Just been having a look at a few William Tapley prophecies.

Very entertaining but many of his predictions ( very specific ones time wise ) have come to nothing.Specifically this year,as Tapley is sure that by November 2010 were going to be well into WW3!

Has anyone ever heard of any prophet actually exceeding their time line for an event and then standing up and admitting that their wrong?

Surely there must be some misguided but HONEST soul who has done this.

I would be fascinated to know of examples.Their must be some souls who really thought they were donig the right thing and then were horrified that they inadvertantly lied to people.

Or do most prophets have the knid of ego that wouldnt allow this kind of humility.


asked 30 Dec '10, 17:35

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Monty Riviera

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Barry Allen ♦♦

I don't have any proof, but I would imagine that:

  1. People with prophecies actually believe fervently in them, and
  2. When their prophecies don't come to pass, they can always come up with a rational explanation.

David Icke believes all sorts of wacky things, but none of his beliefs can really be substantiated or disproven. He is very careful not to say anything that could be demonstrated to be false.

The sure sign that a prophecy is doomed is when the propheteer puts a date on something very concrete and specific happening.

See also http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/comment/faith/article4717864.ece


answered 30 Dec '10, 18:14

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As I've said before on this website, I'm quite a fan of David Icke. I've actually been watching his latest lectures over the Christmas period and his new insight is that the moon is actually a hollow spaceship that is broadcasting a signal that is dampening human potential on Earth to keep us locked into a five senses reality...and hence controllable by those who dominate our five senses. It's easy to criticize his ideas and this latest one is certainly mind-bending. But, over the years, I have found considerable value in carefully studying the ideas of those who are outside the mainstream.

(30 Dec '10, 19:21) Stingray

It's an interesting idea, but there's no way to validate such an idea, examine it's utility, or respond in a meaningful way to it, so it's ultimately useless. David Icke's redeeming quality is that he vividly illustrates what happens to the mind when it decides to run off its rails.

(30 Dec '10, 20:55) Vesuvius

Actually, David Icke is crazy like a fox. He's managed to create an entirely illusory world, and make a decent living out of it. Much like J.K. Rowling. The difference is that Rowling never claimed that her stories actually happened.

(30 Dec '10, 20:56) Vesuvius

What do you mean they never happened??? Let me guess, next you're going to say Santa Clause is not real!!!!

(31 Dec '10, 02:39) The Traveller

Maybe David's been infiltrated and is playing the deep, long game for gullible minds. Or could he be tapping into a parallel reality - in which case the reality he believes in could be as real as ours. I don't allow for the possibility that other dimensional reptilians are controlling my reality - I'm in charge 100%. He does seem to be very spiritually aware tho, so the dury's still out :-)

(31 Dec '10, 04:42) Eddie

Hi Vesuvius: Since the main question is not about David Ike I didn't want to put this link here, but then again, someone else might. So check this out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVip7cjZgac If you are constantly checking the opposite of everything that you are interested in this should not be a problem. There are two sides to everything. The problem is in insisting that one must be "right" and therefore the other must be "wrong". As a result, you find yourself having to defend what you embraced as "right".

(31 Dec '10, 05:16) The Traveller

Also click on the following link and the picture of the handshakes for a bigger view explaining the different handshakes. http://www.zimoz.co.uk/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/0929masonicbig.jpg Judging by your answers, I’m sure you already know this information.

(31 Dec '10, 05:25) The Traveller

@TheTraveller: If you look at all of the text that I wrote above very closely, you will see that I never actually said that Icke was wrong. You see, I can be careful too.

(31 Dec '10, 07:06) Vesuvius

And I don't have any idea what his being a Freemason (if he indeed actually is one) has to do with anything. I'm willing to give Icke the credit for having enough intelligence to use the handshake, and then let people believe what they want to believe about that. Anyone can use the handshake; it doesn't make them a Freemason.

(31 Dec '10, 07:08) Vesuvius

WOW David Icke. Well ive listened to a bit of his blurb and must say that he does seem a genuinely nice fellow.I knew about the royal family lizard thing but its news to me about the moon being a hollow spaceship.Im not sure which seems more ridiculous. Prince William being a lizard or the spaceship idea.BUT im glad i live in a country and a culture where one can hold and propogate these ideas however stupid they seem to me.And im also glad that i share this country and world with people like David.Theres room on this earth for more than one belief.

(31 Dec '10, 09:14) Monty Riviera

PS I would doubt very much that David Icke is a Freemason. The rationale is that most of the people he believes are lizards are well known Freemasons and make no bones about it. If he is a lodge member i would be very surprised. Cant quite imagine him sitting next to Prince Philip when they gather as a lodge!

(31 Dec '10, 09:20) Monty Riviera

Whether Icke is completely mad, or whether he is the true prophet of our times is actually a secondary (even minor) issue to me. What I like is that he challenges my own deeply-held beliefs and makes me think...I'll always welcome information that makes me do that because I learn alot about myself from my reaction to it

(31 Dec '10, 13:02) Stingray

For me the fact that i like the guy is the main thing.He doesnt challenge any beliefs because mine change nearly every day.In fact i challenge them more than anyone else does. I have listened to him a bit and im glad i did. I didnt learn much but the excercise of doing so did me good.If no one ever pushed the boat out and listened to new and provocative things we would still all be living in caves spiritually speaking.In fact maybe actually living in caves! I think if i were given the choice between an afternoon with David Icke and one with William Tapley i would choose the former.

(31 Dec '10, 14:22) Monty Riviera

I posted that link to point out something. We are trained by a system of thought to "take a stand" upon what we believe. When we do this, we are constantly affected by "right" and "wrong". Just as Stingray points out, I actually enjoy most, if not all of David Ike's material. I also open up myself to anything contrary to that which I enjoy just to see how my mind will handle it. I have found that if I don't do that to my own mind, someone else eventually will.

(31 Dec '10, 15:43) The Traveller

Stingray: I apologize for messing up my first comment about David Ike. The comment was actually meant for you and should have begun as "HI Stingray" I'm not trying to mess up anyone's core beliefs. I'm just pointing out that for everything that you embrace, there is criticism against it and we should have the courage to look at it and not be affected by it. You may all know that there is plenty of Anti "Channeling" information out there. Our refusal to look at it is no different than the mainstream criticism of people like us. So let us be open-minded instead!

(31 Dec '10, 16:00) The Traveller
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I think there is a combination of things going on throughout history.

Some have the gift of tuning into the potential events out of the NOW moment in a similar way as one being able to map out the intersections in the ley lines by unconventional methods like dowsing.

But this is a mapping of POTENTIAL events that have not manifested yet.

If they will or will not manifest is a product of our combined anticipation within our collective consciousness.

Now I believe that another faction (or call it a component of manipulation) has used this Potential that is already waiting in the wings as a manipulate-able blueprint to nudge our collective experience into a predictable and therefore historically accountable direction of recorded history.

What I am hinting at here is the nudging of Potential events to affect the Past as well as the future history of mankind.

To do this, knowledge of how mass events can be manipulated, would be the pre-requisite before one can begin to understand how it is even possible.

Once the technique of mass "event" manipulation is perfected it could be used for centuries to rule over mankind.

All the props could be made available to "fit" the past and future history.

But to successfully pull this off one has to create a ruling elite that prefers to remain hidden throughout history and pass on this secret knowledge only to those of their own kind.

What Am I suggesting by this?

Nothing really....

I'm just rattling off silly and incoherent ideas at random.....

That's all it is...



answered 30 Dec '10, 19:53

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The Traveller

Hmmm! Just silly ideas? Really?

(30 Dec '10, 23:01) Michaela

I'm going to add a little footnote here: If you get this point don't abuse it. The only way to manipulate another life form (human beings) without the karmic consequences affecting the manipulator is to flood their mind with enough rope (information) so that they will with a misguided intent of self-preservation, hang themselves for you. (That is if you are the grim reaper who is trying to avoid karmic consequences)

(31 Dec '10, 03:47) The Traveller

But prophecys about POTENTIAL events are surely not prophecys.Or are they.....I know that the rather open ended ones are subject to debate,but the ones im talking about are ones where some prophet has stuck his/her neck out and named a date for a certain event.I get the point about the potentiality of events thou.

(31 Dec '10, 09:27) Monty Riviera

Graham: Let's say that I am a farmer with a thousand sheep. These sheep walk on two feet and can read. These sheep stumbled upon an ancient manuscript saying that on a particular day half the sheep population will disappear. Since I am the farmer, "and the owner of the flock", I will make sure that the Truck from the slaughter house shows up on that exact day so that the sheep’s history books are historically accurate or prophetic. The sheep don't know that their manuscript is my diary that I lost a year ago.

(31 Dec '10, 16:30) The Traveller

The official explanation for what happened on 9/11 is substantiated by ZERO evidence, unless you consider media and the 9/11 commission as evidence. Meanwhile, actual evidence, and eyewitness accounts have been ridiculed and debunked ever since the grand event.

(31 Dec '10, 16:37) The Traveller

@ Traveller- I really don't think anyone on this site is going to "abuse" or "manipulate" anything. I give everyone here credit enough to surpass the intent of a "grim reaper" - Happy New Year!

(01 Jan '11, 00:54) Michaela

Ill be honest here...i see your point Traveller BUT i was speciffically talking in my question about a guy who has SPECIFICALLY told all and sundry that this world is NOW in a world war. Its simply wrong. He got it wrong,he has consistently got it wrong, Obama isnt the anti christ and were not 3 months into a war. Ok perhaps Obama in many peoples eyes IS the anti christ. But were not in WW3. I live near a couple of American air bases...no missiles...honest.Its nice and quiet here. But i DO see your broader point.

(01 Jan '11, 21:44) Monty Riviera

I do follow what you are pointing out. It reminds me of the many hundreds of speeches made by Fidel Castro to the citizens of Cuba. If you took him seriously you would think that America was going to invade tomorrow. I guess when we as individuals begin to trust our own intuition; we become less affected by the erroneous advice of others, for we notice that our own intuition, though dependable, is also inconsistent in nature.

(02 Jan '11, 07:16) The Traveller

Your right about our intuition.I think its often the best guide we have but even it can be wrong at times.I look at these so called prophets and wonder what is the REASON for their mission. I realise as i get older that it often has more to do with their ego than it does to serving mankind and God. I guess if a persons motivation is pure then we would be inclined to forgive them a little...shall we say innacuracy. I often wonder why people feel the need to know the future...personally im very happy to not know too many of the details.

(02 Jan '11, 11:21) Monty Riviera
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There was a Minister with large following that predicted the end of the world. I think his name was Farmer but I am grasping. When the time came and the world didn't end, He admitted an error and recalculated. The time came again no end. He recalculated, hehe


answered 31 Dec '10, 03:18

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There seems to be a lot of this re calculation going on. I wish these false prophets would have the human decency to fess up and admit their wrong.But i fear their egos have such a grip on them that they find this nearly impossible to do.

(31 Dec '10, 09:29) Monty Riviera

Well there is a saying: No man is an Island, so where do we go from here? The Weather man said that it is going to Snow, and it rained instead, big deal, so we win some, and we loose some, that is what makes life so challenging, to be right, and wrong not knowing what, until the moment of the revelation!

The fine line here is we only know what we know in the moment, and several things can happen there after to change the revelation, so we could have been right on making the right prediction then, but at a later time a shift came into play, and the cycle was lifted to accommodate a new date! Whose fault is it, mine, the universe, or no one?


answered 31 Dec '10, 07:13

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Inactive User ♦♦

Very insightful.

(31 Dec '10, 21:19) The Traveller

The more I grow, the more I believe that old adage - "nothing is etched in stone". To believe otherwise leaves us open to the whims and beliefs of others.

Instead I choose to believe that I have free will and the reality I choose to perceive will be a reflection of that.

To believe what another prophecies means that my future reality is already fixed or etched in stone - sorry but I can't buy that one :)

Most prophets probably won't admit if they get it wrong but the choice is always yours on what to believe.


answered 01 Jan '11, 01:55

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*emphasized text*i have acouple of times made prophecies that DID NOT come to pass. i had to admit i was wrong, opologize, and go admittedly humiliated. i had to really do some soul serching.


answered 07 Feb '11, 00:49

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b. c.

I applaud your humility and honesty.

(07 Feb '11, 09:54) Monty Riviera

A true prophet of God doesn't have that luxury of saying "oops maybe next time?" Moses did not have that luxury to say God might lead us out of Egypt he may part the Red Sea for us then again if he doesn't there is always next time. LOL

When Joseph predicted for the Pharaoh, he had only one shot, if he was wrong it would have been his life as payment for being wrong.

Every biblical prophet in the bible had to get it right the first time, they only had one chance to.

So many claim to be prophets of God, then when what they prophesied doesn't come to pass they act like "oops okay missed it by that much. maybe this time next year?" Sadly others take it to the grave like that Applebee guy years ago, "The mother ship is coming we all have to kill ourselves before we miss it!" What a shame that was!

May 21th 2011 End of world, I say we'll see as God says no one knows not even the Son. http://www.ebiblefellowship.com/may21/


answered 07 Feb '11, 02:35

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Wade Casaldi

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Your right Wade. The reason i admire the likes of Elijah and Elisha is that they put there money where their mouth was. When they said there was gonna be a manifestation....by God there was one.As you know im of the opinion that Christ fulfilled all prophecy.The book of Revelation not being a revelation of things happening BUT a revelation OF Jesus Christ.But i know im probably in the minority there.Its a fascinating subject with confuses many people but intrigues them also.It will always be an area of strenuous debate.

(07 Feb '11, 09:58) Monty Riviera

Exactly we agree Graham.

(07 Feb '11, 21:09) Wade Casaldi

Have you looked at that prediction it is so full of errors he said 1 day is a 1000 years to God, and used that for his prediction but he fails to use it constantly because you easily get into millions and millions of our years if you do. lol

(07 Feb '11, 21:14) Wade Casaldi

Here is an example the raining 40 days and 40 nights so according to that guys predictions his math I'm using that would mean it rained 80,000 years straight. You see when you start examining and using his formula as a constant not just when it suits his prediction everything falls apart.

(07 Feb '11, 21:20) Wade Casaldi
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