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Just saw a fascinating movie "Next". Nicholas Cage and Julianne Moore

The title character can see two minutes into his future. Not only can he see the future, but can see the effects of what any number of his actions can do to that future.

One instance, he sees a gunman/robber kill two people, in the future. So he tackles the gunman before he pulls out his gun and stops it from happening.

In seeing the effects of how his possible actions will affect his future, he wants to meet a woman (his soulmate) in a diner, so he thinks of a possible approach and tries it. That approach did not work, so he tries another, and keeps trying until he gets an approach that works. Reminds me of "Groundhog Day."

It is an amazing concept. If someone shoots or hits him in his future, his foreknowledge of the event allows him to move at the split second necessary to avoid the event.

In one scene, he tells the bad guy, "I have seen every possible future outcome for you and none of them are pleasant." But for himself, he CAN look ahead and pick his own happiest future.

I think the concept of time altering, and picking the best possible action, is quite interesting.

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Dollar Bill

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It is interesting concept indeed Dollar Bill. And I love Groundhog Day, my favorite movie!

In real life world, we too, in a way can see into all possible futures. But it's our own ignorance that keeps us unaware of the momentum of the present moment. Because if we were opened to it, we could see the most possible realistic future and eventually we'd be able to alter it by changing the momentum of the present moment through a different choice.


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I would reiterate what CalonLan touched on with reference to the present moment. When we can Be in the present moment with full conscious awareness, every choice we make comes from that state of awareness and can ultimately only be for our highest benefit. This sets the wheels in motion for a future that can only serve our best interests.

The future is always created from the choices we make Now.How we decide in each and every situation and encounter, to react or respond, is always down to our own individual choice. So in a way we can see into the future by merely looking at the choices we're making *Now.


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Dollar Bill, I love the question! I have not seen both movies, but I love the interior response that was triggered by your question.

I love CalonLan's "momentum of the present moment"; it is an incredible way to put it and captures a key point that was beautifully clarified by Michaela.

I also see your question as an awakening to the power of the "moment" within which we always exist.

I believe that we do have the ability to alter our course in life precisely because we have the ability to know the consequences of what would happen if we did not make the change now.

This in a way is essentially harnessing our ability to see forward beyond the moment of our existence.

I believe that this is what intuition is.

In addition, I have found that one cannot develop intuition with effort.

It seems that intuition awakens when we relinquish our interior focus and attention within the moment.

When we let go of the need to analyze the constant inflow of data through our five senses, it seems that we begin to relax into the moment almost like "hovering" in suspension within the moment and allow the moment to flow through our point of existance.

Have you watched a movie where you are so relaxed within yourself that you just completely lock-in to the moment of the movie as-if it is your own experience, and when you are in this moment, you can immediately see the next moment, the next scene, and the next potential event.

You are no longer taking de-tours within your own inner conversation and analysis, but rather staying fully present within the moment of the movie.

You find that you can almost become the mind of the director as the story begins to unfold within you even though you have never seen the movie before.

If seems that this happens to us the more we are relaxed within ourselves and "hunches" and intuitive suggestions from within begin to surface effortlessly.

It seems to "just happen" when we begin to let go of our inner attention and need to analyze our "role" within the moment.

Moreover, by "allowing" this data to surface within ourselves it seems that we are capable of seeing our potential future as suggested by your question.

The strange thing is that this ability is unavailable to the person who wants to have it or develop it.

It is not a product of "doing something" but rather, it is the pleasant result of "letting go" and choosing to suspend all interior expectations within the moment.

Therefore, it seems that we can all un-do ourselves towards what we really want.

(I don’t mean un-do effort & action, but rather un-do anticipation and analysis)


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The Traveller

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This brings better understanding to the concept of succeeding through non-action, non-attachment. We have glimpsed the power of our full "selves" or self-integration into unity.

(30 Jun '12, 04:30) Dollar Bill

Since we are in constant creation of our future by the thought we hold this seems redundant. I think that the best way is to be in check of what are my thoughts right now. What am I attracting myself towards? Am I in a happy trusting place that I know I will be safe and taken care of or am I fearing getting mugged, fearing getting sick, fearing I may be killed?

The future we experience is the future we create by our expectancy. Now the interesting thing is when when hear of a guy on a wheel chair getting hit by a car. I am sure he didn't want to get hit but probably had some fear as to going across the street in his chair. The man in the car maybe had fear of hitting something he couldn't see. This is speculation but as well it puts the two pieces together in agreement for the event to occur.

So I believe if we are creating our future by our will of what are we expecting then the randomness of a future and circumstances seems a moot point. It is not a random future or predestined future but one in flux in that you are the author of.


answered 30 Jun '12, 15:34

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Wade Casaldi

Excellent points, Wade! +1 for you! <3

(30 Jun '12, 15:43) Jaianniah

yes you are so is all your brother and sister. and since many are at stone level and did not reach water or spirit level it is not as clear to them.

(30 Jun '12, 15:46) white tiger
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I was playing checkers on the Wii with my son last night, a rarity as he won't play games with me. The first match was a stalemate, then a little into the next game, he quit. I objected and he said that he had played out all the possible moves and he lost so it was hopeless, so why play a game that was hopeless. I was just enjoying playing with him. It didn't hurt that I was winning. However, I don't really enjoy playing Monopoly because either I feel hopeless or the other person does. That's not fun. That's not enjoying now, it's worrying about the future even in the game. The whole point to playing a game is to have fun now.

In the game of Life, if we are dwelling on the past or worrying about the future, or wishing for alternate realities, then we are not enjoying the game right now. The game of Life is not a competion, so everybody can win. Our only competition is our beliefs.

What are you willing to give up from your life right now in exchange for a different path in the past? Because someone or something will be missing from that alternate reality. So enjoy Now and the game is won.


answered 30 Jun '12, 09:16

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Fairy Princess

@Dollar Bill, great question. There are some terrific answers here already.

I have seen both the movies. And I wondered the same thing that if I had ability to see in the future 2 minutes at a time, what I would do and let me tell you, it really messed up my

With the specific of the plot of NEXT, I feel that kind of ability, to see 2 minutes into the future will be more of a curse than a gift. For most people, we have other people in our lives with whom we are incredibly attached, whom we care for, whose life is directly/indirectly linked to the outcome of our life. We have more than one such person.

It would be difficult to just isolate yourself, see what's the best option for yourself and not anticipate the outcome for others in our lives. basically, you'll be lost, trying to make a decision that's best for everyone and not just for yourself. I mean how could you not? TWO MINS is too short a time to run all possible scenarios and then re-coordinate a strategy...of course we are talking fiction here and a fascinating one, but if for fun one contemplates that idea for real life, I feel it could drive someone nuts.

I think for the same reason, both films have a very narrow and specific goal for the hero so that it can be controlled.

The other, bigger danger is how could one not keep thinking 2 mins ahead ALL THE TIME? I think that kind of defeats the whole idea of being in the now...well, I guess one can be in the NOW all the time but it will be 2 minutes ahead of everyone will be their NOW..

Like I would want to know if I can make that signal before it turns Red, come back to present time, maybe speed up to make it...or looks about to rain outside, FFwd to 2mins later, still no rain, but more cloudy, should wait, another FFwd to next 2 mins...oh now its raining...okay not gonna step out now...Hey, how about stock market??If I knew the value of stock two mins before closing, I would trade up or down would drive myself crazy like that

it's fun to think like that though:) Agree with what you said above: yet he sees an element that appears to be inflexible Destiny. Or is it? Ultimately free will coupled with Divine guidance is our path to Joy.

The Universe will never give us the full and complete control. And that's for our own good:)

BTW, if you haven't already, check out Jim Carrey's 'YES MAN', fun fun...and fodder for lots of thinking:)


answered 30 Jun '12, 09:41

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I highly recommend this movie though it did not receive the reviews it deserves. I feel the author was trying to make points that the general public is not yet willing to see.

We have the power of "Now" coupled with the inspiration of very accurately predicting future outcomes.

The Chinese system of "I Ching" is a powerful system for many reasons. I found it particularly effective in answering two types of divination questions,

  1. If I take this (particular) action, what will be the consequences?
  2. What action should I take to stay on my Path?

These are questions that are woven into the story. He knows the desired outcome he wants, is one of long term happiness with the woman he loves. He sees many avenues of finding this happiness, yet he sees an element that appears to be inflexible Destiny. Or is it?

Ultimately free will coupled with Divine guidance is our path to Joy.

"Love is the Law, Love under (Divine) Will." - A Crowley

EDIT I have been interested in 'seeing into the future' and wondering how much we actually do this? When we are connected with Source, we move confidently, knowing our best will happen.

I saw a film of a very elderly Aikido (martial arts) master who was to walk from one end of a basketball court to the other, with a professional football team trying to stop him. He walked slowly and confidently, as the team members tried to tackle him, he moved slightly and they missed. He walked straight through them! Nicholas Cage did this several times with a lot of bad guys trying to stop him.

I read somewhere that a study was done on sports that have to have a very fast reaction. A major league pitcher can throw a baseball at close to 100 miles per hour. It takes less than half a second for the ball to travel 60 feet to the catcher's glove. Very difficult for the eyes to see it is in the strike zone, and give the impulse to the muscles to swing the bat in a way to hit the ball in a particular direction.

There are several theories about this, anything from the batter having some kind of psychic connection with the pitcher to an exceptional batter being able to see where the ball will be and begin swinging the bat before the mind could react.

I shoot skeet and particularly like Sporting Clay shooting. This is a very, very fast sport. A clay pigeon can cross in front of you at over 50 miles per hour, coming from a trap you can't see very well. You have to zero in, lead the appropriate amount and fire your shotgun in a split second. There is absolutely no time to think.

If I ask an excellent shooter how much he was leading the target, he is guaranteed to miss the next one because his conscious mind will get in the way! There is no time to think!

It works when there is a union between the conscious mind and Source. And when that union occurs, you feel JOY. It is the way it works!

When you hit the clay, there is a great feeling of excitement, even Joy. As with many sports and games, if you examined them closely, you can spend a lot of money and effort playing!


Is it the connection with Source, that you MUST have to act beyond the usual boundaries of physics?

As far as human reactions try this from @Dollar Bill! Take a one dollar bill and hold it by one end. Have a person put their fingers over George Washington's face. Tell them that if they can catch it, by closing their fingers they can have it. But if they grab it before you let go, they lose. Charge them 25 cents a try and you will make a lot of money unless you go up against someone really fast, like @Wade Casaldi!

Think about the things that give you Joy. See them in the context that you have connected with Source. Why else would you feel Joy? It is important that we understand that the CONNECTION, the blending, the merging with Source IS THE JOY! Not the manifestation.


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Dollar Bill

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if to a child that believes is boundary is is home. then he would think that is parent are over normal boundary. but do the boundary really exist in the first place? or is it only more experience and knowledge wisdom that make it appear that way to the child? and when the boss ask for a work to be done to the child is parent is doing this thing of is own accord for no reason. go back in the past with a flash light and they will say you are a god. that should answer your boundary question.

(30 Jun '12, 14:59) white tiger

Thanks Bill, yes 37 years in Karate is good for something! lol

(30 Jun '12, 15:41) Wade Casaldi

There are some brilliant observations here.
Your answer made me think of something. Since only NOW exists the "future" is only a concept in our mind's future vision of "now". In fact, let us go ahead and say that the "future" is a concept that envisioned by humanities collective consciousness. Therefore, in envisioning your future, you are actually commanding the participants in your reality to fulfill YOUR WILL.
Maybe we should try that approach.

(03 Jul '12, 00:49) The Traveller
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Yes you can do it. If you know the person enough you can already make a scenario and see in your mind what will happen what will work and what will not.

Even a place that you know very well you can probably add scenery and timed events that always happen. As for the event that you cannot know, those would come to you by feeling intuition or dream. but the thing is that even if you change the future event (by a thought, speech or action) it might not happen exactely like you want it to happen.

Other people have free will also and there are some rules that might interfere, but I will not go any further on this subject. Yes, interesting, but humanity is not ready yet for that stage of evolution. Humanity has enough problems to solve right now without starting to play with space time. It would cause more harm then good.


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white tiger

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Dollar Bill

white tiger, maybe there are present several human beings that see our evolutionary history, humankind in its creation on/in planet earth. past and current choices all start a vibrating energy, attracting like energy upon its orbital journey then returning to the sender. we make the future whether consciously or unconsciously known to us

(30 Jun '12, 09:50) fred

fred they should have stay in the beguinning and they would have know the end. right now they have enuff problem to fix with out creating time space anomaly that is simply what i am saying.

(30 Jun '12, 14:43) white tiger
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