I tend to be of the view that if you can think of a question, then a satisfactory answer must also exist somewhere. (I know satisfactory is a matter of individual interpretation)

To me, it is part of the fundamental duality (or contrast) that underlies reality...negative/positive, dark/light, up/down...and question/answer.

What do you think?

Are there really questions that cannot be answered?


Maybe I should clarify this question a bit.

I'm not asking if you can find someone that doesn't know an answer to a question because obviously you can.

I'm really asking if whether in every question, an answer automatically exists because that question exists...it could be an answer that is unknown presently and that someone has yet to come across.

So, in other words, does the existence of the question imply the existence of the answer?

Or can you say for certain that it is a futile activity with some questions because there simply is no answer available to find...ever.

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The simplest answer I can give to your question is NO. All questions can without a doubt be answered.

If a question exists, then the desire for an answer automatically exists as that is the purpose of the question. And according the process of manifestation, the universe has to automatically create the answer.

However, the same principle as every other subject of physical manifestation applies here. In order to receive the answer, appropriate alignment with it is required. Until then, the answer is out there, but out of reach of the question asker.


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Pink Diamond

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You cannot answer the question that has not been asked. That doesn't mean it's not a question, but there isn't the full communication cycle.

Especially when you look at science and human discoveries, we know so much more about the world we live in than we did a couple of decades ago. The questions we are asking today were unfathomable some time ago. The neutron was discovered in 1932. Who knew to ask the question about what was smaller than an atom before then.

It takes great thinkers like Da Vinci, Einstein and the rest of them to pose questions for the first time. Before that we never had the answers to them.

I do believe though that the answer is not in the answer, the answer is in the question.


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If the answer is in the question,then at some point or on some level the answer is always within ourselves?

(20 Feb '10, 21:34) Michaela

Yes, always within. Within ourselves? What else is there really? Of course, I do believe that all external manifestation such as the phenomena of life is illusion. That's why I don't think all questions are particularly helpful because when dealing with such phenomena there can be no ending to how deep one can go in any direction one chooses :-)

(21 Feb '10, 03:03) Eddie

Yes of course there always will be, for example go back in time to the 1920's and ask a scientist what is smaller than a cell? What does it look like? They might say nothing is smaller that is all we can see with these microscopes and these are the most powerful microscopes there are so there is nothing smaller! Or they might say we don't know, (na scientist are not that humble I don't think we'll ever hear those words "we don't know" coming from them! lol)

So as much as we know is limited by as much as we discover, for example lets go back to the 60's and the Univac computer the worlds most powerful computer at that time! We ask them "can you make this so anyone can use it and have a screen to be able to communicate with it and be able to play games?" They might respond "oh yes like chess", "no like a game where you fly a space ship and you have to watch out for planets and shoot aliens then land on a planet and explore it while aliens with weapons shoot at you?" You would probably be locked up as insane!

It is not that there is no answer, it is that the answer is presently unknown.


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Wade Casaldi

There is an answer to all. I, in my physical form my not understand the answer. I am sure the Universe is infinitely more bazaar as I might ascend. So even though I might formulate a question in this reality, I wouldn't understand the answer to some of my questions. I can't come up with an example. Just ask you toughest question and you will see what I mean. Like what is God Like? Or ask something more abstract.


answered 26 Feb '12, 18:00

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Hmm. I suppose this is an excellent loophole to the question.

Is there an answer to everything? Probably, but you may not be able to comprehend some of them!

(26 Feb '12, 21:04) Snow

Yes, there are many such questions.

Here is one: what is the exact position and velocity of an electron? This is an unanswerable question because, in order to obtain greater precision of one measurement, you have to give up precision of the other (the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle).

Here is another: What will the weather forecast be for [insert name of city here] sixty days from now? You cannot answer this question with a high degree of certainty because weather is an inherently chaotic system. It is subject to phenomena such as the butterfly effect.

Still another: Who will be the next lottery winner? You cannot predict who that will be with any reasonable level of confidence, because the process for selecting winners is inherently random. Encryption is based on this principle.


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So I can create anything in my reality except the answers to questions like those?

(19 Feb '10, 16:59) Stingray

Yes. Even a nuclear physicist has to be content with the notion that, while he can't measure a particle's position and velocity at the same time, nevertheless he does have a high degree of understanding about the nature of that interaction, and therefore a better understanding of the world. He can therefore answer many questions that an ordinary person cannot (although the answers to those questions usually raise new questions -- such is the nature of scientific inquiry).

(19 Feb '10, 17:05) Vesuvius

By the way, if we ever figure out quantum computing, unsolvable problems like Encryption will suddenly become trivial. So some questions just don't have an answer today.

(19 Feb '10, 17:06) Vesuvius

agreed 100 percent with vesuvius. AND that is what seperates humans from god. he is the all knowing almighty creator while we on the other hand are just his co-creators trying to carry out HIS will.

(19 Feb '10, 17:54) Mebb

You can answer these questions quite simply "I don't know." or "No, I can't measure it." This is an answer - and it is truthful.

(19 Feb '10, 18:44) TheSevenMan

wow! excellent answer sevenman, never even THOUGHT of that lol.

(19 Feb '10, 19:33) Mebb

Thanks for your scientific clarity Vesuvius... Yes, TheSevenMan, 'I don't know' opens up the possibility of receiving an answer, as opposed to marching in with assumptions or expectations :-)

(21 Feb '10, 02:50) Eddie

Then there is an answer to the questions, we just don't currently have access to them. They do exist though.

(14 Mar '12, 20:03) Fairy Princess
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sorry boys, but i must agree with vesuvius on this one. I DO how ever like your answers and find them very intriuging and thoughtfull, but as humans when need to know our limits and when to humble ourselves, especially in regards to this subject here. yes many questions do have answers to them, and many (at the moment) do not, they are what we call "timely questions" where they can only be answered when their time is at hand. BUT there are (wether you like to belive it or not) questions that we as HUMANS do not have answers for (so once again, this can go very in depth, depending on the clarity of the question). but i am pretty sure sting ray is reffering to our current state as humans NOT spirits etc. and when we reffer to answers, we refer to answers wit the RIGHT meaning, not answers based on opinions. it must be 100 percent truth. i'll give you an example of one of the questions that CANNOT be answered (at least as humans) where did god come from?? also where is heaven located?? how many angels are there?? when is judgment day?? where is hell located?? how many demons are there?? etc. these questions CANNOT BE answered 4 they are questions of the spirit, NOT the flesh.



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Heaven or the Other Side(The Realm Of) starts at about your waist, or have you not noticed.And hell,is what you have been living for the last twenty-three years.No

(20 Feb '10, 06:37) Roy

hmm i see, but are you 100 percent certain about these things roy?? or are they just based on your opinions or on the opinions of others?? cause that is intersting if it has any truth to it.

(20 Feb '10, 06:56) Mebb

Isn't truth that which satisfies one or more of the five senses and consciousness, where as opinion is that which only needs to satisfy the consciousness? It is easier to fool the senses; Much harder to fool intuition. In-spite of these thoughtful concepts, I do agree with you Mebb. Do you know why? Not because I know you, because I don't. My intuition is telling me that your answer is correct!

(22 Feb '10, 03:52) The Traveller
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“Yes, and No,” as we go through life we learn from experience, that no one is capable of answering every question that is asked. Why, because no one person has all the answers to every question in life. There are topics, and subject matters, that some of us has no knowledge or awareness of, or we have never heard of such a thing, and we sometimes cannot answer, or to even give a simple opinion on the particular subject matter.

A doctor sometimes answers all of his patient questions, in the same token the nurse cannot answer all of the patient’s questions, and would redirect the patient back to the doctor for answers. We also, have to keep in mind that there are questions that have to be answered regardless of if we know the right answers, or not; because it could be a matter of life, and death, and we would have to be able to make decisions in the spur of the moment, and leave the rest to fate.

Based upon circumstances in life questions are asked twenty fours hours a day none stop, by people of all walks of life, and educational background. It is a continuous process to ask questions and to get answers, although there are still many questions that do not get answered; and it can sometimes affect the out come of the decision made on our behalf.

The other factor is scientist spent their lives asking questions, getting some answers and is still struggling to get other answers. Scholars are still asking questions about the Bible interpretation, and are still researching answers, because to date there are still many unanswered questions. And to the new student the challenge becomes more of a question, than an answer.

Personally, I can answer some of the questions posted on Inward Quest, but I cannot answer every one of them; either because I am not familiar with the topic, or have never heard of it, or I may just decide to past over the question and not answer it, or if I feel passionate about the question, then I will answer it, based upon my knowledge, experience, education, and understanding of the subject matter. Mostly, I think people are limited to answering questions based upon educational background.


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Inactive User ♦♦

There are a few, as Vesuvius pointed out. But personally, I think that What happens after death? is a good one. We have a few clues from people who have had Near Death Experiences. But some people explain these experiences in different ways. I think that we may never "crack" the afterlife. I think God may want it that way.

Blessings, Jai


answered 21 Feb '10, 09:02

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They are movements in consciousness. One is a trigger the other is the reset switch that quantifies the expansion that resulted from the original trigger.

The desire or preference of expansion causes the person to launch a hook like a fisherman throwing out the line. It is a launch into the unknown. (From your reference point). Of course, all of creation sees the bigger picture and probably points the fisherman in the right direction before the hook is thrown.

The hook catches something in the water. The fisherman doesn't know what type of fish it is, all he knows is that he is fishing for something. That "What fish am I looking for?" is the question.

The answer is the expansion of your consciousness towards neutralizing that "pull" of the fish tugging on your psychological line.
When you reel in the line you might discover that it landed on weeds "no answer"
You might pull out an abandoned shoe "This is not the right answer".
You may pull out a fish you were not looking for "Wow I found a new solution”
Or you might pull out the exact fish you are trying to catch "I am intelligent, that's what I thought the answer was"

(Added Later for better clarification)

Stingray, I'm getting the impression, your question was triggered by my response to another question where I made the assertion the question and the answer is the same thing. Even if your question has nothing to do with my "other" answer, that notion is certainly central in your question.

My other answer "the question and the answer is the same thing" is actually the summary of a concept in consciousness. The only way to summarize the concept is to make that statement.

It comes from the idea that everything is energy and expansion of energy. You are energy, the reality around is energy, and your consciousness is energy. In your consciousness there is constant expansion and growth. Some of this growth is initiated by the "conscious" you and some of it by the "unconscious" you. To put it another way, according to what you ask, God knows what you need to learn.

In either case, from a consciousness point of view, there is something that you need to know that is beneficial for whom you are choosing to become, but you don't know it yet.

So how do you know what you don't know when you don't know what within all of creation is it that you are supposed to know? If you were ready to know it all it would be "enlightenment"

But the wisdom within creation knows that you are no ready for that yet. However, you are ready to be moved from where you are to your next level of understanding.

This movement is initiated by this quality in consciousness that can only be described as a "magnetic attraction of thought forms"

It is like you are in a dark room feeling lost "symbolically" and in the distance you see a light come on. The light coming on is the solution for your feeling of being lost. And like a moth attracted to the flame you, almost instinctively start moving towards the light.

Which light comes on is a decision made by an intelligence greater than yourself. But the request for this guidance was initiated by you in the form of a "yearning" or "desire of expansion"

When the light goes on, a question goes on in your consciousness. If you recognize the light as the answer for a request you made, you recognition of that fact makes the experience more like an adventure of consciousness guided by inspiration.

Here what is drawn into you that is not yet part of you, but is recognized by the greater you unfolds as an inspirational awakening.

The very same process when not recognized by you but still recognized by the greater you and stopped at the main entrance by the security guard known as "the ego" or "intelligence" or "not accepted here unless verified by our analysis department", or any of the reasons where that which is attracted is "questioned" Then the questioning of inspiration becomes the norm.

It becomes so habitual that questioning becomes a pre-cursor to everything; Inspiration or otherwise. It's like a nervous tick. After a while it is there for no reason. You sit minding your own business bothering nobody and you start getting question after question after question in your head.

This is what most of us have been reduced to. And I believe that this behavioural programming was done on purpose to hold us back from our true potential. But that's my take.

You can slowly de-program from this behaviour and slowly it will start becoming "question", hey where did this question come from?...another "question", hey where did this come from? instead of "what is the answer"..."what is the answer"..."what is the answer".

Then you will slowly start to see that the question and the answer are two ends of an energy equation. One initiates the movement, and the other completes the movement. The initiator becomes the question, and the closer is where you have reached a sufficient expansion or realization and you label that position as the answer to the question.

(added later)

I see a common obsession here with the idea of a question without an answer. Of which plenty of examples have been presented here. Don't you guys see that your question without an answer is actually the answer to the question you just asked from the wisdom within creation? (the tail end of which, you believe is your own consciousness)

You said to yourself "there has to be a question for which there are no answers" and as you said these words, questions without answers popped up in your imagination. Where do you think they popped up from? Do you really think that your logical mind threw that up without any intuitive assistance from inspiration?

Those questions are a response to a movement within your consciousness, in a paradoxical twist the answer is the question.


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The Traveller

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Taking into consideration the edit question you posted, all that comes to mind are things like Zen questions. These questions are suppose to not have answers for example "What is the sound of just one hand that claps?"

Since we know that two hands together make the sound of a hand clap then that sound must be from two parts one part from one hand the other from the left hand, so that brings the question what is the sound of one hand clapping?


answered 20 Feb '10, 07:31

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Wade Casaldi

Aren't those kind of questions designed to stop your mind's internal dialogue or self-chatter? Like, a tree falls in a forest with no one around - was there any sound? The point is who can really answer the question or provide a satisfactory explanation for you? A bit like Stingray's question really :-)

(21 Feb '10, 02:47) Eddie

Yes that is why they are meditated on, precisely because they are not suppose to have an answer.

(21 Feb '10, 07:05) Wade Casaldi

I'm not sure anyone can have a definitive answer to this. Just because we can't hear or perceive the answer may just mean that we aren't in, or aware of, the place it can be heard - our current perception of reality may just not allow us to hear it right now, but who knows, at a further point in time, as our awareness grows, we may be in a place to hear the answer.

A few years ago my awareness would not have been in a place to accept some of the answers here but as our minds open up and our awareness grows more answers become available to us. I'm sure the answer to a lot of modern day inventions would have been inconceivable to people centuries ago. However along the passage of time these questions were asked and the answers became visible in our physical reality so this leaves one to ponder if the answer is always available at some point in time.

Or Stingray,have you asked a question that cannot be answered?:-)


answered 20 Feb '10, 17:00

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Answers are made in-order to fulfill the desire to workout the Questions asked.One Answer will be selected as the Correct One based on Majority acceptance, until its proven wrong otherwise.


answered 13 Jun '12, 12:29

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Rajoo Ramon

Yes, there are questions that cannot be answered. These are called paradoxical questions.

For example:

This statement is false.

Is the previous statement true or false?


answered 28 Jun '12, 08:56

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