So I'm working on manifesting my life ahead of me.

I have it all laid out from now to ten years from now. I have every detail of every major moment from what I want the rest of highchool to be like until my wedding day. I just don't know how to execute it.

Like how would I script this down ? Just go with the flow and script it into my manifestation journal or do I seperate this and write it and put in a box away somewhere.

This is very important to me and I don't want to worry too much about it because this is what I want more than anything.

I want this manifestation to come true and I believe in the Universes power and I believe it will come true but whats the best way for me to have this written down and stored ? Also how should I go about the layout ?

Should I just pour out my heart and don't stop or should I think about it and make sure I have every detail right ?

For some more info some of the things I want to add are : things I want to accomplish during highschool , getting my dream job , who i marry , when i marry them , when i have kids etc : they aren't exact dates more or less the ages I want all this to happen

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hi again @charity :) seems to me you already know a lot about manifesting ... here's an article, a reminder of the basics

(30 Apr '21, 01:03) jaz

thank you :)

(30 Apr '21, 08:02) charity
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Browsing the internet I came across this site

it explains exactly how to script your future. Having said that the very first step I would take even before scripting my future would be to ask myself "why script my future?" ... when you're in tune with yourself (living in the vortex) each "now" moment is a continuous stream, joyful and happy which automatically attracts more happiness and joy. Delving in the past can induce depression, delving in the future can induce anxiety.

Wanting something, anything, keeps it at bay, the thoughts and feelings of wanting means you remain in a state of wanting ... as Abraham Hicks says 'expectation is the key ... if there's something that you're living that's different to what you want, you have to change your chronic thoughts to match your thoughts of desire' ...


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wait im confused , say if i want more money instead of thinking of the money do i think about what'd i do with the money ? like as if i already had it ?

(01 May '21, 09:30) charity
(02 May '21, 00:55) jaz

@charity confusion is a sign of being out of tune with your desires ... when in tune with your desires you have feelings of being happy, good ... you're automatically asking for more ...

(04 May '21, 03:36) jaz
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