First of all thank you for this website, and yes as one gets to know this material it definitely changes all perspectives of life in general.

One thing I have noticed while experimenting is that when one is focusing his energy on a particular cause that cause starts to move up or down, depending on how you are thinking.

When you make adjustments, they rise even higher according to your belief.

For instance, as a pizza driver my tips were low. I was watching another pizza driver making much more than I was; so I began to analyze what I was doing wrong, corrected my movements and my tips doubled.

I looked also at times past when as a store we were focusing on a particular number and we hit that number because we were focusing our energys toward that end. I also noticed that once that focus stopped that upward movement stopped.

Thoughts, comments?


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Life Success

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Quite right,the mirror image of matter is spirit and visa versa.

When we apply force/energy to something in physical is reacts to it... right.It moves or burns or bounces or reacts in a hundred differing ways.

So does spiritual. One gave birth to the other...same laws .



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Monty Riviera

Since everything is made up of energy,without a doubt when you focus more attention on anything it is going to cause a shift or movement of some sort.

When this is done on a group scale the movement can be quite dramatic as their is a lot more energy behind the intention. However, even on an individual level when attention is focused consistently movement takes place - this is what the manifestation process is all about.


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That's right. You can call it what you want, but this is how everyone works towards a goal.

We are goal-seeking mechanisms. We are wired this way; when we set a goal, our nervous system (and its spiritual counterpart) become focused on achieving that goal, and thereby our mental and spiritual energy get directed towards the achievement of that goal.

You also correctly pointed out that, when one goal is achieved, you should immediately set a new one.


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"Where attention goes, energy flows, and results show."


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Yes it is all about the power of belief. Man is what he thinks all day long, so it is all to do with the LOA, and using the energy to manifesting your desire!


answered 12 Dec '10, 03:03

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