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I was just reading a prophecy that this is the last Pope before the Tribulation. 112 Popes also the return of the Nephilim! If this is correct the entire earth better work together with every nuclear weapon we have. These beings are 36 feet tall! They could squish us just by stepping on us! They could wipe out our race fast being that big! If this battle has to take place, it will be a battle for our entire planet.

Google Nephilim skellton if you want to see what we are going to have to protect our selves from.

The following is from an email from Sid Roth:

From: Sid Roth

The Final Pope? Wed, Apr 24, 2013 12:06 PM EDT

The Final Pope?

====================================== Sid Roth's It's Supernatural!(TM) & Messianic Vision ======================================

Dear Wade,

My recent guests, Tom Horn and Cris Putnam, are investigative authors who have unveiled a 900-year-old prophecy buried in the library of the Vatican. 

Based on extensive research, Horn and Putnam had predicted the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI more than a year in advance.

In my TV interview with them, they discuss a prophecy from A.D. 1139 in which St. Malachy, an Irish saint, described a series of 112 Popes with stunning accuracy leading up to the Tribulation period. Now the 112th Pope has been elected. Is he the final Pope? 

Other fascinating topics that Horn and Putnam cover in their two TV interviews include:

  • Why the Vatican is interested in extraterrestrials and maintains a powerful observatory in Arizona
  • Preparations for welcoming an "alien savior"
  • Hybrid humans and the return of the Nephilim
  • Just what are "alien abductions"?

In addition to watching my two TV interviews with Horn and Putnam... ...I urge you to order their two books, Petrus Romanus and Exo Vaticana, in which they expose end-time deceptions meant to prepare the world for the arrival of the anti-Christ. You will also receive an exclusive DVD in which Horn and Putnam answer questions from our studio audience. In this time of growing end-time deception, you and your family need to be aware and be prepared! 

Shalom and Love, Sid Israel Roth

You will be astonished as you learn what is expected to unfold in the coming days!  

Order Online Now - Petrus Romanus and Exo Vaticana (2 books) plus an exclusive DVD of questions and answers with Tom Horn and Cris Putnam Support the Ministry i=neUdNMsIojdY238nyJN7awShop Our Online Store: Us:   (c) 2013 Sid Roth's It's Supernatural!

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Wade Casaldi

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Barry Allen ♦♦


Why do humans always feel they must defend themselves against everything unknown (and fear it)? We should always be vigilant and prepared to defend ourselves, but should we really fear everything new?

(24 Apr '13, 16:59) Snow

@Snow 36' tall begins that could enslave the entire planet? That is nothing to fear?

(24 Apr '13, 17:33) Wade Casaldi

There is a Twilight's Zone episode where a woman is attacked by tiny aliens that land on her roof. She eventually squishes them and smashes their space ship with her broom. The camera zooms in on the smashed ship. It said on the side U.S.A. NASA Ship. That was fiction but imagine those giants coming to Earth!

(24 Apr '13, 17:42) Wade Casaldi

There is No Thing to fear,even fear It's Self,IS of LOVE...Love and Light.

(24 Apr '13, 20:08) Roy

@Roy I find it interesting the emphasises you used in certain words. But to top it off misspelling its. So "even fear it's Self" I read as "even fear it is Self." The interesting thing is fear is about self preservation. This is something to think on but if a man bigger than a three story house walked towards me, it is a lie to say I wouldn't be scared.

(24 Apr '13, 20:26) Wade Casaldi

Sorry Wade,I do not fear any THING.I AM, THAT,I AM.Love and Light.BTW,that was not misspelled.

(24 Apr '13, 20:31) Roy

@Wade Casaldi - It might make you feel better to know that there is some major disinformation in those links. I've studied the Nephilim and the Book of Enoch quite a bit over the years...and lots of the Pseudepigrapha. The most accurate, scholarly translation of Genesis from the oldest original Hebrew makes it very clear that the Nephilim are not the "products" of the union between fallen angels and women. The Nephilim are the fallen angels themselves, the "Watchers" if you will...

(25 Apr '13, 01:03) lozenge123

...and they were imprisoned by the "loyal" angels until the end of time. So no need to worry. The "giants" produced by the union were wiped out by the good angels as well as the flood mentioned in Genesis. If all this stuff is true...and I'm not saying that it is...then we can fully expect the good angels to come down and wipe out the Nephilim once again if they ever break out of jail. And if for some reason the good angels fail to show up, we can just do what this guy did:

(25 Apr '13, 01:07) lozenge123

@lozenge123 Yes God is greater and is for us. I had just watched a video on Enoch in You Tube, it was fascinating! It was by Tray Smith.

(25 Apr '13, 01:44) Wade Casaldi
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I would certainly be very happy if this was the last pope. I would love to se the catholic church and all like them finished. They are pendulums which entrap many and move people to life tracks which will bring them no good.

As for the Nephalim...well im a little sceptical, but hey ho thats me.

I think we shouldnt neccessarily believe stuff thats written thousands of years ago, by people weve never met,translated by people we dont know, and very likely edited to a huge degree.

Now if i see a Nephalim, or someone i REALLY trust sees one and tells me about it then that would convince me.

If i wrote a fairey story about 62 foot hairy green monsters,called...oh lets say The wibbley wobbleys ,who weighed 30 tonnes apiece and were all the product of a relationship between David Icke and a 25 foot blond bombshell angel cum sex siren going by the name of Tiara Mcsporren , and this story was gathered together with a lot of other stories, written by a diverse group of writers. Would people in two or three thousand years from now be discussing the merits or otherwise of the wibbley wobbleys. There iminent return and the need to develop weapons to kill them.

I would imagine that our American cousins have sufficient amounts of weapons, with more than adequate power to knock of a 36 footer, or indeed a fully grown herd of wibbley wobbleys.

Frankly ive enough in my gun cabinet to see of a few at least.

Im certainly ready to hold up my end in a war with something thats very likely to be the result of some old hebrews overactive imagination.

But i will say that the whole subject of Nephalim,Giants and Dragons is fascinating and exciting. But im far more interested in the kingdom which lives within my consciousness.


answered 25 Apr '13, 12:14

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Monty Riviera

@Monty Riviera I took this answer in humor not an insult. It did give me a laugh and something to think on. What of those tons of photos in Google of the Nephilim skeletons?

I have given you +1 for this because I enjoyed it. :-)

(25 Apr '13, 12:49) Wade Casaldi

Your very gracious Wade, im glad it made you laugh. Thats mostly my aim in life. It made me laugh too.

(25 Apr '13, 13:48) Monty Riviera

Skepticism is a good thing to have, keeps things well balanced.. sarcasm as well... one of my favorites. lol. ;) It is usually not often that someone stating something will make us believe it, (or at least I hope not), but perhaps "finding" something different, that might make us peer into the situation a bit. This is the first I have ever heard of that name, personally. Heard of a myth of offspring of Angels before, but only the myth.

(25 Apr '13, 14:55) Dragonflybreeze

I agree DF it is good to peer into a situation and to keep an open mind. It does just seem thou that some folks read something in a book and then credit what theyve read with a steely certainty. Without any "EXPERIENCE" I dont take anything as read these days until i experience it. If i ever do experience a nephilim or a wibbley wobbley i will share this and believe it with an almost evangelical zeal!

(26 Apr '13, 02:13) Monty Riviera
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Super interesting. Have you ever read The book of Enoch? It goes into very deep detail about the Nephilim and the fallen angels that tried to fix it by teaching the men on the earth how to build weapons and armor to defend themselves a lot earlier then they were suppose to learn it, as well as teaching them what would be considered magic before they ever even got to that stage themselves in order to defend against their Giant offspring they messed up and created from fornicating with their women.


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Then there is Metatron,nice...Love and Light.

(24 Apr '13, 20:16) Roy

glad you mention Metatron @Roy

(25 Apr '13, 09:20) ru bis

I don't think it is necessarily meant as "Physical" size, but metaphorically as in power or strength.

(25 Apr '13, 10:23) Dragonflybreeze

yes @Dragonflybreeze "metaphorically as in power or strength", that's how i imagine it too, metatron being the coordinator of the four elements earth, fire, air and water that make up all physical matter

(25 Apr '13, 10:35) ru bis

Ah, so this is about Enoch's Return and the four elements.... ok.... now I get it.... think it is already here. ;) (wink)

(25 Apr '13, 15:00) Dragonflybreeze

I beleive it is more about Enoch's ascension. lnl

(25 Apr '13, 15:52) Roy

/Did he not already ascend and become an Angle as the bible states?

(25 Apr '13, 18:14) Dragonflybreeze
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@Wade Casaldi: The Nephilim are the Anunnaki. Although there are five cycles within this, Anu (Nibiru, Marduk, Lord of the Harvest) 'returns', for lack of a better word, to Earth every 26,000 years to 'graduate' souls that have accumulated a 95% or higher negative polarity (as was their agreement to do) in their concurrent incarnations on Earth. Anu/Nibiru is not a planet but rather a hollowed out celestial body with an internal drive system and Group consciousness. Anu is referred to as 'Planet of the Crossing', and this is, to a certain extent, accurate: those who have achieved 95% or higher negative polarity in their concurrent incarnations in one or more cycles, 'graduate'/cross over to 4th density negative polarity. But this does not apply to you or I, as our Journey is different than theirs.

Who are THEY? They are The Illuminati. The Illuminati that David Icke speaks of are Earth lineage. Although this Earth lineage faction of the Illuminati think and behave as though they are the top of the pyramid, they are not. Behind the scenes is the Lucifer Soul Group. The surface Illuminati are puppets easily controlled because they desire power over others and service to self. Unlike the Lucifer Soul Group, the Earth lineage Illuminati do not see the 'Bigger Picture', nor are they interested.

The 26,000 year cycle ended on December 21st, 2012. Did you experience Nibiru? No. And nor will you.

My question to you is do you wish to continue to deify and worship an external source rather than the internal source of who and what you are? Do you require another 26,000 year cycle of incarnations to understand who and what you are?


answered 06 Mar '14, 11:56

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