My last question inspired this question. Imagine for a moment you are from a planet that has perfected galactic space travel. You see this planet Earth and decide to zoom in for a closer look.

As you fly into the Earth's atmosphere you are greeted by military jets and helicopters attempting to lock you on target and shoot you down! Of course this technology would be beneficial to the military so of course they would do everything they can to get it before some other government shoots you down to take your technology for their military.

Assuming you made it past the earth defense you land on the ground, depending on where you land you may end up eaten alive by a bear, alligator, lion, or tiger. Saying you landed safely and happen to land in a populated area you still may land in a tribe of head hunters people coming at you with spears and arrows!

Then you may land in other areas that the people come shooting first and asking questions later, "Look a space ship landed in our yard get my shot gun!" Assuming you made it through all of this safely you still have infantry looking for where you landed, the government wants you bad!

To top all of this off the planet is loaded with tons of strange bacteria many of which could kill you because you have never been exposed to it before!

With all of this understanding do you think a space trip to Earth from some intelligent space people would be ill-advised if so or if not how and why?

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Wade Casaldi

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Like before, it seems as if this is not such a fantasy question.

What seems to come before linear interstellar travel in the development of other civilisations is an increase in their 'density' so to speak. The interstellar distances are far to vast to realistically travel across linearly. We have the speed of light limit to deal with etc. The mastery of galactic travel lies in, for lack of a better word, teleporting. All beings have the ability to do this but as part of the experience of limitation one agrees too before arriving on earth, they forget this. One of the aspects of being a 4th density being is that you can bi-locate, you can move around the universe just like breathing because you understand the vibrational signatures that are needed to be manipulated to do so.

That said, you have to remember that with that comes all the other 'vibrational tricks' so to speak, they can feel our planet's vibration. That is what calls them to us, that's why they'd be interested. They wouldn't land their ships if we weren't ready, in fact that is apparently why they don't! They're waiting for the right time to do so, and they can vibrationally sense when we are a lot more clearly that we can so its probably best to trust in their judgement!

So the question weather or not it's ill-advised is kinda up for them to decide... because by the time they have the capability to get here, they are for more wise to judge that than ourselves!


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Hi RFextra - Love the very clear analysis and interpretation

(13 Dec '11, 07:33) blubird two

Love this answer, well done.

(13 Dec '11, 09:45) Paulina 1

Good answer RFextra :)

(13 Dec '11, 10:54) Eddie

Thanks everyone! :)

(14 Dec '11, 01:15) RFextra
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From an earthly human perspective, I could see where you are going with this concept. It's easy for us to think that this would be a possible scenario because we have certain beliefs and ways of doing things here on this planet. Since we originate from earth, all we know and understand is how people are treated when they are different, or don't fit it with a particular group. A good portion of the time that group gets a mob mentality and acts aggressively or unkindly to the foreign invader.

When it comes to beings from other planets or dimensions, I think they may have a little more knowledge about how this game of universal life works. I believe most of them understand the process of growth and expansion and know that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. The majority of us think it's the other way around. I think they understand that we need to sort out our own negative and contrasting energies so that we can ascend to higher levels of consciousness. I believe they truly understand what is going on here and are actually very interested in our lives, but also understand when the time is right to land openly on this planet.

So what I'm getting at is there are two different perspectives here.

One is that they don't understand what's going on down here and drop in with zero knowledge of the repercussions of their visit.

Two is that they fully understand what's going on here and have a way of going about things that we wouldn't because of our everyday earth conditioning.

I believe we are being watched by many other entities in a very secretive and patient fashion. I think they understand we are on a tipping point of evolution and waiting for the right time when the majority of humans are on the more open and positive side of the emotional scale. I think they understand what the reaction would be and what situations may occur if they landed on earth today (maybe some of your examples) and are waiting for the right time to do this.

I don't think any trip through space and time would be ill-advised because there is a purpose and growth opportunity to be learned from or there would be no trip to begin with. Also, who's to say that these Alien beings aren't walking among us every single day in a way our conscious minds can't see or even begin to understand.

It really all comes down to their perspective versus ours. Two totally different ways to look at this situation.


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I agree with you Cory.

(13 Dec '11, 09:52) Paulina 1

Great answer Cory :)

(13 Dec '11, 10:54) Eddie

well to answer your question i do not think they come here for vacation. they must come here for a job or a mission. and the fact that they are intelligent means that they probably have better technologie then us. so they travel faster with less problem and they must have counter mesure like a cloak to not be seen by us. look we are capable to do that with animal to study them we use trap, probe and tag gun, we hide our self from animal or construct artificial enviromment for them. if they are more advence and intelligent then us they probably do the same at a higher level.


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white tiger

Good for you White Tiger that is a wise answer.

(13 Dec '11, 09:47) Paulina 1

well in most cases teh ideas of viseting for them is not going to be landing in genral posulations, because they are very aware of our evelution. there tecnolgy is very easily able to overcome any thatr we have, so most of tehse threats are not realy a concern. if these pysical concerns are valid to be thtreat, any of them who ant to come are well advanced enough ot come here astraly anyway. so with that being said, it relay wouldnt be too bad to viset, but most who do come here for many duiffrent reasons and many also stay underwater in oceans and large lakes. so i relay do not see a problem with them comming in for a swoop. :-) love n light



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TReb Bor yit-NE

that would depend on your health,
both physiacal and emotional.
unless an impulsive desire
spurned it into a thought form


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