Hi, earlier this year, I was quite actively writing up manifestation requests as per Stingray's Manifestation Experiment 1. After that, I didn't open that folder for many months and pretty much forgot about everything.

Now that it's the year-end, I did some reflecting and found that some very interesting things have happened. I then went back to my manifestation requests folder to read through what I asked for, and it's really quite amazing - many of the things I asked for have come true, and in seemingly impossible ways!

There's only 1 downer - the ones involving an important relationship not only did not materialize, that person actually stopped talking to me completely. What's happening here? Did I want it too much? And if so, what can I do now to remedy this situation? Go for another method? I know the Manifestation Box works (now that I've seen results elsewhere) but why not for my relationship too?

I'd really appreciate some practical advice here on how to turn things around where this relationship is concerned. Thanks!

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Pat W

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Obviously, it's hard to be definite about advice based on a brief description but my guess is that you may be experiencing the phenomenon I have come to call clattering.

There is a full description of what clattering is here: How can I remain positive despite my mother’s negativity?

A key indicator that clattering is occurring is that the other individual's behavior becomes more and more erratic and unreasonable as you feel better and better within yourself.

As I mentioned in the linked answer, I've never had someone clatter out of my life and then return later, but I've also never (eventually) regretted them not being there.

It was always very clear to me afterwards that the relationship was not as healthy or appropriate for me as I might have convinced myself at the time.

All you can really do is continue to be happy and be who you really are, and just trust that whatever comes to you (or leaves you) while in that state is the best thing that could happen to you at that moment even if you can't consciously see why.


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Sigh - so does that mean I should give up and not do anything about this relationship anymore? Basically, just let go? I have to admit, this is making me... so sad... although i'm happy about the other things in my life. :(

(17 Dec '10, 12:12) Pat W

Well, if nothing else is working, what have you got to lose from "letting go" and seeing what happens?

(17 Dec '10, 13:28) Stingray

That's true. Nothing left to lose.

(17 Dec '10, 14:07) Pat W
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You still feel the same way about him/her. Maybe she/he doesn't feel the same way about you. I don't see how you ask for to much and glad to hear a lot of good came from your asking. I would try to honor the persons request and not see him/her. Maybe a little space is needed. Stay confident about who you are and that you are attractive and worthy. I really hope all works out. Be careful what you pray for. Manny Blessings!


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I think with manifesting relationships theres one big factor involved. And thats that it invloves another person who may have their own wants and opinions.

Ive tried to manifest a relationship with specific people with no results at all.Now this is just my experience.

Then(eventually ) i left it up to Source to find me a decent mate. I let go of any criteria i had or any pre conceptions.I also frankly lost interest in the outcome.Not deliberately just got busy with other stuff.

It worked a treat. In fact when it manifested half a dozen other issues were sorted out in the same day.

Of course if this is a family relationship i can see how its hard to let go of a family member. Weve had large family rifts and i realise how painful these can be.

But if its a relationship ( romantic ) ive found out that targeting a specific partner and then trying to manipulate them spiritually,albeit with a good motive, often leads to dissapointment.

I dont know the full details here and i may have made some sweeping generalisations. My apologies for this.



answered 17 Dec '10, 10:13

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Monty Riviera

Thanks Graham. No need to apologise for anything! So, now you have another, better, happy relationship?

(17 Dec '10, 12:12) Pat W

yep..it has exceeded my wildest expectations.It has been the easiest relationship ive ever had.It manifested miraculously.

(18 Dec '10, 10:09) Monty Riviera
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