I have read the threads on trying to explain LoA to friends and family, and have learned the hard way as well that it's best not to try unless asked!

But I would like to know in words, not some vague ideas in my head, just for myself, what it is that I believe. I expect that my need to put a label on it says something in itself but if someone were to ask me what my beliefs were, I am not sure how I would explain coherently! I want to feel stable and centred in it because at the moment it takes a matter of seconds for me to slip out of it into confusion.

LoA is not a religion, and organised religion has never sat comfortably with me, but I would like to be able to put into words what my beliefs/faith are. I am definitely feeling a bit fuzzy about it all; I recognise the thoughts that feel right but seem incapable of putting them into a sentence!

So my question is how do you describe or name your spiritual beliefs?

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I would add my agreement to what Michael has written here. As soon as you try to label yourself, you limit yourself.

My beliefs are also in a constant state of flux as I define and re-define to myself what I consider to be my reality.

It seems to be in the nature of humans to want to label and pigeon-hole each other and it's in my nature (and apparently an increasing number of others on this planet right now) to constantly challenge and break down that labelling process.

In any case, others will judge you by who you are rather than what you purport to be.

If you set the example of living an abundant and joyous life then it doesn't matter what label is applied to you or what label you choose to apply to yourself - others will be wanting to know what you know that they don't know....and that's when you can tell them because they will be ready to hear.

Use your knowledge of Universal Law to create a wonderful life for yourself first - worry about everyone else thinks later...or, preferably, not at all :)


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I believe that you do not need a label. For me my belief(s) are an ever changing/evolving living thing. Being attached to a fixed idea might limit your growth and maybe keep you stuck, for new expansions might not be reached because they do not fit your present spiritual structure.

As for how to explain to others, who says you have to? Actually telling them that you are on a journey and are always open to all possibilities shows them that a fixed belief system might be very limiting to them also.

Always changing always growing the way of the universe always the way of you.

Much love



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jim 10

I also agree with Michael. I don't like labels or to be pigeonholed into something. I believe in God, Source, Universe, call it what may. I am out of all dogmas, I like to be a free-thinker. Whatever is good and suits me, as long is not labeling me, it's just fine.



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I am a child of the Universe seeking the best it has to offer. By unlearning many of my former ideas, I am learning to enjoy life with the least amount of hard and the most benefit. My religion is learning the techniques of work smarter not harder. I am recreating my life through the Art of Allowing. I am Allowing Divine Synchronisity to be my guide. If that's to fuzzy for you. I am learning to get out of my own way and asking God to Direct my thinking, through meditation and observing; especially observing my feelings, my good feelings. I am glad you ask that question because now it helped to form my own beliefs. I care not what other people practice and offer no advice to them, unless they are ready to listen with an open mind. Like in the book The Impersonal Life by Joseph Benner where Higher Self says, only when you will give anything for one crust of my bread then I will reveal myself to you. Many Blessing


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What is it that you believe if it’s not a religion?

How about explaining it this way:

The Physics Of Reality

It seems to me that our universe is ‘belief driven’ and our personal experience of reality is determined by: what we're paying attention to through our thoughts, beliefs, feelings and thus, our resulting vibrational state of being. We all create our own reality this way whether we know it or not. It’s just how life works, the physics of it. We can’t fail to create our own reality in this way 100% of the time - it’s what we’ve always done!

In other words, the universe is nothing more and nothing less than a neutral prop which reflects back to you - who you're being - beyond anything you may say to the contrary. You cannot fail to be - who you're being - and the universe merely acts as a mirror to show you your current state of being by what you’re experiencing in every moment. And we change the reflection in the mirror by changing our thoughts and beliefs.

Practical Proof

Beliefs are self-perpetuating and self-reinforcing. For example, let’s say that someone wakes up late one morning and stubs their toe on the bed. Then during their haste to get ready they drop and break a cup. Now if they have a belief in place which states: "bad things always happen in three’s;" it’s highly likely that another negative thing will happen. And when it does, they say, see I told you so and thereby confirm their belief and the cycle continues.

It’s helpful to remember that because the universe is a neutral prop it doesn’t have any built in meaning of its own, but only the meaning we choose to impose upon it. Therefore, when a negative thing happens, we can just as easily decide not to impose any meaning to it, or any event that happens, and in that way we do not strengthen our belief in something unwanted - as opposed to the person in the example above.

And the Law of Attraction is an automatic universal law which unceasingly manages and orchestrates everything in the unseen. There is nothing we have to do, but once we know how it works we can change the direction of our life into whatever we prefer by changing our beliefs. And the universe will always support us 100% because that’s the physics of reality.


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Thank you Eddie this is helpful, especially the penultimate paragraph; sometimes (often actually) I seem to need to hear/see the words and be reminded of what I already know for it to 'click' again.

(30 Dec '10, 08:06) aquamarine

Yes, we're just confirming and/or reminding each other here :)

(30 Dec '10, 12:19) Eddie

What is my belief: seriously I believe in nothing in particular, and I believe in everything that interest me the most, since I am still on a spiritual journey of self awakening!


answered 29 Dec '10, 03:09

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