I've been looking for answers for a while now, and I still can't come to any reasonable explanations.

I feel like I have wings on my back- they don't feel like they're made of energy or anything, like I've seen everywhere else, but rather they feel like real, physical feathered things.

I feel their weight and feathers on my back all the time, and the sensation never leaves.

In addition, this happens with ears, tail and my teeth as well. I feel like I have large, batlike ears, a furred tail That's thick at the base and thins out to a tuft at the end, and longer canines than what I actually have.

I don't think it means I'm an 'earth angel' or anything, as I've not seen all these reported together, and I'm certainly not the best person on this earth. Any solutions would be much obliged, as this is something that's been bugging me for forever.

For more context if you need it: yes, they all interact with both me and my environment. I can stretch my wings, flatten or perk up my ears and swish my tail, and they do react with my emotions, In example, my ears flattening when I'm angry, my tail lashing when I'm aggravated, or instinctively putting my wings up to help sheild me if I feel I'm in danger. My teeth obviously don't do much, but I can feel the fangs scraping against my other teeth and lips.

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hi @Wingedthing ... these feelings show that you have a lot of psychic potential ...

(15 Jan '21, 03:29) jaz

@jaz Does it?

(19 Jan '21, 04:07) Wingedthing
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You feel you have these properties, because, you do; but in an energetic and psychic sense.

You are simply sensitive to this. Pretty shortly, people (regular, ordinary humans) will be going to counselors or their chosen psychotherapists and saying similar things. "Oh, I feel I have a big tail. I feel I have a horn on my head."

The medical module will explain it's all in your head.

Different sources, as in MANY different sources will just confirm that you are correct. Yep, you have wings, a tail or XYZ, and is perfectly natural.

Trust yourself. Don't worry about it. You're simply an angel sent down with an agreement with God/Existence/some higher plane that you were not allowed to remember you are an angel. Relax.

If it helps, just play along with the human thingy. It's hard at first, I know....But just pretend it's all an act.

Yes, you are an angel.

It is a relief to realise I am not alone.


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First time I was brought to see a church and saw the pictures of winged beings I cried I was 13 years old since babyhood I felt my wings the would unfurl my life has been the worst for in my innocence I related this and was placed on my knees on broken glass and bottle caps I did not know of religion at all till I was brought to the city from the mountains of Cusco I thank my great grandmother for doing her best to protect me I have memory since birth and I know all I’ve done was feed and clothe family the ones I took care of all are dead my mission wasn’t this I know I was supposed to protect babies children I never got a chance since I encountered beings that got attached to me and have been eating me this past August I was finally free. Do you remember every aspect of your birth? I know this is not an answer is the first time I googled if anyone could feel them

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