Sorry about yet another health-related question.

In early 2013 I discovered that I had a marble-sized lump between my ear and chin. I went through a series of tests, and the lump turned out to be benign, and a swollen salivary gland. I have to go for a yearly checkup, and every year the consultant urges me to have it operated, because he says although it's currently benign, the older it gets the higher the chances for it to become malignant.

When I look back to 2013, yes, I was a mess. Compared to that I am a saint now. I read in Louise Hay's book that growths mean "nursing old hurts, building resentment". This was true back in 2013 but hardly true now. I am definitely not nursing any old hurts any more. And this reflects in my life otherwise which is fun and very peaceful, devoid of any of the usual dramas. I enjoy my life and look forward to more. Yes, I have the odd bad day, but I recover really quickly.

My question is, why has this situation not resolved itself? I went for my latest checkup last month, and the doctor did his best to scare me again. I laugh it all away every other year, but this time I thought, well, I've given it 4.5 years and it still hasn't shifted, so it's probably time to give up on it and have the damn thing operated, even though I stay well away from modern medicine.

Any ideas, anyone? If the significant amount of change I have undergone between 2013 and now was not enough to shift it, how do I know what IS enough? Can I really afford to keep giving it more time?

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There is a book called "The Secret Language of Your Body" by Inna Segal. It's more detailed than Louise Hay's "You Can Heal Your Life". It might give you some more insights into your health issue.

Here is what it says about growths.

"Growths - Supression, stuck emotions, frozen tears. Pushing away, rather than dealing with, problems. Hiding, covering up, burying old dreams. Feeling unfulfilled, unsatisfied, disappointed. Carrying guilt and resentment. Holding on to past failures."

You said

"I am definitely not nursing any old hurts any more."

Sometimes our issues feel so familiar to us that we tend to easily dismiss the obvious.

Your previous answer from this thread might also give you some more specific insights into this, especially the following sentence.

"In at least two occasions in the past I have done something stupid, in moments of blind rage. Since then I have been waiting for the Universe to give me an opportunity to remedy them. Still waiting."

But of course, it is not helpful to know what the problem is when you don't know how to solve it. So here is what I would do.

  1. I would take "at least" these "two occasions" from the past and completely clear them using some clearing technique like EFT.
  2. I would really go deep into these specific memories and not just tap on them superficially (which most people tend to do). Learning about the standard EFT and the definition of specific events as told by Gairy Craig can be very helpful.
  3. While tapping on these events, other memories with similar emotions in them might come up. Write them down and tap on them later.

Once you clear all those negative vibrations underlying your health issue, it might resolve on itself. Or you might feel positively inspired to do something to solve it.

As a side note: If you can't clear those memories yourself for whatever reason, it might be helpful get help from a healer/practitioner of any healing technique that you believe in.

"I laugh it all away every other year, but this time I thought, well, I've given it 4.5 years and it still hasn't shifted, so it's probably time to give up on it and have the damn thing operated, even though I stay well away from modern medicine."

The best way I know is get to the root cause (specific memories) of any issue and to then take inspired action. However, the second best approach is to take action through the past of least resistance without clearing the underlying issue.

Because you say that you regularly visit institutions of modern medicine (i.e. checkups), it tells me that your belief system is manifesting these visits and therefore believing in them to some degree. So it seems very probable to me that it could be the path of least resistance for you (right now) to just go to there and have your issue solved as they are suggesting.


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Hi @releaser99, I wish I could give you answer 10 upvotes. I am totally getting the Inna Segal book, as that quote was an eye-opener. I have only recently realised, like in the last two months, that even though over the last five years I have resolved my parents situation and my financial situation, I still haven't made peace with my work situation. I earn what I consider good money, but I feel unfulfilled, unsatisfied, wasted, and I look back to my past failure at becoming independent...

(25 Nov '17, 01:37) cod2

...@releaser99, Not only that but it's been a constant strong thought-pattern in my mind through the last 13 years. In fact writing these now, I am surprised that all I have manifested is a benign growth and not something more serious.

In addition to this frustration, I also feel surges of strong fear when I am given a new type of project at work, a completely different kind of problem to solve. It's basically fear of failure...

(25 Nov '17, 01:38) cod2

...@releaser99, It is only over the last couple of months that I have begun to like my work, and see it as my creative outlet rather than a punishment. I have also worked out that no matter how fearful I may be, I'll come out of the situation just fine. Even those realisations were somewhat mute, until today when your answer shook me by the shoulders and woke me up...

(25 Nov '17, 01:39) cod2

...@releaser99, I wish I asked the question as soon as the lump appeared, rather than 4.5 years later.

By the way, the two past mistakes I mentioned in the other thread both occurred after the lump appeared, so not applicable in this case...

(25 Nov '17, 01:39) cod2

...@releaser99, and you are right. The path of least resistance might well be having the thing operated, while continuing to work on those emotional issues.

(25 Nov '17, 01:44) cod2

@cod2 - I'm glad it helped :). I wish you a speedy recovery!

(25 Nov '17, 02:04) releaser99
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You don't need to apologize for anything! You grow where you grow.

Is it possible that your growth is inhibited in some other area, which would cause it to appear between your ear and chin? Just giving it time won't do anything- but it won't harm anything, either, which is good.

I recommend to do intense sessions of trash collecting with the feeling of having the growth as a starting point. I have written on the subject in another post, and lots and lots of intense sessions of this are just what the doctor ordered.


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i would search the web for "spiritual reason for cancer" and maybe also the specific erea it appeared.


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