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This isn't a question as much as something to contemplate, that is why I'm making this community wiki.

Imagine you are with a crew that is on a space ship that can go anyplace in the universe. You come to a planet with other beings. These beings have discovered, electricity, motor and engine propulsion, they drive in vehicles. They have computer technology, lasers, microwave ovens, they have television entertainment. They have the internet with all their pooled knowledge in it. They have art and music.

So we land here from our world, we have traveled light years across space. Some people try to shoot us! Others start to worship us, still others equate us to some evil in their belief that we must be. Then there are others that try to capture us and torture us to tell them everything we know. Then we see them killing each other to get our knowledge! Then we meet some that try to teach us of their religion based on something thousands of years old. On further investigation we find this race will literally do anything for perceived profit even if it is harmful to them and their planet. Then we find out their entertainment is in watching others of their species being hurt or even killed in either comedy or action adventure and worse even horror movies.

How advanced does a race as this seem, and of what regard would you give to this species? It seems to be a race barely out of the stone age.

Think of this, if we found Bigfoot how do you think he'd be treated even if he knows how to use basic primitive tools?

asked 16 Jun '21, 14:04

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Wade Casaldi

space travel or dimension
jumping, now on terra III,
change focus away from
judgement, starve them out


answered 24 Jun '21, 08:48

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