I have read all the posts about Focus Blocks available, and I got some things more clear, but I am still struggling with a couple of things...

✦ Do the statements have to be written in a positive way? Is this sentence valid?: "I don't like when X treats me in this unfeeling way."

✦ I am a bit short of ideas. Do the statements have to be 12? I find a number of statements hard to reach...Would it still be a useful method if I reduce them, let's say...to 8?

✦ When mixing them up with Positive Aspects Lists, must they be related to the Focus Block subject or can it be unrelated?

Thank you!


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@BridgetJones09, please do not bundle up multiple questions within one Inward Quest question. Ask each as a separate individual question. Refer to the Inward Quest FAQ for further information: http://www.inwardquest.com/faq/ Thanks

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Excellent answer from Vesuvius there.

I would only add that regarding the 12 statements, with the Focus Blocks Method - as opposed to the Focus Wheels method - you only have to come up with one statement that feels better than the starting statement. It can even feel worse than all the other statements you have written in that Focus Block as long as it is a step-up from that starting statement of the Block.

If you are struggling to come up with even one statement, try slowing down a bit and contemplate what you've written so far in that Focus Block (or the previous one) and try to get into the feeling of those statements. You should find that another ground-breaking statement will usually pop into your mind within a few minutes at most.

Also, bear in mind that you are allowed to abandon and archive a Focus Block that is only partly-finished if the topic no longer becomes relevant. At a rough guess, I probably have around 100 active Focus Blocks at present. Often, by the time, I come around randomly for another statement (maybe a few days later), the subject has already resolved itself favorably. Yes, even writing a single statement on a subject and then leaving it for a while can often bring about enough emotional relief to do that.

Regarding the mixing-up at the Vortex Edge, the subjects can be anything you like. In fact, I find that the more you mix up the subjects the better because you are cleanly leaving your vibration behind on the last topic (in a good-feeling place) by distracting yourself with a new topic.

If, at the Vortex Edge, you feel the urge to move to Positive Aspects lists only (because a Focus Block at that point might make you feel slightly worse) then do not hesitate to switch to Positive Aspects only. Once that happens, you'll probably very quickly feel the relief and sensation of being drawn into the Vortex.

I use a highly-automated computer spreadsheet to automatically separate and merge groups of Focus Blocks and Positive Aspects. I guess if you were using pieces of paper for this idea, you could just have two piles of paper - one for Focus Blocks and one for Positive Aspects - and you could just devise some method to randomly choose between them when you are mixing them up, and then switch over to the Positive-Aspects-only pile once you are in the Vortex.

If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to ask them. I've been doing this for a while and I find that this method reliably gets me into the Vortex every time from any starting place.

But because of my familiarity with this approach, what may seem obvious to me (and hence not clearly explained in the instructions) may not be obvious to others so you would be doing others a service by helping to clarify any unclear points.

One final tip, try doing this process first thing in the morning when your mind is clear and your day is fairly calm. It will set you up for the rest of the day in a wonderful way and you may find it much easier to think and focus clearly.


One thing it occurred to me to add to this answer is to mention the interplay between generality and specificity of focus inside and outside the Vortex.

When you are outside the Vortex and you are struggling to come up with another statement, try focusing on more general statements.

e.g. if writing the statement "I feel Joe is not that bad" is too much of a leap for you, back off into generality with statements like "I have noticed there have been times when Joe has not been that bad" or "There do appear to be people who seem to like Joe so I guess he must have some nice qualities". See what I mean?

However, backing off into generality loses power so it is better to then start getting as specific again as you can with future statements until your emotions tell you that you've become too specific again...through you dipping into feeling bad again regarding the statements.

So it's a kind of child's see-saw moving back and forth between specificness and generality.

alt text

However, inside the Vortex you can be as specific as you like and it will still feel good because you are in a place of perfect alignment with that broader, non-physical you, and there can be a real thrill in getting specific with your focus.

So, as a general rule...

Outside the Vortex, general focus feels better than specific focus.

Inside the Vortex, specific focus feels better than general focus.


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Helpful edit. :) I like the picture too, gave me a laugh.

(06 Aug '10, 06:48) Liam

Very helpful, thank you. I think I will finish a block at 8 statements, 'cause I am a bit lazy and only thinking of coming up with twelve put me off a bit. I only had a few Focus Blocks for this reason. I will keep it up at 8 till I get the hang of it more...In your opinion, are Focus Blocks, mixed up with Positive Aspects Lists, and folowing with Rampages of Appreciation the three more powerful processes to 'take you there' quickly, and speed up manifestations?

(06 Aug '10, 15:24) BridgetJones09

I've personally thought for a few years now that with Focus Blocks/Wheels, Positive Aspects and Rampages of Appreciation, you can basically go anywhere vibrationally. And it's been interesting to listen to Abraham recordings over the past year pretty much saying exactly the same thing...and, indeed, Abraham have even been talking about a systematic process recently that sounds like a lot like this Focus Blocks Method, except that they use Focus Wheels for the first part instead of Focus Blocks. But remember not to need the manifestations otherwise you will stand in the way of them coming.

(06 Aug '10, 17:02) Stingray

And the simplest way not to need the manifestations is to do the processes because it is fun to do the processes, not because you want to manifest anything. http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/4405/why-is-my-manifestation-taking-so-long/4407#4407

(06 Aug '10, 17:03) Stingray

Very helpful Stingray, thanks fir highlighting this;)

(07 Dec '11, 09:46) Satori

@Stingray, great answer. I just noticed something here, you clarified the interplay between specificity and being general even before Abraham clarified it!!! Seems like here is something Abraham might have taken from you (rather than the usual circuit!!) ;-). They just started advising 'Going General' and 'Griding' during later part of 2011 if I remember correctly. Could going general be used as focus block?

(06 Jan '13, 14:47) dreamersmiles

@Stingray, Could going general be used as focus block? where you go from specific negative to general negative to general positive and then specific positive is inspired? could you just use that process to pile all the negative statements and memories that come to you regarding a particular subject in one list and than go general negative about it and then tip towards positive? would it work as effectively as Advanced focus blocks work? your help is greatly appreciated :)

(06 Jan '13, 14:50) dreamersmiles

@dreamersmiles - Abraham have been talking about these ideas for years. But they tend not to focus on them until they sense the mass consciousness is ready to hear it, so you just hear occasional snippets of them until then. The "Going General" idea is just a simplified version of the Focus Wheel, which has been around since the 1990s. The way to use that idea as a substitute for Focus Blocks is explained here: Abraham Grid

(06 Jan '13, 20:01) Stingray
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Do the statements have to be written in a positive way? Is this sentence valid?: "I don't like when X treats me in this unfeeling way."

The purpose of focus blocks is to put you in a better feeling place. If the statement makes you feel better than the last statement, then it is appropriate for your focus block.

In Abraham's Emotional Guidance Scale, anger is higher than depression. It is difficult for most people to make a large leap on the Emotional Guidance Scale, such as from Depression to Positive Expectation. So paradoxically, most people who are depressed have to move through anger first, before they can get to positive expectation.

Do the statements have to be 12? I find a number of statements hard to reach...Would it still be a useful method if I reduce them, let's say...to 8?

Twelve is just a number. If you can achieve your goal with eight statements, more power to you. But twelve might be a good balance; too few statements means you haven't fully thought it through; more than twelve and you might need to focus your statements better.

When mixing them up with Positive Aspects Lists, must they be related to the Focus Block subject or can it be unrelated?

Which works for you? I find that I can only effectively focus on one topic at a time, but Stingray uses a computer spreadsheet to rapidly switch between different topics.


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Thank you, Vesuvius! I think I am more of a 'mixing-up' person :) Your explanation is very clear.

(06 Aug '10, 15:16) BridgetJones09
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