If a person believes in praying to God as a power that can answer prayer, can that act of prayer be considered a genuine activity of reality creation?

Most adherents to reality creation would say we create our own reality. If God plays a role in creating the reality we have prayed for, is it still reality creation?

Certainly there are others who play a part in bringing our visualized reality to fruition. We don't do it all ourselves. If we are creating a business, many people may be involved in bringing that into reality, but it is our vision that is driving the creation of it. So why not ask God to play a role in the process?

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Good Question John!

(29 Nov '09, 11:41) flowingwater
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The problem is that people often tend to see God as the One who gives out wishes and chooses which ones to grant and which ones don't.

That's not the case. God/Infinite/The One doesn't JUDGE what we choose for ourselves. It is NOT a vengful God, it's not a ENVIOUS God. It's a God who gives us ALWAYS what we want. Always.

The problem is that, for most people, before the process of creation was unconcious. Meaning it was dictated by the thoughts that arise in the individuals mind. So for example presume that someone has an approach anxiety driven by a belief that his not good enough. Everytime that person tries to approach someone attractive, an alarm goes off saying:"Your not good enough. Your gona be rejected. You might as well give up now." Well that person rejected himself before he even went up to the other person. So what part does God play in all this? He doesn't judge whether you prefer to act that way or the other. He/She/It doesn't care. It's your creation. What his role is to aquire for you what you want.

So while you have a belief system of not being worthy, God?Infinite, as a CO-CREATOR, will supply you with circumstances that support that belief. It's simple as that. But when you start changing your beliefs, Infinite will do what ever you ask. You will start attracting the circumstances to support this belief system.

It has no other choice. Gods' creation, as we people are his creation, is to EXPERIENCE life thru physical experience of individual beings. It doesn't have any other agenda, any other mission. What it wants is to EXPERIENCE and what it experiences it makes its own, because IT is ALL THAT IS. But it is ALL THAT IS KNOWN. Another part are those things that are in the UNKNOWN, which means things that have not yet been EXPERIENCED by physical beings, which means that they haven't been EXPERIENCED by Infinite.

The moment an individual experiences something, that same moment the Infinite does the same. But not before. That's why it is so perfect and beautiful. God/Infinity/All That Is WILL support you in any endevor you want, because it knows we are immortal beings, and nothing really happens to us. It will do that because of the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE of CHOICE from our part. It knows that their can't be two exact snow flakes, as to having to exact life experiences by two individuals. So it gives us what we want ALL the time. The trick is to CO-CREATE with it the reality WE desire, because God doesn't care really what that is. It loves us so much, that it DOESN't judge anyone.

So is a prayer a valid way to create your reality? Of course because EVERYTHING that is around you, you have CO-CREATED it with GOD AND other individuals. What's hard to understand for some is that God doesn't grant our wishes of becoming millionaires by sending us a million dollars in a trash can. It has to much sense of humor for that. It sends PEOPLE, ideas, inspirations which, if wa want, is to ACT upon them. But most people say: Well i don't see the hand of God in that. It's just an coincidence. NO IT'S NOT! THeir are NO coincidences. EVER. Everything that happens happens at exactly the right time and the right place.

Their's this joke. Their's a flud in town. Everyone is evacuating. One man is sitting on the roof of his house waiting for help. His praing to God to save him. After some time a boat with some people come. They want to get him to safety. But he seas:"No thanks, God will save me." After a while a chopper comes and wants to take him, but he seas the same thing "God will save me." Well the water rises and the man drowins. Then he goes to heaven and asks GOd :Well i prayed and I prayed for you to save me, but you did nothing. "I did nothing-God replies- I send you a boat AND a chopper."

So what's the best way to communicate with ALL THAT IS. EMOTIONS. Emotions are more powerful then anything. You can THINK that you want something, your mind will crave something more than anything else, but your gut, your feelings will say "Stay away from it". THAT is God. That is the true you. I'm not saying emotions got from corrupt belief systems, but emotions of a being that ACTS and LIVES like a WHOLE and INTEGRATED being, like EVERYTHING that happens is PERFECT and RIGHT on TIME.

Circumstances don't M-A-T-T-E-R only state of being M-A-T-T-E-Rs. That is the truth. The person you ARE is what materializes in your reality. Circumstances have no meaning whatsoever. The meaning YOU give them is the effect you will get out of them.

Why is this important? Because you can RELAX and STOP worrying about what everyone else is doing in your life. YOU are the One that MATTERS. If you BE, FEEL and ACT as the best self you can imagine yourself to be, you will attract to you the circumstances that will support you in that. That's how God works. He works THRU men, not FOR them.

So you need to examine EVERY part of your life. Don't leave any stone unturned. THINK, BREATH and ACT as the person that deep inside you KNOW you are. Turn of the monkey chatter in your head. You wanna know if prayer works? Of course it does, but if you do a whle day worrying about stuff, giving your "energetical signature" that you worry, and then, in the end of the day, you spend five minutes on praying, what do you think has a greater effect, huh?


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I enjoyed reading your response. The man on the roof was a great example of saying words in prayer but then of not being proactive. I completely agree with the co-creative process. Prayer without works is nothing, is the old saying.

(19 Nov '09, 19:29) LeeAnn 1

I agree with you wildlife if you are saying God is the creator and we are the co-creator for he gave us this ability for we are his children. I said that because at one point I thought you said God was the co-creator. Jesus said we can do the things Jesus done and greater. We are connected to God by being his children and he create us by breathing the breathe of life into man and he became an living soul.

(20 Nov '09, 02:14) flowingwater

Aren't prayer and reality-creation essentially the same thing?

As I understand reality creation, we tend to manifest in our lives those things which which we desire and hold a clear mental picture of in our minds. Our mind is part of the universal mind, so all of us are connected by being part of that universal mind. When we imagine something into existence, we are throwing a stone into the pond of the universal that ripples out to all of the other minds that are part of the universal.

When we pray, we are asking for something from God. But aren't we all God's children? And if I believe in God and you believe in God, aren't we connected together through that same spiritual connection? And if God is within rather than without, aren't we tapping into the same spiritual energy as those who meditate, but just calling it a different name?


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There are those who disagree, Vesuvius, and while your answers are harmonious with my own beliefs, my question seeks to elicit responses of various viewpoints, and I know there are others. Some do not consider us all to be God's children. Some do not see God as within, but as wholly other. Some cannot accept that we could presume to be co-creators with God.

(19 Nov '09, 19:37) John

Yes, most powerfully prayer plays an very important role in reality-creation because nothing can be created without God. When we connect to God's consciouness of power by asking for help or for him to make something happen and than we believe it will happen an don't doubt than it will certainly happen. For we are directly connect to God,Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit which Jesus sent back as our comforter after he ascended into heaven.

Now God allows us to co-create and gives us free will to choose what we want to do in life. But there are guide lines and consequences along the way of our journey. He tell us to cast our bread upon the water and it will return back to us. Also he says you will reap what your sow. Which means in simplicity terms what goes around comes around back to you. In an different way of course and most likely not through the same person but it does come back maybe in through an stranger whom you have not ever met. God wants us to believe in him and treat others right with respect, kindness, understanding, and help where we can in other words treat others as we would like to be treated.

Jesus said ask and you shall recieve, seek and you shall fine, knock and the door shall be open. Jesus said ask anything in my name and it shall be. We must learn and I am learning this my self is to not doubt when we ask God or Jesus for help with something when we ask than we shall believe it is already done and it is.

Let me tell you and little story I have always believe in God and I know he is all powerul and loving God so when I would come to him in prayer I did not doubt whether he had the power to do for I knew he had the power to do anything all he had to do was speak it. But I just didn't know whether when I came with my problem whether he would choose to help me or not I didn't know what he would do. So, I just waited to see but I learn years later on down the road when you go to God in prayer ask and believe you have already received your answer of yes. Get doubt out of the way. God is all powerful and he still does miracles and is in the miracle making business it is all according to your faith in him.

Now, be in alignment with God when you go to him in prayer. This is where an personal relationship comes into to play with God. God love us and he forgives us if we ask him to.


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god is not santa claus. the purpose of prayer is not the chance to submit a list of your wants and desires.prayer is the spiritual act of praising god and humbly thanking him for all he provides- because it is he that does provide. that is the real meaning of the power of attraction.he will give you what you need- not merely what you want. mankind is still so spiritually naive that no wonder we are called the children of god.


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eleanor sawitsky

I completely agree with wildlife. Wildlife knows how to explain.


answered 19 Nov '09, 19:22

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