While doing my Affirmations,

I am undergoing through many feelings scales, my higher mind supports, aligns and doubts.

Should I stop when it doubts in order not to get negative results by feeling bad and resistance, knowing when I stop certain process, I went on feeding a feeling of failure and disturbance toward this process when I have to start over.

Is there another forked methods regarding this process, such as keeping on it by adding methods regarding that process without the need to quit even for temporarily quit? such things related to affirmations without leaving the process?

And for such case if I am insisting to keep on them even when my feelings do not support in order to plant my belief, when this belief is not showing so far, is by insisting, my higher mind will resist more?

In other words, how can I focus/do affirmations in smooth, easy and flexible way? noting that I am not good in meditation and imaginations at this period of time, since affirmations are more suitable regarding my time, mood and situation at this time.

asked 23 Feb '13, 14:32

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Have you found using affirmations helpful in the past ? Did they get you what you wanted ?

(23 Feb '13, 15:29) Yva

@Yva, yes so much, when I was child I was brilliant in using them, and things were moving to my benefit by practicing affirmation without knowing it is a process, it was by instinct, that why I am familiar and more comfortable with affirmation.

(24 Feb '13, 10:20) r0la
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Everything has rhythm. Rhythm is one of the Laws of the Emerald Tablet that the Law of Attraction is written on.

Everything, walking, riding a swing, peddling a bicycle, driving a car, all of these (to move forwards) require a timed moment of effort and, as well a timed moment of release.

If I were to use constant effort I would get no place, not even spinning my wheels!

So to move forwards seems to require effort and rest in Cycles, again another Law of the Emerald Tablet.

If I want to build muscle, I need effort as well as rest and here is the interesting thing. Like a slingshot the effort does not come to life in the effort but in the rest! All of that effort is good for nothing, until you release the rock! So then you pull back hard and Aim at your target (Goal) then release. The rock flies through the air through no effort but release and smashes its target, the bottle (it reaches its goal).

Now to move forwards in learning, we learn then rest to absorb and remember what we learn, then we learn some more.

In music the pauses are why we hear the noise of the notes. Even breathing or the beating of the heart. So everything must have effort and rest to move forwards, including your affirmations.

In the times of resistance pay attention to the resistance, it is saying, "Give Me Break Already, Enough Is Enough!!!" This is true, if I were treading water and had a full bucket, I could not put more water in until I've emptied that bucket first.

In those times listen to the resistance and say, thank you. I believe I'll take a break, maybe listen to some music, maybe relax, thank you.


answered 23 Feb '13, 17:50

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Wade Casaldi


Since I won't shorten any effort to get there, I am intending to keep on my process in a clear way, and I appreciate my effort it makes getting the target more interesting.

'In music the pauses are why we hear the noise of the notes' 'I need effort as well as rest and here is the interesting thing' these two remarks clear things to me.

So it is rest and pause but not quitting :)

Love your solution

(24 Feb '13, 10:14) r0la

Yes not quitting but pausing. Thank you for best answer, I am glad it helps. :-)

(24 Feb '13, 12:21) Wade Casaldi

Affirmations have two basic functions.

  1. They (should) make you feel better.
  2. They align you with a desire...given that they feel good.

So if you have classical affirmations and they don't make you feel good...just stop. It makes no sense to create even more resistance to your affirmations. Brute-force affirmations are like trying to fit a square into a circle.

alt text

So if affirmations don't make you feel good, they are pointless. Period. And they will not align you with your desire. Because without good feelings first, there can't be alignment.

What are some alternatives to classical brute-force affirmations?

I suggest you try one of these 3 alternatives.

  1. Try working your way up to your initial affirmation little by little. For this purpose begin with general statements/affirmations and work your way up to specific statements/affirmations. Focus Blocks, Abraham's "Which thought feels better?" or the Abraham Grid are ideal tools to work your way up to a clear, good feeling affirmation.
  2. Try to feel yourself into your initial affirmation. If resistance comes up, clear the resistance to it until your affirmation or imagined outcome feels clearly good again.
  3. Try Afformations (Yes, that's a small o. Thanks @starlight.) Afformations are affirmations in question form. So instead of saying "I feel abundant and free" you simply ask "Why do I feel abundant and free?" and let your brain search for answers automatically.

answered 23 Feb '13, 19:23

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I checked Abraham's "Which thought feels better?" and it is so helpful, I am also familiar with Abraham grid to melt the negativity and this process kills distances in applying LOA.

Love your hint in answering and your links as usual they sometimes brief IQ.

So are you suggesting to switch the process?

(24 Feb '13, 10:18) r0la

@r0la Actually I like affirmations and I use them since 2004. And I have to admit that I had some successes. I changed some beliefs and thus changed my circumstances. Stingray says: don't be too attached to any tool and only do what works and makes you feel good. And I have to agree. So I would suggest to switch to a process that makes you feel good. If Abraham's WTFB?-process feels better, use it instead. If tomorrow, next monday or next year affirmations feel better again, use them again.

(24 Feb '13, 11:17) releaser99

So my rule of thumb is that nothing is more important than feeling good. Those tools are just permission slips for us to feel good. Sometimes a voice in me will try to allure me into identifying with a tool saying "look here, I am proud to be a affirmation guy/ sedona method guy/whatever method guy. Applying tool x is more important to achieve my goals than to feel good".

(24 Feb '13, 11:18) releaser99

But in fact only feeling good will bring you happiness and also your desired outcomes. Don't believe that affirmations are more powerful than the other tools. Go with your gut feeling every day. When your gut feeling changes, adapt to it. This is what works for me best! It's an effective and fast way to happiness.

(24 Feb '13, 11:18) releaser99

@releaser99, yes maybe I am a little attached to affirmations, since I had success with them, but you are wise by chasing the good feeling first.

So it must be 'Feeling good process guy' :)

(25 Feb '13, 04:59) r0la
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