Here is a link about ley lines.

This system of vortices and ley lines is not a new idea. Sacred temples of the ancient world around the Mediterranean are located at powerful vortices, and drawing lines between them will bring out patterns of triangles. The Indians in the American Southwest as well as those in Peru and other parts of South America located their cities and the roads between them on vortices and ley lines, which look Like so many spokes and hubs. The Chinese practice the ancient science of geomancy. "The Olde Straite Pathes" of England,3 the location of Stonehenge and it's relationship to the Great Pyramid, Glastonbury and the myth of Avalon correlate to vortices.

I'm sure there are many more examples throughout the world.If your house is crossed ley a ley line, and you don't like it, consult .with an old-time dowser as to ways of putting rebar in the ground connected by copper wire to pass the force around rather than through. your property?

So if we happen to build our house on these or just go and sit around them for a while will this be beneficial to us in a healing way.

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Nothing. Unless you can build a megalithic structure with the right measurements, nothing.


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The Knights Alchemy

I heard that within one of the pyramids they had started carrying sick people and a few animals that were sick and the energies radiating from those lay lines that went across each other in the particular right place they could place someone in that particular area and the energies would heal them. That was on the radio The Knights Alchemy but it does not make it be true. But there is a lot of power within those lines. I also heard from somewhere it was a way of traveling.

(07 Jan '11, 04:21) flowingwater

What they don't tell people is that those lines move. They were effective at the time of construction, but they ebb and flow with the positions of the planets and the sun over thousands of years. Yes they were used for travel at one point, that knowledge has not been found yet.

(07 Jan '11, 20:47) The Knights Alchemy

Oh! thanks for your answer. I have been trying to understand lay lines. Strangely it came from a show on tv of a detective who solves unusual cases and he had crossed lay lines and he was very particular about them so I started looking them up. I did not know they moved. How did they travel with the lay lines, only if you want to tell for they are all over the world.If we don't use them do you think they effect the people who are around them?

(07 Feb '11, 04:30) flowingwater

I don't know of the effects on people, but they are related to deep secrets of the Masons on moving heavy objects using ley lines. Possibly connected to the Pyramids construction.

(15 Feb '11, 14:02) The Knights Alchemy
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