In 2009, I asked the question "Is prayer a form of energy that cannot yet measure?" (You can use this link link text to see the original question.) It was the first time I had heard of quantum entanglement, and it, and all of quantum mechanics, has fascinated me ever since. I do not understand it very well, but I try!

We are very much connected. We are connected by our hearts, our compassion, and love.

Our hearts generate a very large, and measurable, electromagnetic field. I am not speaking of an aura, but of something that can be scientifically measured. Not only do our hearts connect us to each other, but it appears that we are connected to the whole of the world and universe as well. What is fascinating is how our heart-field can actually anticipate events 3-5 seconds before these events happen!

My question is this: do you believe in this connectivity? Is it real? And is it made possible because of quantum entanglement?

I have to say that is this something that moves me greatly.

The idea that I can influence the whole world is mind-boggling. This is heady stuff. But we all influence each other in ways that are just barely being understood and believed all over the world. My life at this time is very tiny and limited. It consists of mostly one room, because I am in so much pain that I can barely move. But I was reminded tonight that despite being closed up most of the time, I do affect not just poor Wade, but the outside world as well.

I got to thinking about all of this because I was an utter virago today (the censor will not let me write the word I really want- but you can guess what I mean! LOL!). I was mean-spirited and self-pitying, and I absolutely detested how I was behaving. This pain is pretty bad- my back has disintegrated; I have lost over three inches of height. But that is no excuse! I prayed for my higher power to restore me to sanity- and it happened, almost miraculously! I thought of how strange it was. Is this new peace actually real? I wondered a lot of things to myself, but I have just laid in bliss since I prayed. I mostly wondered: How did this happen? I know that there are people in this world who just pray all the time for others that they do not even know. I wondered if I had tapped into that compassion, even at a distance. Is this possible? My researching this led me to the fact that, yes, this is quite possible.

Then I got to wondering about that old prayer question I asked in 2009. I love research, so I researched the possibility that by rejoining the positive energy of the world, I also connected to a source of love and compassion that I heretofore was unable to tap.

Brainstorm with me. I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Are we really all connected by love? Is this possible because of quantum entanglement?

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Wow Jaianniah, talk about synchronicity with your question. My belief in this connectivity was cemented today.

A few weeks ago I sent out a prayer letter specifically to my brother's biological mother who died just 2 weeks after giving birth to him, she passed 51 years ago. I never met her but I remembered seeing a photo of her when I was a child and focused on her with my heart, my love and appreciation for giving me a baby brother.

My brother was facing a situation that had the potential to creat great harm to him through no fault of his own. We've been dealing with this for over a year now and today The evidence where SHE entered the arena and kicked ass and then sent the light in the form of a government official (an angel) who restored the balance, the peace, the future. Today the clouds lifted.

To answer your 3 questions from me it's a yes. I first read about this concept from Dr Gregg Braden several years ago, he talks a great deal about the hearts electromagnetic field.

All the best to you.


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@penForBusiness- What a wonderful, and synchronous. answer! When Synchronicity appears in my life, I know that I am connected to everything out there, even from my small room. Thank you!

(17 Aug '17, 15:09) Jaianniah
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