This may not be the easiest way to heal but for me its the most simple. There are many techniques and energy healing modalities that I believe are used to change certain behaviors and ways of thinking but seem a little complicated for me.

I was wondering if just not reacting to situation and pretending as if it never happened for at least 72 hours could transcend or transform the problem.

The idea is that the subconscious mind drops off the problem after not reacting a certain way to the situation and that the problem loses its momentum on its own as long as we don't react or feed the problem after it happens. This reminds me of reality transerfing and not giving importance to the negative or to anything for that matter.

What I like about this method is that its simple and I can apply it anywhere even when I'm focusing on or doing something else. It doesn't require split attention or awareness and I feel like I worry much less.

This may not be for everyone but I'll give it a go.

I would appreciate your input.

Thank You

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It's an interesting idea and, in my view, has some validity behind it.

Abraham have spoken many times about the "grip" of an addiction loosening significantly after 3 days (72 hours).

And, in my own experience, it seems that 3 days (72 hours) is about the time that vibrational matches begin to show up when you've been making some vibrational changes.

And in other non-reality-creation-based subjects I've come across over the years, people have often spoken about a "three day rule" for attitudes/behaviors to shift.

It's as though it takes 3 days (72 hours) for a vibrational change to "solidify". Just speculating :)

I tend to think of it as related to the Fibonacci sequence of numbers which has many interesting connections to the way that physical reality is "constructed", and the associated Golden Mean ratio (Phi)


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Thank you Stingray

(30 Mar '18, 12:43) TheCreativeOne

@Stingray and @TheCreativeOne- Just sharing; last week I had a major personal dilemma about a particular subject. I pondered, strived to answer, and then sort of just 'gave up' my efforts on it organically because I felt I couldn't milk any more insight sadly....Well, yes, roughly 3 days later through a series of events and additional insights, I got the clarity I was after, in a very sharp way. So yes, I am playing with the 3 day thing for other answers, similar to ME1; just wait 3 days.

(16 Apr '18, 23:23) Nikulas

Note I didn't deliberately used this process to try and get the insight I needed, I am just sharing post-process what worked for me. It will be interesting to see if purposefully and consciously using the 3 day trick produces similar trust worthiness of insights, or if it was just a once off fluke.

(16 Apr '18, 23:25) Nikulas

@Nikulas - "or if it was just a once off fluke" - That's the tricky part about this stuff. When you have no particular expectation of anything happening, you have no resistance about it so you can easily allow it to happen. But once you've had a few positive "results", now the pressure starts building about whether the next one will really happen, or has it all been flukes up to now :) That's when you find out how strong your "deliberate allowing" vibrational muscles really are :)

(19 Apr '18, 12:20) Stingray

@Stingray-The video does not work.I shall be thankful if you could you share the link?

(13 Jan '22, 01:11) Zee
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It does miracles every time I've used it, which has been on many occasions over the past 5 or 6 years when I've had something that's been particularly difficult to deal with. With not reacting in a negative way towards the event, either the problem fades away and becomes less important, or a solution pops up either internally or externally that may have been unexpected and resolves or helps the situation. I don't how or if it works on a vibrational level, but an easy explanation for how it's helpful might simply be that it helps from taking an unwise, impulsive step that worsens the situation e.g. writing an angry email or making a hasty decision. Personally, I find that a lot of angst can come from wondering obsessively about the consequences of having taken an impulsive action towards someone like that email sent, so best to have the time to make a considered choice. And as you say @thecreativeone, it's an easy strategy to remember when things get tough compared to many other techniques. Sometimes I forget do it and remain troubled ... and then remember, yes of course the 72 hour rule. I can think about it later! As Scarlett Ohara says in Gone with the Wind: "I'll think about that tomorrow"!


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We natually emit vibrations that create corresponding patterns that normally take 72 hours to solidify ... this phenomenon is well known in dowsing and radionics, it's especially useful for valorising the written word used to study intangibles such as light, electricty, love ...

The pattern of something freshly written is very weak, it immediately enters into resonance with that which it signifies in the non physical dimension, gets stronger and stronger and reaches it's maximum stable strength after 72 hours.

This process can be greatly speeded up using a decagon, for example after 12 seconds on a decagon diameter 24cm the pattern is fully magnetized.

Here's more info about the decagon linking music, numbers, meditation and solving problems

Servranx have published a book about how the decagon can be used in many different ways


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@jaz- Can you share the link which the creativeOne shared.The link does not working.

(14 Jan '22, 00:15) Zee

hi @Zee :) the link is no longer working however try searching "youtube Jacob Showers 72 hour rule" on the internet there are also plenty of other videos

(14 Jan '22, 03:11) jaz
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