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Wade wants to know. So do I!!! LOL

We have tossed this one around, and living forever will change everything, I think.

What do you think?


asked 18 Feb '13, 20:08

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We'll be forced to stop making excuses and putting things off until the next life.

(19 Feb '13, 09:15) flowsurfer

Nothing will change. Look now, people are living as if they got forever. They're walking dead, conforming, average, without spark. Obviously, occasionally people wake up from that lethargy upon realizing they really don't have forever.

And if people will know for sure they can live forever, they'll be just living dead.

Honestly, I wish we never make it so far to stay alive forever. I'd rather see people come and go forever, than stay forever.

Bottom line, "you can't live without death."

(19 Feb '13, 09:48) CalonLan

Which is funny in a way, cuz I say this, yet I sing along screaming at the top of my lungs to "I never wanna die, I never leave, and never say goodbye"...damn life at its best.Gotta love this sh/t <3

(19 Feb '13, 09:51) CalonLan
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I'm pretty sure that spirituality has little to do with living forever, or even extending the duration of one's life. It's about being able to live a good, healthy, passionate, and loving life. Spirituality deals with your consciousness, intuition, and being in touch with your source, all of which fulfills your life. None of this can be achieved simply because technology may be able to prolong one's life. If you are miserable before your life is extended, you will certainly be miserable afterward, only with this technology you will be miserable for a lot longer :-).

By saying that spirituality would no longer be necessary would be no different than succumbing to the notion that money can buy you happiness. Happiness, love, compassion, desire, longing to learn, all come from within, and not from technology, and the best path to finding all of these happens to be through your own spirituality.


answered 19 Feb '13, 09:11

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Pacal Votan

The dead are not alive and the living will not die.

(19 Feb '13, 12:29) white tiger

I believe it would have a big effect of beliefs. For example any mention of Heaven as an after life would lose meaning. On the other hand death will always exist because of homicide, suicide, accidental death. Those would be the only way people would die. In that case afterlife would be applicable.

But I believe it might make us value life so much more that these bad things wouldn't happen. But the effect on religion would be big.


answered 18 Feb '13, 20:19

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Wade Casaldi

First will it ever happen? And even if you could live for ever what would you do when you know everything there is to know and experience from this world? What tell you that there is not some other world to go to and have some other experience after this one? What if you could experience even more things and retain more knowledge after this world? would spirituality loose its meaning? you are a spiritual being in a human body. you dream at night yet you have no physical body? Technology might advence but even technology have to be replace.Your physical body last longuer then anny personnal computer on the market right now.


answered 18 Feb '13, 20:38

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white tiger

And what if we are alone in the Universe? What then?

(19 Feb '13, 00:28) Jaianniah

jai, we are not alone in the universe and all that is of material form, in time, does perish. yet we can imagine what we want to bvelieve

(19 Feb '13, 06:42) fred
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