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Here is a second exercise for awakening, (I have no idea how many I'll do or if there will be more).

The belief that you have to succeed is a value based belief on how you feel about yourself. So if you reach your goal you feel great, on top of the world, you did it but this feeling shortly goes away and you feel again you have to succeed again at something else. If you succeed you again feel great, if you fail you feel lousy, now this belief can drag you down feeling like you failed, you are not good enough, what were you even thinking you could possibly achieve that?

The thing is we punish ourselves even longer and harsher than we celebrate our achievments. So there must be a belief that how we feel about our self worth is tied to if we succeeded or not. The belief is that our self worth must be earned, that there is a qualifier that must be reached, a level of good enough to deserve to feel we are worthy.

As I showed in the first experiment there is no such thing as worthy or unworthy, there is no such thing as good enough or not good enough, success or failure. All of these are two sides of the same coin therefore they are one and at the same time nothing. All of these are creations of conditions we self impose. We are just here to experience our creation of existence, if we want to impose all kinds of rules and regulations that are requierments to feeling our value or worthlessness we can do that and experience that creation as well, it is our own choice what we wish to experience and adopt as our belief systems so we can experience feeling wonderful as well as feeling lousy.

Here is the exercise God as you and I loves us infinently. God sees us as infinently valuable, there is no thing that is less. So in this exercise feel, think and say to yourself I am infinently loved and infinently valuable. I always was, I always will be, I am now without needing to be worthy, without needing to earn this. I am created in God's image, I am infinently loved and infinently valuable no matter what I achieve or fail at, it in no way affects my worth or love. I am infinently loved and infinently valued.

That is the mantra, meditation or affirmation for this exercise.

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