I want to know what is etheric plane? what are its properties? how can we access it and use it for our benefits?

am eagerly waiting for your precious replies.

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Here is the meaning of etheric plane and links to it.

The etheric plane or etheric region is one of the planes of existence, or more specifically a subplane or planes, in esoteric philosophies, in some religious teachings and in New Age thought. In neo-Theosophical and Rosicrucian cosmology the etheric plane constitutes the fourth[higher] subplane of the physical plane, the lower three being the states of solid, liquid, and gaseous matter.

In Theosophy, the etheric plane is related to the Prana principle[1] and is understood as the vital, life-sustaining force of living beings and the vital energy in all natural processes of the universe. The "Prana" first expounding came in the Upanishads, where it is part of the worldly, physical realm, sustaining the body and the mother of thought and thus also of the mind. Prana suffuses all living forms but is not itself the Atma or individual soul.

Theosophists C.W. Leadbeater and Annie Besant[2] (Adyar School of Theosophy), and later Alice Bailey, conceived that the etheric plane constitutes the four higher subplanes of the physical plane.

Here are some links: http://english.turkcebilgi.com/Etheric+plane




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Thank you very much Flowing water.

(03 Jan '11, 08:03) Zee

You are so welcome zulu!

(07 Jan '11, 04:14) flowingwater
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