I haven't been here in a long while, I simply haven't felt spiritual in a long while, but now I am back and feel my old awake self again, or so I thought...

I came across an old answer of mine that as I look at it now, I feel like I am surprised at how biased that was, and when someone had answered I was offended because that person had a different view than mine, how dare someone believe something different right?

This gave me thought that just in this lifetime in a number of years I have progressed where as I look back on some of what I wrote I consider not as awake as I thought I was.

Now consider lifetimes ago, the people that wrote our holy books, those that wrote our constitution and other important documents, if those people in this lifetime were to read some of the stuff and realize they wrote that, they would just as well cringe and think I can't believe I wrote that, if I could redo that I would write it this way now so as to be less harmful to others, and to be more helpful to others, the good intentions were there but the way I worded that I now see hurts others and pushes away "those unlike us" the them, them and us mindset. There is a lot of good in those ancient books and documents but as well a lot of not so good stuff based on a belief of others not like us or worse less than us.

So I have no doubt those that originally wrote those books or documents would look now and be disgusted and would say wait, this is not right, let me change this, or remove that.

So realizing I have changed to a more inclusive awake, and so have they through lifetimes, I was thinking my progress has been active progress I have been working on myself for years through my books and contemplation. But there is also the passive progress that gradually comes lifetime after lifetime. This feels like climbing an icy hill three feet and sliding back two feet, slowly working up the hill. Not realizing I even am progressing.

If we logically look at where we are and consider where we are as a result of where we have come from we can map a progression, as a result we can see anything we may disagree with now, once we would have agreed with or if it is more awake and we can't yet accept it someday in the future we will. This is huge because if I continue backwards through my awakening, what was I like before this? What was I like before that? We can logically follow all the way back to a time when the being we once were is so repulsive, so uncaring, so focused on only the self and self survival that that being might even have been a mass-murderer in some very ancient past, how can you know, because the thought of that is so repulsive to you now. You had to learn that you wouldn't want to do that to others because you wouldn't like that done to you. How best to learn this than to experience it? There is a great movie and book by Dannion Brinkley called Saved By The Light, this guy was a bully all his life, he loved it, he loved shooting others in war too, he thought it was fun. But when he died he felt every pain he caused, he experienced every consequence of that pain he had caused. He wanted so much to take it all back, he was so sorry and hurt, but as can be seen he learned from this and became so compassionate and loving wanting to show the world there is something better. Compassion is I wouldn't harm another because I wouldn't want another to harm me. Where do you think we learn that from, because every harm we do to another is to ourselves and we experience that when we die because all is one, there is no disconnect no us and them, just one and so it is not possible to not experience their suffering we caused as our own. This is passive progress that happens slowly over lifetimes.

But active progress is actively seeking out greater awakening, greater understanding, greater compassion, it gives the ability to look back on that self we came from like Frodo looks on Gholum with love and compassion in (Lord of the rings trilogy), too look back at that self and say I was once this, he/she is doing the best he can with what he/she has. To gain that ability of love to not hate evil and battle it but to realize it is doing the best it can with what it has, this ability you can not but help feel a great love and compassion for that being. There is another movie called The Dark Crystal, the "evil" Skeksis race hated the "good" Mystic race. They wanted nothing more than to eliminate them, the Mystics only loved and had compassion for the Skeksis race they knew that was the other or dark self, it was doing the best it could with what it had. When a Skeksis died, so died a Mystic, also when a Mystic died so did a Skeksis. They were one broken into two just as the crystal was.

The more we can deduce that we are here now because of what we had to learn to get here, the more we can look at what was less each lifetime the more in this one we can have compassion for those that are not as awake and are trying to do the best they can with what they have. The more we realize this the more we realize those others we disagree with are ourselves or at least a part of ourselfs as the one consciousness we all come from is one. Not only those that are friends but those that would consider us enemies we must realize this too I am. If it is a hateful or resentful person to realize he/she is doing the best he/she can with what he/she has, maybe this person is responding from hurt, and could use some love, compassion, forgiveness, some healing. This person is progressing just as we are progressing.

So here is the challenge see yourself as you are and slowly strip away every good or awakened quality like you never learned it, what would I be like if I didn't have this consideration? What would I be like if I didn't feel this compassion? Think of everything that makes you and strip it from you until you reach a point where you are a loathing disgusting repulsive being that could be judged as going to hell when this being dies. If we can do this and say that was me, that is me unawake trying to do the best with what I have, when we can look at that being, how can we judge that being, how could we hate that being? All we can do if we can face it is just like Frodo, feel nothing but love and compassion for that being. So if we can feel love and compassion for that being then naturally we can for any that walk earth today even if we disagree with them. Remember to that being with the love and compassion we give, we would be an angel to that being, something it couldn't possibly understand why we love it so much.

In the movie Lucy there is a part where she goes all the way back to the first human cave women found that scientists called Lucy. She was seeing herself, and as that being trembled in fear she reached out her hand and touched fingers of herself, the unaware unawake self couldn't possibly understand who Lucy was or how much love she had for that being but she could at least touch her and feel that love, like she was visited by some angel or Goddess, something that loved her so much for no reason, something that not only forgave her but saw no wrong in her only what is loveable which is just the fact that she exists makes her loved. Just the fact you exist makes you loved because you are all that below and all that above, it is all you.

In the movie Harry Potter Deathly Hallows, there is a point where Harry is about to be killed from Dementos, he is nearly killed, but then comes a supreme being of great love and light that rescues him. He believes it to be his father from the other side came to rescue him. He later found out this being of love, compassion and light, was himself rescuing himself in the past.

If we are willing to face our primitive selves we came from we would to their understanding be an angel or God or Goddess to that self that knows no better, but to us that self is us as a ignorant helpless scared being that needs love and compassion to start the ball rolling to evolve to what we are today.

If we are ever rescued by a being of great love, light and compassion that we think of as supreme and may be an angel, it is ourselves in a much more awakened advanced form having mercy on us because there only is one.

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