I was just watching a science fiction movie about some moon landing or something that had these rocks that turned into crabs. Everyone was killed and the movie ended these were on the moon but that is beside the point.

I was thinking about past movies I had seen: Aliens, Predator, The Day The Earth Stopped, Independence Day, Mars Attack, Battle For Los Angeles; all of these were aliens attacking so it would seem at least by our movies that the space creatures are not so friendly.

Professor Stephen Hawking said we do not want to meet space creatures that are more intelligent or we would be wiped out or made slaves to these creatures. Every time in our history when a more intelligent race came in contact with a lesser intelligent race it wiped out the lesser intelligent race or it used them as slaves before they became wiped out.

Their whole world was turned upside down, nothing was the same and they couldn't adapt so they faded away.

So it seems like we wouldn't really want to make contact, I have seen even real footage of space creatures abducting people for weird lab rat type of experiments! One movie I remember was called Fire In The Sky based on an actual alien abduction!

Here is a link on You Tube. It can be disturbing to watch, it is on alien abduction.

Edit added what would be needed for Benevolence.

I think it is a point of how much compassion they have gained if any for others. That is a hard subject because compassion comes from individual self realization not hive mentality. In example during wars people have compassion for the people on their own side while the other side seems that they are just the target to eliminate at any cost. But the ones that do not get into that mob controlled mind set 'the individuals' that wish to be different and say, "These are people like us! I wont fight them! I have too much compassion!" those people are different. But the question is could this be a trait that only humans have? Emotion and feeling let us be compassionate through learning what hurts us as well as what hurts others. It is an individual choice to go against the grain and step out and stand up for what is right. That takes a mind that reasons like ours. There is no guarantee that the beings could reason like us plus they may not be beings but as I said creatures that come from another planet we bring back from a trip or something crashes to earth carrying some unknown life form that could be deadly. Like the film "Apollo 19" was a perfect example of that, those were just weird space rocks that turned into the killer crabs that feed on people. I am not saying that was real, but we need to consider there could be some pretty nasty stuff floating around space waiting to hit earth.

A thought popped in my head: we have many creatures on our own planet that actually eat people! Bears, Lions, Tigers, Bacteria, Alligators etc...

With all of these malevolent activities it doesn't seem these are too friendly but what do you say. Are they?

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Wade Casaldi

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Thanks Barry I forgot where I saw that and here it was right here! :-) Also thanks to Stingray for the original post of Steven Hawking. :-)

(11 Dec '11, 23:56) Wade Casaldi

Wade, you are welcome

(12 Dec '11, 10:44) Barry Allen ♦♦

Also listen to this compleaete session. It talked about many positie and neggitive races and how they differ.and the 2nd is about the ideas of good bad and seperation and oneness.



love n light



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TReb Bor yit-NE

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Whoa the "Bad Guys" are kidnapping humans because their own race is dying out and we hold the key to their survival? Our DNA is the key to them not dying out. This puts a new twist on this alien abduction stuff. This seems like the plot twist, very interesting. This is better than just observing us and experimenting on us because we exist and they are curious, much the way our scientist do for everything.

(14 Dec '11, 04:28) Wade Casaldi

yes, thuis is information that my source gave out a while ago but is not very well recived amonst many, this is a good session that talks about many possitive and neggitve races too. love n light

(14 Dec '11, 14:38) TReb Bor yit-NE

It has much top do with our dna set up, that is a huge reason for manys interst in our race love n light rob

(14 Dec '11, 20:38) TReb Bor yit-NE

Very interesting that our DNA would be of such matter to all these other races. It makes me wonder if there is something more to us than we know.

(15 Dec '11, 20:31) Wade Casaldi

actualy yes,, iit is quite longexpiantion and alot of details,, if u are interested , how can we conatct each other ? skype f.b.??

(15 Dec '11, 21:36) TReb Bor yit-NE

According to Gregg Braden in the God Code http://www.amazon.com/God-Code-Secret-Promise-Future/dp/1401903002/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1325949811&sr=8-1 , the name of God is written in our DNA.

(07 Jan '12, 10:28) Fairy Princess

Yes Fairy Princess I have that book, it is very good! Make that a question here, I think it would be excellent as a question to ponder on. :-)

(07 Jan '12, 10:51) Wade Casaldi
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LOL, right up my alley, there is both and there is a reason. There must be polarity because they all come form our higher self and soul. It is made from both negative and positive so it's separate incarnations must be positive and negative. But in truth these words are only labels that we give them as well. Even this session is only to describe differences form dimensions and densities, it is touching on this idea too. The other speaks about the ideas of 2012 and the split in yourselves from negative and positive to one or the other, not both.



one of the greatest differences is that they all love, just one loves others and the other, only themselves.


also read in great detail in the free book i wrote with my source, Treb...

love n light



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TReb Bor yit-NE

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Great job on the new You Tube videos Rob! Speaking of right up your alley my next question you will like too, it sort of looks at earth from the view of an intelligent alien species. It was inspired by this one but I need to let it mature to come through properly but it is an idea that came to me from this question actually. :-)

(12 Dec '11, 20:38) Wade Casaldi

@ wade, hello my friend..great top see u again, yes i will love to see it a question and hear it, you should drop off a few questions for my source at http://www.trebchanneling.com/ and say u r wade from I.Q. ty brother,, love n light rob

(13 Dec '11, 00:00) TReb Bor yit-NE

I provided a thorough answer here: Is it now ‘perfectly rational’ to assume that alien civilizations exist?

Anyone who imagines and believes that an alien encounter will be negative, does not really understand (has not remembered) that we create our own reality - all of it. If they did understand, they would not be living in fear of any kind of negative Aliens or any kind of Armageddon type of scenario.

And so to address those who are living in fear, is it time to allow yourself to real ize the absolute fact that we create our own reality and then to free your mind from your self-imposed and self-limiting beliefs?

Ask yourself:

What must I believe is true in order for a negative alien encounter to be possible? See what answer you get. Maybe you got the answer - I believe in outside influence. Which is to say that you believe that others have power over your reality.

Now ask yourself:

Is that true? Does anyone really have power over me? Then change that belief to be: I am the absolute creator of my own reality and the only power anyone has over me is the power that I agree to allow them to have, the power I grant them.

Remember that there is no reality, other than any reality that you define and then believe to be reality, so why choose to allow for the possibility of any negative alien encounter?

P.S. For Steven Hawkins to state that, it makes me wonder whether he has been nabbed by the negative elite. Let's be honest, what he said is not inspiring or helpful in any way.


answered 12 Dec '11, 03:29

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Barry Allen ♦♦

eddie, i see the point of concern is at the level of whose thoughts of defining reality to be over-rides the one that is less powerful; is it all or nothing at all or that of a sharing

(14 Dec '11, 00:26) fred

Hi Fred, I'm not sure if you're asking a question or just stating something? Anyway, these days it seems so obvious to me that all possible realities exist Here and Now. And we choose which one we want to experience by tuning in to it vibrationally. And we have absolute control over our vibration through our thoughts and beliefs. Can you see the self-empowerment in that? There are no outside influences, everything happens within our own mind...

(14 Dec '11, 01:37) Eddie

I don't know to what extent you accept channelled beings as an authoritative source of information, but if you are interested you should look up video's of 'Bashar' and 'Adronis', they are channelled extra-terrestrials who are actually around our planet as we speak. They are high vibrational and less physicallised than us and in the video's you'll find lots of information about what first contact is going to be like etc.

Do you recall the 'Phoenix lights' incident over Arizona in 1997? That was, according to both sources, an extra-terrestrial race called the Yahyel, simply gadgeing how we would react. You'll find there are a lot of races watching us in anticipation for the tipping point at 2012 where the energy on the planet is mostly positive for the first time in ages! Their only interest seems to be sharing the love they have and helping us progress.

I'm sure there are malevolent beings out there but we are not on their vibration so we don't observe them. :) I for one cannot wait for the government to admit we have been contacted by these benevolent extra-terrestrials :D!


answered 12 Dec '11, 01:09

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I think mostly everyone's reaction is of wonder, what are those lights, why are they here? Could they be space-ships from some alien beings and what do they want? I think we don't panic until we see there is a reason to but I think this is because we have grown to the point of wonder instead of fear. We do not fear until we see there is something to fear like the alien abductions I see on you tube whoa now those guys don't seem so friendly.

(12 Dec '11, 15:38) Wade Casaldi

I think that if we do not fund the Space Program, we may find out the hard way!

It is obvious to me that Hollywood is sending us a message in a BIG way, and we are just cruising along, ignoring the message and hoping that we will just be ignored forever by the rest of the Universe..I think we should be able to defend our own planet against asteroids, comets, aliens, what-have-you.

'Nuff said. I hope that we start to take Space Exploration seriously!!!!

Peace and Love to you,

Your Jai

P.S.You forgot about E.T.!!!


answered 11 Dec '11, 22:11

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some are good and some are bad. and if some are more intelligent they would act toward the human race has we act towards animal or insects. so what is the difference between people that do good to animal and people that do bad to animal? is it intelligence? is it emotion? is it the point of view that diverge because of different knowledge? experience and enjoy.


answered 12 Dec '11, 02:19

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white tiger

white tiger, it is of lack of understanding of that that is different. do i want to believe that it will want to harm me. why would i harbor such fear, hate and defensiveness that i see the only resolution as to annihilating it, judging that it is not as worthy to live as i. who do i worship other than me

(14 Dec '11, 00:33) fred

fred that you believe what you want does not change the fact. true or false? look at human it is the same some are good and some are bad. some do good to animal and some do bad to animal. you must have killed a fee insect your self. by stepping on them.

(14 Dec '11, 01:21) white tiger

New Message in Colorado says that we are in a precarious position because our lack of responsible care of our home planet has left us open to those who would profit from our divided condition. Marshall Summers advocates a responsible preparation in order to preserve our indigenous rights to this beautiful planet. This question is vital to discuss.


answered 15 Dec '11, 17:57

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I agree it would make a good question. So ask it in the questions section so that you could get responses like I am getting for this question of mine.

(15 Dec '11, 20:30) Wade Casaldi

Copy your "Answer" you posted here. Go to the Ask Question tab, click on that. Then paste this in the body of the question as a question.

(16 Dec '11, 04:13) Wade Casaldi
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