I've just found out of your website and after reading some of the questions I felt that I'm not alone in my circumstances that I'm going through.

I'm in a relationship with someoen who comes from different religion and culture but we both love each other and want to have a future together.

He's Hindu and before we can get married his parents have to get the reading done from the Astrologer of our date of birth & birth time. The reading turned out to be bad and it really upset us. We both still want to be together despite the bad reading.

All I know in my mind is to be strong and to be good and good things would follow.

I'm not sure what answer you can give me, but I'd love a frank and honest asnwer...

My mind is haunted by the bad reading and I really want to come out of it.

Thank you so much

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Be Strong

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Barry Allen ♦♦

My frank and honest answer is... It doesn't matter one bit :)

I studied astrology seriously for years and, ultimately, the only real value I found in it was that of the birth chart (natal chart) which seems to be a fairly accurate snapshot of your personal characteristics at the moment of birth only.

Beyond that moment of birth, you are in control and everything that happens in your life is entirely up to you (whether you are aware of it or not).

Astrology then becomes an indicator of, what I call, background effects. Have a look at Can Astrology predict personality and fate to some extent? for an explanation of what I mean by that.

Everything that happens to you in life, in every single moment, is a reflection of the predominant thoughts you hold - and nothing else matters than that.

The modern day phrase for describing this idea is "The Law of Attraction" and there are plenty of questions and answers about it on Inward Quest.

If you want a happy marriage, it's all under your control (if you want it), not any astrologer or astrological reading.


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@Stingray said it all here...all that remains is to change your belief about it. Hopefully your boyfriend can adjust his as well. Belief will hinder or help you.....belief is always the springboard.

(07 Jun '11, 18:05) streetsanto

@ Stingray & Streetsanto. Thank you so much, your answer made me feel much better of myself.. I always knew what is right for me..but the negativity from the reading how the other side of the family responded made me feel uneasy. I'm fortunate that the person I love is strong enough..

(09 Jun '11, 12:56) Be Strong

One year before ,a well knowledgeable astrologer prepared my natal chart.he predicted that i will be promoted in 2014.

But amazingly i have been promoted in last February-2011.

It is normally dificult to wash effects of a bad prediction from subconscious mind.that why to learn such knowledge and prediction are prohibitted in Islam.


answered 08 Jun '11, 06:26

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yes reading of future can be true. but future can be change. you have free will use it wisely.


answered 11 Oct '11, 01:15

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white tiger

Believe in it, and you will see it come into your life based upon your own personal belief!

Do not give it legs to walk into your life, and you will do fine!


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Inactive User ♦♦

Hi Vee.

Thank you for your answer, but I'm not quite sure what you mean?


(09 Jun '11, 12:50) Be Strong

@Be Strong: Basically, I am telling you not to believe in everything you hear, to use your own better judgment! Do not give it legs etc, is another way of saying something, example: if you dwell on something long enough it can be like a cancer in your life, so you should not focus on the reading to give it life. You will do fine means, for you not to worry about the out come, because the decision is already made for you, whether you believe it or not, and this is based upon the Universal Law of Attraction! I trust this explanation is easier for you to understand. Good Luck, and stay strong!

(11 Jun '11, 00:30) Inactive User ♦♦

It's all a matter of interpretation. "Skymates" by Steven Forrest (a Western professional astrologer) explains that some interpretations have become outdated as societies have evolved and social contracts have changed. Such as marriage no longer being until death, unless it's by choice, rather than economic necesity as in times past. Squares and oppositions can be challenging aspects to contend with, but they can also keep life from becoming too dull. It's more about personal needs being met. If in this lifetime you and your fiance are both interested in growth, maybe thats part of the reason for your intense attraction. Perhaps you also have karmic issues to resolve, and you may have both been waiting for the right lifetime/circumstances in which to resolve them. It's not so easy to say you have irreconcilable differences when your gut is telling you otherwise.


answered 11 Oct '11, 00:59

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