Okay so, I came across something on the internet titled "Roswell full interview TOP SECRET". I know this sounds humorous but please hear me out. It kind of boggled my mind and made me feel a bit negative because there were quite a few cruel notions contained in it. Since I'm an open-minded person I'm not willing to COMPLETELY dismiss it, although some people on the internet have said it is just fiction.

TO SUM IT ALL UP: Basically it's supposed to be an interview between one of the aliens that crash landed in Roswell back in 1947 and a nurse who was able to telepathically communicate with the alien. The alien is considered a female and is called Airl. Apparently the transcripts of the interview surfaced onto the internet in 2007. I could be wrong though. Airl says that all beings are basically gods and can do whatever they want. She refers to these beings as IS-BE. Airl says that Earth is a prison planet where unwanted IS-BE were sent to and trapped on. (IS-BE were forced to incarnate into humans.) She says the cause of this is because of an alien empire she refers to as the "Old Empire". The "Old Empire" set up a force field around Earth that made it so when an IS-BE died, they would have their memory erased and then hypnotically commanded to reincarnate, as a way to eternally keep them on Earth. Well, Airl says that she is a part of a place called "The Domain" and they are against the "Old Empire". She says that "The Domain" finally destroyed the last remnants of the "Old Empire" a few hundred years ago. Unfortunately the force field is still active and "The Domain" has not been able to find it's source and disable it. Also, since the "Old Empire" is no longer around to govern Earth, alien races from all over the universe are dumping their "unwanted" IS-BEs on Earth. Most IS-BE that are unwanted are criminals, perverts, revolutionaries, non-conformists, and artists. (Because they are found either as threats or useless.) So basically everyone on Earth is a god that has been trapped on Earth by other gods and is trapped in perpetual reincarnation.

THOUGHTS: I don't necessarily believe this to be true. The only reason I considered the notion was because there was a lot of information in this interview that I actually agreed with. It's also written pretty convincingly in my opinion. Also, there are a lot of loop holes in this interview in my opinion. Some things just don't add up to me or don't make logical sense. For example, if this were true, why would IS-BE need to be trapped? Why not just create a force field around your planet if you want to keep them out. Why go through all the effort and trouble maintaining and imprisoning them. Surely there are better things to do than to keep watch over a prison. Another thing, out of all the races in the universe that are sure to exist, why wouldn't any of them intervene? Obviously the "Old Empire" is infringing on the free-will of the IS-BE they have captured, surely SOME RACES would have put a stop to this unjust behavior. Something else that bothers me is the fact that it says that not only the "Old Empire" but MANY races send unwanted IS-BE to Earth, including artists. It makes it seem as if barely any alien races appreciate artists at all. Instead of sending them to Earth, why not just exile them? It just doesn't make sense. This whole interview makes the universe seem like a cruel and cold place. I know that there may be races out there that have intentions that others may not like, but it just makes the universe at large seem just as bad, if not worse than Earth. This is my main problem with this. There are certain things in this interview that coincide with certain spiritual ideals that I agree with, but the main idea of it just feels negative and does not resonate with me. I also feel like it makes spirit seems to be a more tangible thing, something that can be captured, trapped, it.. just doesn't feel right.

This could very well be fiction. It could also be true. It could be true, but perhaps the alien was just telling false information on purpose. According to the description of the alien, it sounded like a "grey" alien, so maybe it was lying? Mostly because I've heard that those aliens aren't so good.

Could something like this even be possible? Would other races of aliens allow something like this to happen? Most of all, what are your opinions on this?


PART 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AmW7a12HkMg&feature=kp

PART 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ayOAqOxobg4

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@powerwave - Do you happen to recall the name of the nurse who allegedly conveyed the telepathic messages? Thanks.

(07 Jul '14, 23:52) lozenge123

@lozenge123 Matilda O'Donnell MacElroy

(08 Jul '14, 00:04) PowerWave

@lozenge123 Although in the beginning of the video it states that this may have been a fake name given to her by the government after everything occurred.. if this is true.

(08 Jul '14, 00:09) PowerWave

I think it is a Fake.....Period.

(06 Jan '17, 09:52) Jaianniah
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There is quite a bit of information on the Internet and elsewhere on the subject of ufology and extraterrestrial activity on earth throughout history. It is up to you to choose what you believe with the understanding that those beliefs will in in some way alter your personal reality. While researching this or any other Metaphysical subject, you can choose to not draw any particular conclusions. In this way you can remain open to all possibilities, while at the same time, you can avoid adopting any new and potentially limiting beliefs. You will find there are many different ideas about the history and relationship of humans to ET's that are far more detailed, than the one you describe. If you choose to explore these things, I strongly suggest establishing within yourself one simple rule, a sort of personal prime directive to apply to any information you discover. It might read something like this:

"My research is for the purpose gathering any and all information I can find related to (e.g.) extraterrestrial involvement with humans and the planet earth. I understand that I create my own reality and that what I experience and perceive as reality is based on my personal beliefs and their interaction with the Law of Attraction. For this reason, I am choosing to prevent what I discover from becoming a part of my belief system, until such time that I decide that these new beliefs would in some way be beneficial to my preferred reality.

Once you have established within yourself the underlying principle that is being expressed in the above example, you will be free to explore and research any subject of interest to you while, at the same time, not letting your life be affected by it. This is especially important when the information suggests a conclusion that is based on fear and separation from source energy. As you continue to research ET, you will find that there is information that contradicts what this nurse is saying. There are other species of ET that are considered "Greys" They are not all the same. Many are hybrid races that have evolved from various combinations of DNA. If we are to accept the idea that the all creation is governed by thought/belief and the law of attraction, then it only makes sense that Airl's perspective would be based on her beliefs and definitions as well.

Sometimes the most difficult obstacles or limitations someone looking for "the truth" will have to overcome are the previous conclusions he or she has made. Just as we can take preventive measures to insure our physical health, we can also take measures to insure our "spiritual" health by preventing ourselves from being infected with non-essential, limiting and negative beliefs.

Personally, I choose to reject as disinformation any idea that attempts to instill fear in people. Moreover, I would rather not accept any idea that threatens punishment of some sort for non-acceptance, any idea that attempts to make a person feel unworthy, and any idea that is used to control or limit a persons potential or free will. This is not to say the interview event did not occur, only that the information revealed is based on the genuine beliefs of an extraterrestrial "is-be" being held captive by humans.

You can explore another and, for me, a more plausible explanation of the ET question, by listening to The Bashar clips on You Tube. Bashar is an entity or multiple entities channeled by Daryl Anke, describes himself as being a Hybrid ET who is a "first contact" specialist helping to prepare earth for an actual first contact between humans and another Hybrid race of ET's (the Yahyel) who have revealed themselves through mass UFO sightings worldwide. The best documented of these was the 1997 "Phoenix Lights" witnessed by thousands. Google for more on that event.


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@i4cim2b Thanks. I really need to stop getting caught up in things like this. I'm actually not researching ETs much at all, I just happened to stumble across this interview.

It kind of saddens me that things like this can still affect my belief system but I think it's because it's mixed in with some truth, or at least things that sound like they could be correct. Ultimately it contradicts itself way too much. And without even cross-referencing other info some things don't make sense.

(10 Jul '14, 22:29) PowerWave

@i4cim2b "Personally, I choose to reject as disinformation any idea that attempts to instill fear in people, any idea that threatens punishment of some sort for non-acceptance, any idea that attempts to make a person feel unworthy, any idea that is used to control or limit what a persons potential or free will."

I feel the same way. This whole thing felt like fear-based so it just did not resonate with me. Again it's the whole "one big lie mixed in with some things that may sound true."

(10 Jul '14, 22:31) PowerWave


Thanks for the "simple rule". This is the first thing I've read that had anything to do with ETs, so that's probably why I'm reacting this way to it. I haven't even been exposed to any of the other information out there.

(10 Jul '14, 22:34) PowerWave

@i4cim2b I have heard of Bashar and other non negative things about ETs, so I guess it makes sense that I'm reacting so negatively to this fear-based interview? Sigh..

(10 Jul '14, 22:40) PowerWave

@PowerWave Your reaction to this information is certainly valid. Any reasonably sane person would have a similar reaction. It is the reaction that a movie producer would want to elicit from the audience if this interview was used as a plot for a movie. When something of this nature takes you into the theater of your imagination, just relax and enjoy the show as you would any other.

(11 Jul '14, 05:53) i4cim2b

@PowerWave . The important thing is that you know when to leave the theater. So many do not. They choose instead to allow the films plot to become so interwoven into they're lives that they are unaware as they are slowly drawn out of the audience and onto the screen where they cast a new role for themselves, turning an often unrealistic feature film into a long running soap through which they live they're lives. I don't see you having this problem so I hope you will continue to explore.

(11 Jul '14, 06:16) i4cim2b
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'Conflicting', 'Strange'?

If anything confuses you, it's best to stay to things that you are sure about.

Love has the power to sustain life. Love has the power to change the world. Loving others and Giving to others, makes the world a more enjoyable place for everyone.


answered 08 Jul '14, 10:32

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Thank you for your answer. I agree. :)

(10 Jul '14, 22:25) PowerWave


Just wanted to clarify. I do agree with the overall positive vibe of your message, but sometimes it's quite fun to explore things that "confuse" you. Delving into concepts that seems conflicting can bring about self-realizations along the way.

So, I wouldn't shy away from such things or "stay to things that you are sure about", because you could be robbing yourself of a fun experience by not allowing yourself to explore.

I'm posting this b/c I've had some awesome realizations. :)

(30 Jul '14, 20:01) PowerWave

@PowerWave: I have read this book/interview, as well. There are aspects in this interview that resonate with me and some that do not.

The idea that the Earth is a 'Prison Planet' is very interesting to me. There are many other sources I have come across that state this idea, as well. I have contemplated this idea on many levels.

Personally, I do not subscribe to this idea entirely, but I see the validity of such an idea as a potential probability in an overall Bigger Picture. The difference I see is the potentially-perceived 'Prison' being one that is self-induced; meaning, not knowing oneself and one's connection to All There Is, as well as the effect one has as on -- as a result of one's beliefs, actions or inactions, and behaviours, All There Is (the Fabric of Creation), in both the non-physical and physical realms of consciousness.

In a nutshell, 'the prison' is our own lack of understanding The Bigger Picture, our own lack of compassion and forgiveness to break free from, and let go of, our concurrent incarante life creations, beliefs, and karmic cycles, which are also influenced (if we allow them to be) by those who co-create alongside of us, who are also carrying and recycling tremendous karmic weight.

There is much distorted information regarding what we call 'The Greys'. There are many such beings, all with their own agendas. But nearly all, if not all, come from parallel realities. Certain factions of what we call 'Greys' are devolved Anunnaki. In conjunction, other 'Greys' are devolved survivors of Atlantis.

As far as an Orion Empire, this resonates strongly with me. The pyramids of Giza on Earth are anchors of Orion energy and gateway portals for such beings to come into our lower density. The Earth itself is one massive paradoxical gateway to other dimensions and densities.

In regards to embracing or not embracing conflicting information, the conflict should not be ignored. Embrace it and discover what it is that conflicts you. Doing so you will find what resonantes truly within your preferred vibration. Conflict and obstacles are here for a reason. Face them. Give compassion to them. Through compassion comes understanding and wisdom.


answered 29 Jul '14, 22:25

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Thank you so much for this answer! I really love it!

At first this concept was really uncomfortable to me, but then as I continued experiencing life and reading other things, I came to some realizations. One is that there are many variations of this story, there are so many different "truths" or "realities" that ultimately, there really is no truth. Only my truth. I was letting this worry me because I didn't like the concept, yet some things did resonate with me.

(30 Jul '14, 20:07) PowerWave

Ultimately I'm learning that if something doesn't resonate with me or it's an idea that I prefer not to include in my reality, then I don't have to let it affect me negatively. There are so many different stories, religions, teachings, etc... in the world that the only truth I accept is that everyone can choose their own individual truth.

I'm glad I came into contact with these concepts because it's helped me broaden my vision even further. :)

(30 Jul '14, 20:12) PowerWave

Also, it's funny that you mention Orion, I just yesterday, was watching a video of someone apparently channeling aliens from Orion. And they seemed quite nice and caring. Which is weird because I've heard people say bad things about them.. but I suppose there are more than one race of aliens living there.

(30 Jul '14, 20:15) PowerWave

@PowerWave: I share the same perspective as you regarding there really is no truth, only one's truth, or collective truth. Regarding Orion, there are both positive and negative entities that exist there just as there are anywhere else. As above, so below. You may be interested in reading Stan Romanek's book 'The Orion Regressions'. Romanek's 'abductors' claim to be positive 'Grey' beings from Orion, but also note there are many from Orion that are not.

(31 Jul '14, 01:01) TGunn

Some of what is stated in 'The Orion Regressions' I resonate with, some I do not. Regardless, I find keeping an open mind and researching many different sources of information, dissecting and discerning such, works best for me. Even with conflicting information from one source I will often find something therein that resonates with me, and that correlates with information I resonate with from other sources.

(31 Jul '14, 01:15) TGunn

It is rather like being offered many boxes of puzzle pieces, but the pieces in each box correspond to many different puzzles, rather than just the puzzle box they are put in.

(31 Jul '14, 01:24) TGunn

Exactly! You have the same mindset that I do! I've been thinking those same exact things lately. I've been reading so many different things and there are some concepts that I don't agree with but ultimately so much of this information connects and coincides with everything that I know thus far and it's pretty interesting. :)

I've learned to just trust my feelings and if something doesn't feel right or resonate with me, then I simply don't accept it as my truth.

(31 Jul '14, 12:56) PowerWave
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do not let your heart be trouble by this. we are all the children of God made in is image. we are on this world to grow experience and enjoy. there is no force field keeping you trap on this world. the only thing that makes you trap here is your inner division. the two needs to become one so that with out fear you can go above to the kingdom of light where no darkness can enter. We speak about what we know and report what we have seen. even if you do not remember this once born to this world it might be better for you so that you do not suffer knowing from the past. that you come from a place of great light truth love and joy or that you reincarnated for xxx# of time and failed multiple time. you see you start with a new clean slate, use the time imparted to you wisely. so let there be light. be the light that you can be. experience and enjoy.

also if there was a force field stopping incarnated being from leaving earth then what do you do about the lunar landing or the space station or all the space mission that have been done they would not have been done, since the force field would have stop them from leaving earth. so you see right there that this force field thing is only in the mind of the person that wrote and invented this story. this person is afraid of evil people and want them imprisoned. so this person that invented this story prefer alien to people like him and is fear full of evil people and see all the people in this world as evil.

and like I said to you there is no force field from what i know there is a gate for spirit to go above similar to stargate or The Bifrost Bridge, also known as the "Rainbow Bridge", is both a crystaline, prismatic roadway extending to the edge (and from the center) of Asgard and a star portal which allows instantaneous travel to any of the Nine Realms. However, it can only be opened by the guardian of the bridge, Heimdall, and will only be opened if he permits it to be; the bridge calls upon powerful energies from deep within Asgard to function, and could even destroy an entire planet if left opened.



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white tiger

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@PowerWave,@Whitetiger, fear and miss information are tools used to to keep us trapped specially when they are mixed with some truths. But only our inner fragmentations keeps from being the light. Whitetiger always a pleasure to read your answers.

(08 Jul '14, 11:51) Manny

@many so work on your division until the two become one with out fear you can cross the last narrow gate get out of the flesh and go above. it is like a vessel in a storm with out faith you fear the storm the wave the wind and all else that might bother you. when you say peace be still and everything become still and quiet what is there to fear? the people that judge and harm other for their little ego to the detriment of them self and other?-

(08 Jul '14, 17:27) white tiger

every one out of control that use the same measure that they do will do the same to them. so they should be the one afraid of their own act they should change their ways stop sinning against them self and other and repent. you see all those things and even more will come to the surface everything not solve not in truth that you have try to ignore or stop about the in and out and out and in will come just observe it understand and see the truth. then it will be like a vague memory that will-

(08 Jul '14, 17:32) white tiger

not need to come back up to bother you ever again. to take example: I would say someone that does not know how to read. each time he will need to read to get somewhere or for is job or even someone asking him it is going to bother him he will try to ignore it. yet it will come again and again. if he learns to read it will bother him no more since it is solved for him. he might even enjoy to read now so is past problem will be like a vague memory. you know what is good about truth it is-

(08 Jul '14, 17:42) white tiger

Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart. and since out of truth anything would be false so even someone lying about something have to talk about some truth since it would make no sense to tell only lie. if you fallow the truth you will know the truth you can even learn the truth about why the person lied. some time it might be for good reason some time not by personal choice-

(08 Jul '14, 17:51) white tiger

and other time it is because the person have something to hide something they do not want some people to know or they lie for their desire to appear better then they are. I have even seen some in this world tell one lie to each person they meet about the same thing the problem they have is that sometime they do not remember what version they gave to who so eventually people find out. any how some are not aware but they entertain me.

(08 Jul '14, 17:56) white tiger

@Whitetiger, Working on my divisions is so difficult and I know all of it is mental work and in my case it has to do with my physical well being. ex: if I have a good night sleep the next day I am very up beat and positive but if it is the other way around and then it is a mental game where I have to be aware of my reactions to the situations which come my way. to keep myself at check and my eye single is not an easy task. do you have a simple plan on how to do it?

(10 Jul '14, 11:21) Manny

and I know every case is different but I would like to find out how you made yor eye single.

(10 Jul '14, 11:22) Manny

For eye single it is easy fix a spot in front of you that is not there. that is your point of focus do not strain and do not be to relax. you just need to find the right balance. it is like the first time you have ride a bike you needed to practice and keep your balance. so you would not fall one way or the other. if you would ask how can I ride a bike I am having problem staying on the bike with out falling. I would say to you keep practicing and try to find your balance. when you are able to-

(10 Jul '14, 16:12) white tiger

achieve this the rest will come. at the beginning when starting something new you need to discover and adapt your self find what is working what is not working and make the correct correction. since no one is the same there is no fix set like fix the wall at this distance. to close is not good and to far is not good either try around the middle. where both eyes line of vision intersect. just fix that spot not to hard and not to loose so that you remain aware and see the though or emotion come-

(10 Jul '14, 16:17) white tiger

then just slow it down and observe it, learn from it if it comes up and you are not thinking about it there is something not solve or not understand that makes that though come up by it self. sometime you can even see what it relates to emotion or other though that go along with it. this is in and out and out and in. once this is done after a fee weeks you will see your reflection and go deeper in and in to solve your last division. once your last division solved you will feel like-

(10 Jul '14, 16:26) white tiger

a light from the inside to the out. with out fear you will cross the last gate the physical sense go one by one. then you see again and hear again and go out and rise up to go above.

luke 11-34 Your eye is the lamp of your body. When your eyes are healthy, your whole body also is full of light. But when they are unhealthy, your body also is full of darkness. http://biblehub.com/luke/11-34.htm john 8:12

(10 Jul '14, 16:28) white tiger

@Manny similar to when electron and proton comes together. you have a left side and a right side where do they come together in your field of vision? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TXPpQmgD85E

(10 Jul '14, 21:19) white tiger

thanks white tiger, actually, I haven't thought about the moon landing. that really dismantles this whole interview thing.. lol

(10 Jul '14, 22:26) PowerWave

@whitetiger thank you very much. Can you give me an example of what have you experienced thruoght your search?

(11 Jul '14, 10:42) Manny

@Manny first I have experience getting to know my self in acquiring a posture to wait for the answer and the truth, after a 2 or 3 days I started to experience the truth of the water out and in and in and out. you see in this world we look to much on the outside we negate or ignore what we do not understand or cannot change since it is not our choice. you see we become bad because other people do bad to other and other do the same thinking if they do it to me I can do the same to them even if-

(11 Jul '14, 16:56) white tiger

you know it is not right. this process last around 3 week the inside change produce outside result for your self not for other since they still do the same thing but to other people. on the 4 week it is the same but more clear and deeper. and you can follow more easy though and emotion related to those unsolved though so you work on more part of the puzzle at the same time. then you start to see a light that go even more deep and it helps you solve your last division in and in part. this light-

(11 Jul '14, 17:03) white tiger

talk to you of inside things that belong to you. in meditation they say that at a certain point you are your own master, I say that when you reach that stage it is true since that light is you. once everything is solved you just remain there aware and you the light inside growing your light come from inside going out. similar to the picture with the halo around the head.-

(11 Jul '14, 17:10) white tiger


then with out fear the sense go one after the other sight, hearing, etc then you see and hear again and move out of the flesh pass through wall and see the sky a gate in the sky open full of light you travel for a little while and reach the kingdom. other light there welcome you and speak to you in a fraction of a second you know all about them-

(11 Jul '14, 17:15) white tiger

and what they say and show you. I do not think we have label in this world to describe what is above. like Jesus said: Very truly I tell you, we speak of what we know, and we testify to what we have seen, but still you people do not accept our testimony. I have spoken to you of earthly things and you do not believe; how then will you believe if I speak of heavenly things? john 3:12 also the pure of heart will see God this is true. if I have been your helper so be it and let it be.

(11 Jul '14, 17:17) white tiger

@Manny you might also want to reflect on this.


clean the inside of the cup do your work. Verily I say on to you there are some standing here that will never taste death. let there be light, be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.

(11 Jul '14, 19:45) white tiger

@whitetiger, I really appreciate you taking time to talk to me about your expiriences. For some reason your answers resonate with me and it is the reason I always look foward to see your answer to any question. I meditate every day and I have felt connected to everything and the love that comes with it and I have seen light being poured in to a body connected to a cord and I want to expirience more but sometimes I go thru a period of resisitance in which I am only able to relax enough to

(14 Jul '14, 09:28) Manny

get rid off stress but I guess everything will happen when it is suppose to happen. Thank you again.

(14 Jul '14, 09:34) Manny

@Manny you are welcome. your period of resistance are cause by outside factor or inside factor? in this world many are still in division and judge after the flesh and things of this world. that brings darkness stress, resistance, etc.... it would be better to know the truth and to not seek division. you see no one is perfect in this world and no one know all in this world so why judge other thinking that we are perfect? or that we know all? do not let your heart be trouble by those iniquity-

(14 Jul '14, 19:41) white tiger

the children have much more to learn. and all those iniquity that they do will also be done to them so they may learn from their error and make the proper correction. be better then them and you do not have to let any one do those things to you, tell the truth and let them deal with their own darkness it is out of their own choice.Whoever walks in the dark does not know where they are going. Let there be light, be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.

(14 Jul '14, 19:48) white tiger
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Interesting my grandfather used to say and believe that earth is a prison planet. He used to say all the races are races are from rejects, the outcast.

He believed we came from many races from space. This was his thought, it is interesting to see that this same thought is supposed to be from an alien interview.

It is interesting the alien said artist too, I would think more politicians. LOL


answered 11 Jul '14, 11:09

Wade%20Casaldi's gravatar image

Wade Casaldi


LOL, Good one. Politcians it is.

(11 Jul '14, 12:07) Manny

Well actually in the interview, they did mention that A LOT of politicians were sent here as well. haha

(30 Jul '14, 20:18) PowerWave

I think it is all Fake....


Because we do not know anything about what happens after death. Why would Jesus resurrected here if it was? (For example's sake...)



answered 06 Jan '17, 09:57

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