I always believed that universe or god sends me little signs whenever I have critical decisions to make in my life. Three years ago when I had to make an important decision, I got one of those signs and decided upon a path but then everything went wrong and I was literally ruined. Today I again have to make a life-changing decision and am unable to decide. I still want universe to guide me through but am not getting any signs or any sort of communication this time.Moreover I am full of doubts how can I trust that the path show by universe( if it does) will not ruin me again.

asked 17 Jun '11, 09:43

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(17 Jun '11, 11:33) Barry Allen ♦♦

write all the pros and cons for each decision you have and pick the best one. whatever and once you decide commit to it. The Universe will help you once you decide.

(17 Jun '11, 18:43) RPuls

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This article may be just what you need

How to hear your Guide


answered 17 Jun '11, 17:15

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Nature's a temple where each living column,
At times, gives forth vague words. There Man advances
Through forest-groves of symbols, strange and solemn,
Who follow him with their familiar glances.

Take the responsibility for your life in your own hands. It is true that we receive advices from the higher forces, but ultimately we have to live and make decisions alone. I sometimes felt sad and lonely reflecting upon this, but if life is that way, it must be the best possible setting. Do not forget you always have other people that can help you.

Imagine the consequences of getting a very direct advice from life, or a god appearing in your room. Would you want this to happen? If anything went wrong, you would blame higher forces for your misfortunes.

There is also another reason why it would ruin your life: after hearing a god speaking, you would feel so much obliged to follow his words that you would have a severe conflict regarding your free will. You would want to have a free will as you always had (the need to have a free will is a very powerful one), with the option to simply quit spiritual life, but on the other hand, you would know that a god spoke to you and you cannot simply resign. You could either be "reborn" to a new, spiritual life, or ignore god's words and live with the awareness that you spit on something holy. That would ruin you. This is too much of a risk to take.

It is not the universe that has fooled you. You yourself took something as a sign and based your actions on something without meaning.

(..) gives forth vague words.

You receive help but it is never that direct as you thought. You will never be told "do this and this".

You are God yourself and have the same potential as He. That's why he has the confidence you can do well by yourself.


answered 17 Jun '11, 18:37

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Praying for what you want and believing that you will get your desire in the proper time, and the in the best way the universe wants to manifest it into your life, is all you have to do for the universe to manifest your desire!

The Law of Attraction works perfectly all the time, and it is working for you all the time, or against you, based upon your beliefs. And whether you are manifesting negative feelings, or negative thoughts, and positive feelings or positive thoughts, you have to make a conscious decision to believe in your own decisions, and judgments to manifest your desire; it is as simple as that, and it is the power of belief!


answered 18 Jun '11, 22:13

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