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On the manifesting Lab, I had a desire to have a dog with me.

(By the way, this was posted in the public forum).

I now have a dog with me, who was of the exact characteristics I desired, the exact personality I desired, the exact emotion I desired.

I am a master of manifesting things. It's actually not hard, nor, complicated.

I am impressed with how many things I have manifested....It is beyond miraculous.

If you wish to ;earn more, please, join The Manifesting Lab. I promise you, you will learn concepts that can bring about your dreams.

Manifesting things on your accord is quite s imple.

Dealing with things in your life experience, is, a different subject.

Manifesting is easy. Life experience is very turbmulent. I am of the opinion they are NOT connected.

If you wish to get soething in life, here is all you have to do

  1. Imagine you got your thing. How do you FEEL when you have it?
  2. That emotion you FEEL WHEN YOU HAVE IT....conjure it up in any way you can.
  3. Be delibate and persistant in feeling that emotion every single day, regardless of what is so called 'actually happening' in your life
  4. Wait.....In 5 days, you will see shifts in your surroundings.

asked 09 Feb '21, 22:39

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@Nikulus- Thanks for sharing.Manifesting Lab is a great place to learn amazing tools for manifesting.I learnt and enjoyed a lot there.Wish to join again.


answered 12 Feb '21, 04:18

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I have been banned from ML, I say this just to inform, I won't be available on there for communication.

Despite saying this, ML is worth joining. If thou is committed, though will absorb information. All the best.

(15 Feb '21, 00:08) Nikulas

@Nikulas - "I have been banned from ML" - No you haven't, and you know it. Perhaps you would like to give some consideration to your statement and tell the truth instead? ;)

(15 Feb '21, 04:25) Stingray


You have disclosed....Truth is subjective.

Stingray gave me a FREE, zero payment subscription to join ML. He then sent me an email saying that it felt, on a gut feeling, it was relevant now I begin paying for the subscription.

He was ridiculously generous, and extremely fair to me. I, sadly, did not see it that way.

He did not ban me from the manifesting lab. I simply got angry and interpreted it as rejection.

Stingray is a good man. I owe him.

(17 Feb '21, 23:12) Nikulas

I can manifest anything I want.....Stingray showed me.

Manifesting is actually easier than people think. Bigger problems exist once the skill or magic of manifesting is understood.

I can manifest whatever I wish now. I can summon whatever I want. And please, refer to the thing on this website called "Manifesting Experiment One." I have found our desires come in bulk packages, not individual items.

My apologies. The truth is, this man is an angel. I am the real demon.

(17 Feb '21, 23:16) Nikulas

Stingray is a handsome man, and deserves respect.

(18 Feb '21, 23:38) Nikulas


Have I told the truth?

(19 Feb '21, 03:49) Nikulas

This sounds sarcastic. Peace and love boyz

(19 Feb '21, 07:27) Marin

Yes, indeed. My ego was offended. Peace n Love, I have never smoked Marijuana, but I feel me and Stingray should go to a beach and have a joint together, and examine the stars, and examine what we are doing on this Earth together.

(19 Feb '21, 21:25) Nikulas

Peace n love.....Where in your heart is the difficulty in allowing two individuals to have a conflict, and, just, let it be?

(20 Feb '21, 19:23) Nikulas


Have I told the truth?

(20 Feb '21, 23:19) Nikulas

Have you told the truth? @Nikulas

(23 Feb '21, 09:21) Marin

Yes I did. I've become aware of a 'drama initiator' in myself for a few months. Getting into unnecessary fights, perpetuating challenges. A sadistic part of me has been integrated or, maybe still takes over. I have yet to label myself a bully in life, but I have been there done that recently. I think when various sources say the purpose of life is to be an experience junkie, they also refer to acting out different roles of our psyche. One day a hero. The next a junkie. Hear me Major Tom?

(23 Feb '21, 19:27) Nikulas

I don't care of fame. I in fact desire none. Having said that, I have noticed many reconfigured individuals- from actors to scientists- go through several different personality phases of their life (whether documented or not). Buddha, Siddhartha, was a wealthy prince with every pleasure; and yet he desired to go experience the reality of the commune of his people (extreme poverty). i believe the cruelest sin is to deny an aspect of thyself, when it is initially in ones atmosphere. Be total. Go.

(25 Feb '21, 08:48) Nikulas
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