Seeing that everything began with a thought, an idea and a picture in someone’s mind, let’s call it imagination.

Prior to this imagining of a desired end result, with the associated belief and feelings towards the possibility of its future existence; the thing - whatever it is, did not exist in that person’s reality, right?

So is it fair to say: whatever it is, we made it up?

And if not, then how do you see the existence of whatever it is, coming about?

EDIT - Sorry for not being clear. I was looking at a much deeper level.

A person was dissatisfied with her eating utensils, thought about it and had the idea of a fork. Desiring this idea to become real, she imagined how a fork would improve her life by making eating food easier. Eventually a physical fork was manifested into reality for all of humanity to share and appreciate forevermore. The same analogy can be used for a spoon, knife, pyramid, airplane, spaceship, etcetera or whatever it is.

I have no doubt that any idea came via inspiration from God, the Universe, All That Is, and etcetera. But the way I see it is, prior to the physical manifestation, whatever it is did not exist and that our wanting of it brought it forth from nothingness.

So at a deeper level of understanding, whereby it’s understood that you and I are not separate from God - do you see that: whatever it is, we made it up?

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Since we are all part of the One Collective Consciousness then I would say yes we do create it all with our mind and our asking. Simon created this site but prior to it's manifestation I put the thought out there that a site like this would be great (as I'm sure others did too). So although Simon was the one to physically create the site, the sum total of all our thoughts were part of it's manifestation. Chances are if we hadn't put the thoughts out there, Simon may not have had the inspiration to create the site.

The way I see it is - there is a huge conglomeration of thoughts out there and we all have the ability to draw from that pool of thoughts, if we take the time to learn HOW to tap into it - we have to learn how to quiet our egoic mind so we can gain access to that One Universal mind.


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First of all, let us suppose that suddenly, you realize that you are curious about about some new person, place, thing, or idea, that just popped into your consciousness. Let us say you start asking the world for answers. You walk into a bookstore, and right there, is a book that explains what you want to know perfectly. So you buy the book.

Did you create the book?


Another person did! Did you create that person? No! God did! Did you go back into time, and somehow put the idea for the book in that person's head? That is not possible; you do not have that power. The person who wrote the book perhaps sensed the need for the world to have that knowledge- or perhaps, just wrote the book because he or she enjoys writing and teaching other people- or perhaps, the person just did it for fun.

The world was here before you were born. It will go on after you die. While you are here, you join millions and millions of souls and Universal Consciousness. As a baby, you slowly begin to interact with the world. You try everything! What feels good to you, stays with you. What feels bad or uncomfortable, you avoid or adjust your behavior, but you really do not "collect" that thing. Soon, patterns begin to emerge as your brain organized itself. Your genes start expressing themselves, too. You start to feels good, so you do it often. Or you become musical, and draw to yourself all the things you need to be what you want. If it is music, your parents perhaps buy you a piano. Did you "invent" that piano with your mind? No! Did you build it? No! Did you think up the store it was purchased in? Absolutely not.

All that happened was you dipped into all that came before you, the millions of people who combined their own desires and realities and made it possible for that piano to be right there for you when you desired it.

Your mind did not create the reality...everyone who has ever lived has helped create the reality of this world as it is by each of their choices.

Your mind did not create it; many minds working together created it! Blessings, jaianniah


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Going back to the eating utensils, I had a great idea for forks spoons and knives that could plug into the wall the fork would heat but as well spin at the touch of a button, the spoon would heat and the knife would cut your meat like a little chain saw.

I have never seen these anywhere so to have these would require me physically inventing them, unless someone reading this steals my idea now and invents them! lol

Imagine that you dig into your spaghetti pull some up from your plate then press the button and like magic the spaghetti whips around your fork so fast you couldn't even see it! Plus it keeps it hot for you too!

The only down side I can think of is maybe everyone will get covered in sauce. It has some kinks but it is just an idea of convenience and progress, after all we have had power tools for many years, but how old is our basic fork, knife and spoon and still no progress it is 2010 we should have power eating utensils by now!

Because of this reason I believe manifesting pulls to you matches and if it is something that never existed and doesn't exist, it is your idea so how bad do you want it to be real? Because it will take some work on your part to become real.

Something like money already exist and is easier to manifest with faith.


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Wade Casaldi

Yes, don't delay with any idea that comes to you. Once it's available in the collective consciousness, others can download it and beat you to market, like the idea of radio. It's interesting how Tesla was awarded the patent for discovering radio in 1943 (while the world was busy at war), but I was taught in the 70's that Marconi discovered it... But that's a discussion for conspiracy theories/facts! PS. I'd love a prototype 8-)

(25 Mar '10, 07:59) Eddie

A Thought to ponder , somethings are good... just as they are, they need no improvement ;-)

(12 Aug '12, 02:24) Starlight

Your mind creates your world by interpreting the signals coming from your five senses. In that sense, everything is created by your thought.

But manifestation doesn't mean you have to create everything in your experience from scratch. Someone else wrote that book, and now it's available to your experience, should you wish to receive it.


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When I was in highschool A friend and I were talking about using a video camera I had to make a WWF wrestling video and as we were throwing ideas back and forth, I can't remeber the details, all I remember is me saying something to him and his reply was "No one ever discovers anything new, all anybody ever does is discover it's existance." He said this as he was sitting Yoga style about 3 feet above the ground (Sarcasm).

So to answer your question "...did we wake it up?" I would say, yes, in a way. If you "wake" Something up you have also discovered its existance.


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Stephen Cordova

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