Okay... Here is the crux of it....Are they the same thing? Or something different altogether?

The Devil's Advocate, Jaianniah (LOL!)

asked 05 Jan '10, 10:51

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See also http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/1777/can-prayer-play-a-valid-role-in-reality-creation

(05 Jan '10, 15:34) Vesuvius

The steps to reality-creation are

  • Step 1: The question is asked (or desire is launched)
  • Step 2: The universe immediately responds with the creation of the vibrational potential that matches the desire or question
  • Step 3: In aligning our dominant focus regarding that topic with that of the vibrational potential that now exists as a result of the question being asked, we allow the answer to enter and manifest within our reality (i.e. we get our desire)

Prayer is step 1
Prayer is step 3. (see comment below)


answered 05 Jan '10, 16:04

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You seem very sure, Vesuvius. :) Personally, I would say that prayer is more like Step 3. Step 1 has already happened in just living life. That's why you know what you want to pray for...because you have already (naturally) launched the desire for it. In a similar way, Manifesting Experiment 1 is actually mostly about Step 3 even though everyone probably thinks it is Step 1 :)

(05 Jan '10, 18:40) Stingray

Hi stingray, what's your definition of prayer or what do you think prayer is. Again, just curious, Thanks

(17 Mar '10, 02:21) Frank 1

I think we are talking about word play. To be objective, what are your values, and beliefs?

The word praying is something you are asking God for. The word manifesting is the physical proof of God creating what you are praying for, and you receiving what you are asking for.

Unless of course you want to make an arguement based upon Reality-Creation-Manifestation-Meditation.


answered 05 Jan '10, 17:56

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Prayer invokes feeling; what is prayer without feeling?- merely a jumble of words. So I would agree that step 3 is prayer.


answered 05 Jan '10, 19:56

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