding,subatomic particles are attracted to particles of the opposite charge & repelled by particles that are the same. A negatively charged particle can't resist a positively charged particle & try to connect if at all possible. Correct me if I'm in error. We have positive, negative & neutral charged particles. Neutrals don't care about other particles at all

Now I'm wondering about @jaz personal magnetism protocol :)

Edited to be more factual :)

(18 Dec '21, 00:39) ele

I don't know what the I'm kidding emoticon is @jaz

I think they may be referring to the quarks responsible for cocreation or perhaps sexual attraction or perhaps that is where babies come from. IDK. You should ask @Magical

(18 Dec '21, 01:50) ele

hi @ele lets hope that @MagicallyEternal can shed some light on the subject ... have a great day )

(18 Dec '21, 04:13) jaz

Teacher is 1 of the attributes written on this site to describe me. I prefer not becoming emotionally attached 2 those asking me questions. A teacher would hand out books and then say "go read these" when asked questions. To answer so many questions would take away your fun of discovery. Teachers did not become emotionally attached 2 me as a child, even though it was obvious I was in a great deal of pain. Being emotionally attached must not be required in this society. Who am I to change that?

(18 Dec '21, 08:59) MagicallyEternal

That being said, Acting as if I am 1 with everyone, having compassion 4 those that believe they are physical and then die: is that my mission? Does compassion raise vibrations? I have seen compassion raise my vibrations 2 the point that I was able 2 heal myself just by wanting 2. I had compassion 4 myself. I was super healthy then. There are many books that say I must raise my vibrations so that I can continue on 2 another dimension, 1 much lighter with NO pain. To do that, I MUST STAY DETACHED.

(18 Dec '21, 09:15) MagicallyEternal

thanks for your input @Magical

(18 Dec '21, 11:16) jaz

@Magical I've read a little of Kenneth 's work. I know what happens when opposite but equal charged particles connect. Annihilation and always cataclysmic in nature.

(20 Dec '21, 11:09) ele
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