If the energy we put out comes back, then loving and helping others is a positive energy that will come back to us as a positive manifestation for ourselves, right?

If God/Source is Love and provides and helps others then being One with God/Source means living through Love.

Matthieu Ricard is a Buddhist monk who does meditation on Compassion and his brain has the highest levels of gamma brainwave activity in the pleasure centers of the brain ever known to science. Scientists did not even know human beings could have gamma brainwaves this powerful.

Many studies show that focusing on greedy materialism (getting a lot of physical things) is less fulfilling than living a loving life, and there are many studies showing that spending money on others brings more pleasure to the brain than spending money on self.

Even thinking of generous, loving thoughts begin to stimulate gamma brainwaves (a higher frequency of brainwaves than the usual beta brainwaves that people have throughout the day).

Living through LOVE seems to be the answer, not just for Peace but for Joy.

What do you think?

asked 28 Dec '15, 17:15

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The answer to you question is almost right but it's a different kind of love to what we normally feel as every day humans it's unconditional love not a material love where you need to be loved back it is to be at one with every thing not really about giving anything to anyone it's about loving all of creation an realising that we are all connected to earth and all of creation example if you could bring about love to your enemy then it would create peace and joy to you and then negative-positive

(31 Dec '15, 05:16) Gurutony55

Just to add Jesus was a messenger and savour to us and god he was like a living spirit guide to speak the word of god to help mankind to look inside them selves to find peace and unconditional love and most of all god inside each and everyone of us. We are all born with the answers we seek but have to stop and look inside ourself then all would be reviled and you become like god in his likeness and you can relies that things that have served you for years rant things you now need like posesions

(31 Dec '15, 05:30) Gurutony55
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Apart from your terms of God and Love, I see what you're saying and it makes sense.

I believe it depends on where a person is at psychologically in life.

A 4 year old child will benefit more from exercising autonomy and being selfish because that it a stage where ego boundaries are developing. Promoting that a child should be more selfless at this time would be a facet of child abuse, and that is against my values. The child will feel happiest exercising autonomy and being actively selfish.

A 12 year old schoolboy will be at a stage where he will receive a set of beliefs and communal values, and will feel happiest living under that accordance. This will be irrelavent if he is selfish or community minded.

A 60 year old man may be at a stage of life where he realises monetary items are not longer gviing him a buzz. What he feels best doing is largely assisting others in their life.

reference: A model of the human psyche; Spiral Dynamics.



answered 13 Feb '16, 01:18

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I do not agree with what you said about 4 year old child. it is not because you are 4 year old that you should do selfish and evil things saying it is normal I am 4 years old. some stay at the age of 4 years old all their lives. they do not know how to love them self properly neither their neighbor. you see age is not a factor of one progression. a man old in days will not hesitate to ask a small child seven days old about the place of life, and he will live.

(26 May '16, 19:15) white tiger

For many who are first will become last, and they will become one and the same."

(26 May '16, 19:17) white tiger

I like your question and agree with you. I am kind hearted and friendly by nature. I have to give, help people, offer advice about stuff when asked. It's me. It's the person I am and can do nothing to change it. You are who you are as the saying goes. It is not possible to be selfish and happy at the same time. Giving brings greater rewards than receiving. I am not big on material things, it doesn't do much for me. To love and be kind hearted towards people matters.

An old Roman saying: Let him that wants peace be prepared for war.

Take care Chris


answered 04 May '16, 19:28

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Chris Fowler

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all have a place within the
plan, to have guided action
as Jesus will allow
humanity to be theirs


answered 17 Jun '16, 15:35

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