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Get personal. Be honest. Please, do not say, "Gee, gosh, I was an unexpected baby!" What I am looking for is what you think is your own, personal purpose on this Earth. I am being nosy here, I guess, but I think this might provoke some neat stories.

Happy Story-Telling!

Blessings, Jai

asked 19 Feb '10, 01:42

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I have many gifts, and talents, but I love to help people. I am a counselor at heart. Although I may sometimes work in different positions, I always return to counselling. I like to do the spiritual aspects of praying, and healing, and sharing God's love with everyone, who wants to listen.

I sometimes feel that I have to spread the good new, because I feel in my heart that I also have a calling to do this. I am very interested in other people's cultural background, and what they have to share, and I am big on this quote: the student learns from the teacher, in the same ways that the teacher learns from the student!


answered 19 Feb '10, 04:56

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The "purpose I am here for" has changed a number of times these past few years but in this now, I am here to connect with my higher self and start remembering. Despite all the distractions.

I believe in reincarnation and now I believe it is time I got my act together, my mojo going so to speak as I'm a little(lot) "over" living life with one foot on both sides of the fence - ahhh the sweetness of it all :)


answered 20 Dec '16, 11:29

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I believe I am a healer (both physical and psychical), a guardian, and a guide for the sad, depressed, weak, anxious, humiliated and ill. I think you know best the problems that touch you. You know its sorrows and feel compassion for the others like you. You can help every one of them if you win your own personal fight. After that you can become their own "Guardian Angel" and always make sure no one is suffering.


answered 14 Mar '10, 20:28

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