It's been about 2-3 years since embarking on explorations of Abraham Hicks, Bashar, Neville Goddard, etc. A lot of it I like and find helpful. At the very least, I could strip away everything except for the idea of feeling good, feeling as good as possible as often as possible, and consider the journey worthwhile. I mean, why not? It just makes sense to me and has been my bedrock way of looking at things for many years (even if I often missed the mark so to speak). I also like the absence of moral judgments on any given topic or behavior, which would relate to the championing or encouragement to champion one's ego.

Where I trip up and feel my feelings turning sourly southward is when encountering words like 'spirituality', 'soul', 'oneness', 'god', 'source'... I don't see or don't want to see this as a 'spiritual' thing, as I do not consider myself a spiritual person. It's enough to think of it as a reminder to prioritize enjoyment as much as possible.

So to play the stick game, if one end of the stick is "I don't like those words..." now I'm going to try and look at the other end of the stick; words/ideas I do like or want. What about: there is no god, but there is only Art. Or sex. All is Art. All is Sex. Sex & Art is all that is. I am not god or part of god but I am Art or Sex. Or both. How about something like: I'm just Me hanging out in this space they call the universe. Always have been and always will be. Get in alignment with not worrying/wondering just how the heck it works, but, as they say, just chill out and enjoy the day?

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Nothing is more contagious than unhappiness.

(07 Sep '21, 10:45) ele

... or destructive.

It spreads faster than any physical disease.

(07 Sep '21, 11:26) ele

I think you are referencing AH message. I recently heard her address your question in regards to beliefs. AH does not tell anyone what they should believe. A man who had no spiritual or religious beliefs asked the same question. AH asked the man if he was happy.

(07 Sep '21, 11:39) ele
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Without the spiritual stuff or feeling good, just think of Law of Attraction as maintaining a positive mindset majority of the time.

I am sure you have one or two friends who are just always bubbly, cheerful and happy all day long and you never seem to catch them being sad at all. They give off positive vibes whenever you are with them and their energy just rubs off you and brings up the mood of the whole group or room.

You could then examine their lives and then most often find that they are living a decent better than average life.

Maintaining that kind of positive energy is similar to feeling good all or majority of the time. Easy to say and know, but hard and difficult to practice in real life.


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Apologies for the lack of clarity regarding how I feel about the feeling good part, because that's definitely the part I like best.

Also I'm not closed to spiritual stuff, not closed to much of anything, really. I guess one of the things I was trying to get at: prioritize feeling good and all the rest (spiritual/not-spiritual, again, whatever those words mean to any given individual) will take care of itself.

At the end of the day, Belief is likely the biggie. Beliefs create.

(08 Sep '21, 13:05) Kieth61

I am Belief? I am the sum total of my beliefs? We are Beliefs? Hmmm... something to contemplate. I love to contemplate.

(08 Sep '21, 13:07) Kieth61
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