I am 100% sure that certain event will happen but how to accelerate the process?

  1. We must think about it constantly?
  2. We see it as fact and we forget?
  3. We act as if they were real?
  4. We make plans for the event?
  5. All of the above?

asked 24 Jul '10, 13:59

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Both manifesting experiments 1 & 2 use different approaches - the first one being appropriate for something that you want but can easily forget about and the second being more appropriate for something you think about constantly.

All of your approaches above work Robert but there is a discrepancy between the first two so I would try to discern which method is most appropriate for this certain event. Just know that if you can eagerly anticipate the event while feeling good, the manifestation will take place much quicker. It seems that you're not too far from that happening if you're 100% sure that it will happen or in other words you have unwavering faith.

Following steps 3 & 4 above will confirm that certainty and move the event closer to physical manifestation. Good luck:)


answered 24 Jul '10, 19:01

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If you take a look at How to metaphysically manifest a new car step-by-step I think the ideas and links there will answer your question for you.


answered 25 Jul '10, 12:12

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