I wish to thank you and others on this site for the time and effort put in this.

I 'stumbled' upon this site by accident 10 days ago before I knew 'there are no accidents'. This is my first time posting here and the question is difficult to phrase so please bear with me.

I am from a small town in India, was one of those way above-average peoples till my teenage years and wanted desperately to go to U.S. to study and I did! This (now I realize) I manifested from a virtual impossible situation solely due to my intense desire. Not only that, I went to Hollywood and studied film-making about which my small home-town would be talking for years (this was circa 1993). This built up very high expectations from others about my successful life and along the way shaped my ambitions as well.

It was doable and achievable until I found (rather accepted) that I have an alcohol problem, slowly messed up, got divorced and was not doing as well as I should have been career wise. In the hindsight, I learned a lot but achieved very little and all the grandiosity and big-talk was just alcohol speaking. Cut to: 14 years later, I migrated back to India and have nothing to show for (materially speaking)! I am sober now for over 2 years by my own choice and I know for a fact that those who have known me from way back are almost disappointed to see me without a car, house or any financial security. I would be below average when compared to my peers!

But here's the thing, its not just others, I feel disappointed in my own life! I feel a failure. I never have and still don't compare myself with anyone, but I know I am good at what I do, I work hard (always used to even when drinking) and I have talent and have 'paid my dues'. I am not abusive, not confrontational, has been told that I am a likeable guy and have always been a positive person.

I am convinced that this is how and where I was supposed to be at this time. Any other way, I would be dead due to alcohol. Basically 'The Universe' has better plans for me than I can plan myself. I was able to sober-up on a single desire - I want to achieve what I set out to do - (and yes, the ambition has been re-calibrated realistically)- to become a successful film-maker in India via which to be financially secure!

I am married to a talented writer (knows my alcohol problem), my productivity has gone up since I sobered up, opportunities are opening up as never before and I am a happy person.

Now, I am getting opportunities which come just short of manifesting at the last minute For example: I am close to signing a big career changing deal, lots of top-level meetings happen, they're excited about what I am offering and yet, it doesn't go through! This has been happening for the past year or so! I know I cannot control other people's actions, but I can almost feel (after the fact) that something/someone - God, The Universe- doesn't want it to happen!

What am I doing here that just stops it from going through?

I practice EFT, I do affirmations and has just started doing the 'manifestation box'. In fact, one major thing work-wise manifested the same afternoon, so I am a firm believer. The one thing I have not been doing is recording vibrational matches (honestly I am yet to understand what they are)

You'll see that in all of the above back story, everything is asking for material things, external success, financial security and not much on personal improvement. This is how I feel intensely. I do NOT feel all my life issues will be solved by excelling at work, but internally I feel I must achieve my goal. My life will be incomplete without it - that's just how I feel and have always felt! Personal improvements thread would be a different one.

Now, my question is two fold:

(a) Have so much back-log for things to manifest, I am putting one 'ask' in my manifestation box every single day (since past 10 days) and would take me another 30 days just to bring it to current (14 years of back-log:) Also, I feel that going back to them and recording matches would put resistance on it so I don't revisit them at-all. I know this because I have an obsessive personality and it'll be in my head 24x7. Knowing that, I side-step it! Is this what I am doing wrong? Should I be recording matches? How will I do this if I have 45 'asks' to monitor as off today and the list is growing?

(b) I am one of those, who when I look at my entire life, firmly believe that the Universe has a greater plan for me. I wouldn't have scripted where I am today, from where I came from, where I went, what all I learned. There's no complaint about the journey. I am blessed. My actions match my desires and I am willing to do more in terms of manifesting (in addition to physical actions)

Now, what can I do to have my 'work-deals' come to fruition? Please understand, the tri-athlete who is beat at that last 1/1000th of the second must feel worse than some spectator who is just thinking he CAN compete in the tri-Athlon! I am not trying to be, say a 'rock-star' (I feel it wouldn't be naturally in-line with my line of work) but asking for success in what I have been doing for years.

My apologies if the post is too long. This has been difficult to pour my heart out here and I am still not sure if my questions are clear. Any help, guidance would be appreciated. If needed, please ask specific clarification and I would be happy to provide them.

Looking forward to some clarity:) Especially from @Stingray. Your answers bring lots of clarity so tagging you here:)

asked 27 May '12, 02:44

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Welcome to IQ, Xoomaville.

To answer your title question, "I feel that everything comes undone during the last mile execution. What am I missing in my efforts to manifest things?" I would suggest having a read of Why do things go wrong when I am almost sure of success? because it sounds like you only need a bit of fine-tuning to get things going your way.

The things that are almost coming about for you can be considered to be vibrational matches...little snippets of vibrational evidence that things are shifting...a good sign that you are heading in the right direction.

To answer your question about a "manifesting backlog", you'll be glad to know that you really don't have to go to the effort of writing out requests for each one :) The Universe doesn't speak English anyway, or any other human language for that matter...the requests are excuses for you (the physical you) to allow You (the bigger, broader you) to have what is already created and waiting for you. It's a mental game you are playing with yourself :) ...but there's nothing wrong with playing games either :)

If you were to just make happiness a habitual state of mind for yourself (Get Happy), all those things you want will start trickling (perhaps even flooding) into your life by themselves.

See also How many things can one focus on at the same time in order to manifest them? for further insights.

Now, there's something else I feel I want to say to you...

You've obviously lived a life full of many varied experiences up to now. But, from the feeling I get reading your question, you seem to be negating those experiences because many have not ended in some kind of physical material manifestation.

I would ask you to think again about that attitude.

Here's an exact copy of a picture I have hanging above the computer in my home where I am writing these words...

alt text

The words say...

If You're Not Living Life On The Edge, You're Not Living

What I'm trying to say is that while from our physical, earthly perspectives, we think our lives are about accumulating material wealth, achieving success (whatever that means to people), having good health, positive relationships etc, etc, that's not what our broader selves think our lives are about.

From our broader perspectives, life is about having experiences.

It's similar to going on vacation. When you go on a vacation, it's about the experiences you have while you are on your holiday - not about the trinkets and souvenirs you pick up along the way...those are really only to remind you afterwards of the experience itself.

When people say they had a "memorable holiday", they mean they had interesting experiences.

So I wouldn't judge the life you've lived by any kind of material standards but by how much experience you've experienced :) ...and you certainly sound like someone that has lived a few :)

If you instead look at the life you've lived (and are living) from the perspective of your broader self - which is effectively on vacation on Planet Earth :) - you'll probably start to realize that many of the experiences you've gone through that you've labelled as "bad" are actually what your Broader Self would call a "memorable holiday" :)

It might be worth contemplating your life from this perspective for a while. It might give you a different view on how successful your life has really been up to now :)

And here's a further thought to consider...if life is really about having experiences rather than collecting souvenirs (the physical manifestations) then doesn't it make sense that we would sometimes want to keep the experience going for a bit longer before allowing ourselves to collect that souvenir at the end?

After all, as many (including me) have discovered, manifestations are actually boring :) ... the thrill is in the chase :)

You said you wanted some clarity so there's a bit for you :)


answered 29 May '12, 17:57

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Amazing answer @Stingray! Thanks for sharing your wonderful insight, as always! :)

(29 May '12, 18:12) MagicalUniverse

@Stingray Thank you, amazingly put:) Claritified totally:)) And yes, the 'bad' phase in my life really 'set me on path of spirituality', prior to that I was pretty much 'shallow(est)' in that dept.:) So Today onward it will be my 'blessed phase':) Thanks for the info links as well. Since I posted this, I am back to waking up enthusiastically, excited, childlike which is how my nature is:) You have a gift with exact words which not only inform but inspire as well:) A lil compliment:)

(30 May '12, 01:37) Xoomaville

You're welcome :)

(30 May '12, 05:55) Stingray

@Stingray I left a little comment under the answer provided by you at - http://goo.gl/pCZvt Even though it's an old question, I would soo appreciate if you could clarify that small doubt for me. Thanks again! :)

(01 Jun '12, 09:00) MagicalUniverse
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The Universe responds to the vibrations you give. So, when you think happy thoughts, notice how good they make you feel. That's the vibration you're offering in that moment. It doesn't matter what process you use or what words you say or think, it just matters how all of that makes you feel.

If you feel hard work is the only way to succeed, or you have to give up alcohol to be productive, this will be your reality. If you feel like a failure, the universe will give you more circumstances that make you feel like a failure.

The key then is to start feeling differently. In my opinion, the easiest thing to do is to start finding things that make you happy. What do you appreciate? Make a list. Put everything that makes you smile, laugh and feel good on it. Any objects, people, or memories. Make the list as big as you can and look at it often.

Another thing is visualization. Take moments from your day to be alone and just 'pretend' everything is going the way you want. Now, do it for the good feeling it brings you. Don't do it for a specific result.

If you do these things to feel good, your vibration will be a purely good feeling vibration. But, when you try to bring a specific circumstance, this can become complicated. Then you could be offering vibrations of lack and need and frustation things aren't happening fast enough.

Our job is to feel good. We get the easy part- the universe will arrange the time, place and how it will happen. You just need to feel as best you can in all your situations. Try it for awhile- think "What would happen if I felt good all day? All week? What if everything changed tomorrow in a way I never imagined?"

Best luck to you!


answered 28 May '12, 13:53

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Yes, yes. Thing to remember is to not dwell on any of it:) Thanks @LapisLazuli. Sometimes, I need to hear it from others. I find comfort in thinking that 'Our job is to feel good'- the easy part:) Your reply certainly made me feel good:)

(28 May '12, 14:04) Xoomaville

@LapisLazuli Amazing answer! I needed that to hear that too! :) Thanks for sharing your views! @Xoomaville You sure you ain't reading minds on this forum? :)

(28 May '12, 14:17) MagicalUniverse

@MagicalUniverse....ha ha ha...I wish! Then again, maybe not, let me straighten out my garden first:)

(28 May '12, 14:44) Xoomaville

@Xoomaville haha :D Get going! :)

(28 May '12, 14:47) MagicalUniverse

Thank you both, Im glad it helped :)

(28 May '12, 16:47) LapisLazuli
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Note that when you are putting forth a desire for a manifestation, you are in the current act of putting that desire forth. As long as you are holding tight to the desire, you are still in the desiring mode which is sort of like telling the Universe that you do not have it yet. It is not necessary to think or act as if you already have it, although that can be helpful at times depending on the individual, but manifestation can come by merely setting forth the desire and letting go of it with a trust that the universe has "got your back", is culminating it for you and there is nothing more you need to do. Just keep in mind that it can take time depending on how aligned you are to receive the thing. Sometimes the thought that you know you sent out the desire and that the Unoiverse is actively moving everything in your reality to make that happen can have more power than anything. Let go and go in the flow and trust the Universe to take care of it for you. Sometimes going back to your manifestation board can mess things up by keeping you in the "I don't have it yet mode" which is what you will continue to get. Hope this helps and may you get what you want!


answered 28 May '12, 10:24

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"Sometimes the thought that you know you sent out the desire and that the Unoiverse is actively moving everything in your reality to make that happen can have more power than anything"-- @Sherry Thank you for this. You really put it in words what I wanted to hear:)

(28 May '12, 11:36) Xoomaville

You are very welcome. I personally have to use that thought to manifest just about everything. I often forget that the Universe knows better than I do and will often bring things in better than I could have ever even imagined for myself. Another line I like to remind myself with after sending out a desire is, "Stay out of the way, the Universe knows exactly what to do"!
It is also good to remember, the frequency of thoughts you reside within on a regular basis can speed up or slow down the time it takes to get the manifestation to you. How do you keep a high fast frequency? Think happy thoughts. How do you do that? Do things that make you feel good, have lots of fun and hang out with people that uplift you because as you are having fun, the Universe is manifestating and you can receive it from that same frequency. If you are not joyful, you can receive the manifestation but it may not be as good or or in as happy a way as it could have been otherwise.

(28 May '12, 12:25) Sherry

Thanks for all the positive thoughts:)

(28 May '12, 14:05) Xoomaville
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HI Xoomaville, I am new to the site as well but wanted to share with you a vibrational thing that happened a few days ago which may or may not help with how you are feeling your vibrations.

Outside my vortex I am staring down the barrell of a bankruptcy (losses incurred by another person in my name) - In my Law of Abundance Reality I have complete financial freedom.... I forget how Stingray describes it...the ignoring reality thing...anyhow...

The other day I was walking down the street and felt like a coffee from a coffee shop (a luxury my "outside of vortex reality" cannot afford) and I walked past the bus stop and saw a homeless guy who is sometimes in the area. It was a cold day and he was in the shelter, combing his hair.

I thought "I bet he wouldn't mind a cup of coffee."
Scratched around in my pocket for some coins, went to the coffee shop, bought the coffee and took it back to him and said "Isn't it cold today - could you use a coffee?" He said "That's great thanks" and we both went on with our day. I stopped to cross the road walking back to my office and noticed that my body FELT like it was actually vibrating. So weird. I looked at my arms, they weren't shaking, but there was still that reverberation (?sp) going through my body.

I don't know if this is how others experience the feeling. I know I do nice things all the time for others, but have never noticed the intensity on this scale......maybe it is my manifestation starting to break out of its box? Who knows?


answered 29 May '12, 08:16

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Most likely the vibration you were feeling is there all the time but you just happened to be in a state of mind that allowed you to feel it. I have been told via channel of spirit, that the vibration we feel is, in most simple terms, light filling in between the cells of your body; the effects of ascension and thought frequency. Afterall, we are becomming light bodies and ascension is nothing but moving to higher frequency thoughts. Pay attention especially when you are resting and you can eventually come to feel it all the time. When the brain recognizes the vibration and what it actually is, that in itself can help your momentum towards ascension so Happy lightbody tingles!


answered 29 May '12, 10:59

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@Sherry, Ooooh, hey! Great visualization, thanks! Lightbody tingles! That feels great!

(22 Jun '12, 22:27) Grace

Hi congratulations on your success it sounds like God/ the universe is working for you.

I think your problem can be simply solved.It is evident that you manifest more so 'physical' things which is fine but it sounds like part of the reason your deals may not be coming into fruition may be from your personality itself more specifically fear.If so i would suggest you focus on asking the universe to give you courage and power to go through with these work deals.

Furthermore maybe if you were to de-clutter your manifestation box after all 'a cup that is too full must spill' and solely focus on fruition of work deals/courage/power this could be the change needed to bring about your desire.

Once that is met which it will be you can just focus back on the other 'asks' you had in your manifestation box.After all theres no spiritual removal of what is asked for if you was to physically take them out of your maifestation box. They are not removed from your life i'm pretty sure you could remember a high peercentage of what you wanted its just by de-cluttering the box your removing subconcious tension and pressure to fulfil each of your 45+ wants...(its like if you was to do work how would you feel if you saw 100+ papers stacked on top of one another as aposed to 5)... and solely focusing on strength in personality as well as work fruition.

More growth to you



answered 27 May '12, 11:23

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Jonathan David Coleman

@Jonathan David Coleman thanks for your reply. I contemplated your answer and I somewhat agree that fear maybe one of the reasons for work deals not going through. I never thought about it so thanks again for pointing it out. I think I want it so badly that I try 'not to think about it' all the time and there by thinking about it and that may form fear. As I am not consciously aware of this to be 'apparent' to me, if you can share further thoughts on it, I'd appreciate it:)

(28 May '12, 00:53) Xoomaville

@xoomaville, another "me too!" moment. This reminds me of someone saying... Try this: Don't think about the Eiffel Tower.... Its near impossible. Wise people say you can't get rid of a thought, but you can replace it with another one. My best success in this comes in deliberately choosing a replacement thought in advance, and keeping it handy in my pocket for when the need arises. It should be a thought, of course, of anything that makes you feel happy. ;)

(22 Jun '12, 22:22) Grace

@Grace, this was an early early question. Now you can tell where my line of thought comes from:) Good advice though 'deliberately choosing a replacement thought in advance'. I like that. Thanks for the comment

(23 Jun '12, 00:25) Xoomaville
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