I was just telling Jai about the "Inner Smile." This is an old Chinese practice that recognizes all the organs and systems of the body. You say, "I recognize you and thank you; you are doing a good job for me." Then you smile, and feel this smile in your: heart; liver; lungs; pancreas; stomach; your brain; your spine; your legs; your blood stream; and your antibodies... all of your whole body.

You thank and appreciate your entire body, part by part, saying as you go to each part, "Good Job! You are all working hard and well for me! You are keeping me in top shape, and feeling great!" Even when you are feeling sick, you thank your body (especially your immune system) for working overtime. Let those hard workers know that the Big Boss appreciates them!

If we think of it, our bodies are living, not as only a total being, but that each cell is alive and working for you. Your body is a full work-force that works twenty-four hours, seven days a week, your whole entire life in fact, and never lets up!

When workers are appreciated, they say, "Oh good! The boss likes this! Let's work harder and give more of this!"

I believe when we tend to think of the body as a container or machine, we lose touch with a lot of potential healing that the body does on its own. We turn to doctors to heal us like taking a car to a garage to be repaired. By doing this, we are ignoring the work-force we have working for us constantly. I think the more we recognize the work-force that makes up our bodies, the more we get to know what each part does, the better we will be able to be a good Boss and direct each part as we see fit. This works for our greatest benefit.

Example: I need adrenaline for something. I command, "Make me some adrenaline so I can lift this thing." Other times, I may feel that I am in pain, for example. I then can command my body to send more endorphins.

So, have you seen my point on this? Should we think on the body more as a group of workers or just a vehicle? Are we just souls that should just disregard the body?

I believe as we search about the spiritual, we can sometimes forget about our bodies.

asked 17 Feb '12, 15:45

Wade%20Casaldi's gravatar image

Wade Casaldi

edited 17 Feb '12, 16:20


@Wade - a friend of mine is in great physical difficulty and i have been trying to find a way to assist ... this old Chinese practice seems perfect advice ... thanks for such a beautiful question

(17 Feb '12, 22:59) blubird two

Wade, your approach to healing is consistant with my philosophy... Is your work strictly local, or would you consider doing some Health Seminars in other parts of the country?

(18 Feb '12, 10:30) The Prophet

Jai and I were just talking last night about the reason she came to Pennsylvania! We re-dedicated ourselves to our dream of opening a Healing Retreat Center here in the Poconos. We are both healers and Reiki Master/Teachers, and God put this dream in our hearts last year. We prayed, and we decided to have a plan to raise seed money and a way to get going by March third. Then today, you posted this response. We were stunned. It is beginning to manifest and God must have heard us last night.

(18 Feb '12, 10:49) Wade Casaldi

continued. We are willing to travel anywhere to speak and teach about healing body, mind, spirit and soul! This could be the beginning of everything we have dreamed of and want to manifest. You can contact both of us or me at Jaianniah's email address which is simply jaianniah@yahoo.com We are excited, and can give you more details by phone after your email. Thank you so much; you just made my our day!

Love and blessings, thanks Wade Casaldi and Jaianniah.

(18 Feb '12, 10:57) Wade Casaldi

Thanks for your interest Wade... My work focuses on improving world health by improving standards for child culture... It's not an easy sell... Do you have a Seminar Program (Video) in that vein, that you would care to share with me?

(19 Feb '12, 09:03) The Prophet

Improving standards for child culture, yes, that does seem a hard sell. I am trying to understand exactly what you mean, helping children is good though. I haven't any videos, maybe in the future I will, but nothing right now. You can email me to tell me what you are looking for. bushidokarateschools@gmail.com

(20 Feb '12, 23:19) Wade Casaldi

Thanks for the file, but you cannot upload a file to InwardQuest so there is nothing there but text. I cannot download it sorry.

(21 Feb '12, 11:41) Wade Casaldi
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That's a great question, Wade & valuable info too - very interesting. "Container" - that's funny. You're suggesting taking it to a new level - cellular. I've been doing a daily ritual similar to the one you describe for years, though I don't thank every organ & body part individually. I'm glad to finally give it a name Happy-Smile, I like it!

Yes, my body does hold my soul, as well as my mind, my heart & my other vital organs - so why wouldn't I treat it well? When you eat junk, don't you feel like crap? I do. Same goes for lack of exercise, sunshine & fresh air.

I think of my body as a temple & for the most part with the exception of lack of sleep & over work, I treat it as one would, a temple. Until I started wearing a 24/7 hat in addition to all my other hats; I thought I had a handle on those two afflictions. When I feel exhausted; it takes its toll on my physical body first & when this happens, it effects my mind & spirit. My vibration changes frequency & I start to worry & then I start attracting mor things & even people to worry about. If it's people; I start absorbing their worries & their vibration lowers mine even more. I know absolutely, for a fact; my vibration effects the people around me. Right now, I need to keep my vibrations high & can't let my low frequency vibrations effect another's vital energy - life force.

Body, Mind & Spirit - all 3 are connected. Which reminds me of what you've said numerous times, how importance balance is; all 3 must be in harmony. What effects one; effects all. If I don't take care of my body, It effects me physically first & if I ignore it long enough, it starts to effect my emotional health & my spiritual health. Your right, our bodies our more than containers for our souls.

When I'm not spiritually aligned; the universe has a tendency to smack me in the head, literally & the slap w/o fail, effects my physical body first.

I can absolutely say, positively; I've seen healing and/or miracles happen to my physical body when I use "Intention" (or as you said, "command") combined with visualization & breath work along with appreciation. I can send breath aka " life force" into any part of my body & it will, relieve pain & depending on where you send it, ecstasy & bliss. I have already incorporated both the vascular & nervous systems when I visualize & am excited to try your method using our cells. This will be powerful. Thanks, Wade!


answered 19 Feb '12, 01:09

ele's gravatar image



Your last paragraph is very similar to the "Inward smile" I was talking about. So with this I see you were close to the same realization as I was about the body being more like a work force working for us every moment. That is why I gave you best answer because you were so close to the same realization yourself. :-)

(14 Mar '12, 09:31) Wade Casaldi

This is a great answer Ele and yes you can smile with your heart and let the world know your love.

(14 Mar '12, 13:51) Paulina 1

@Paulina 1 what a beautiful thought and sooo true...

(14 Mar '12, 14:05) ele

@Wade Casaldi sometimes you need a little help from your friends, thank- you...

(14 Mar '12, 14:14) ele

@ele So true we all do need some help from our friends, thank God we are all friends here. :-)

(14 Mar '12, 21:28) Wade Casaldi
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I agree, I think we shouldn't just take care of our spiritual side, but take care of the mind and body as well! Thanking and appreciating every part of our body like that would definitely be a huge benefit. Compared to what some say about there bodies "I'm growing old and weak," or "I have back/wrist/leg/etc problems," I feel if those types of thoughts were replaced or countered people would begin to see big differances!

And I'm going to do a little experiment with my own body... I've been trying to tighten the skin around my stomach. Along with working out and visualizing... I'm going to start telling my cells to start tightening and toning the skin there.

I had a friend who said it helped him build muscle by doing this... so I want to try it and see if anything happens. =) Along with that, I'm going to thank each part of my body before I sleep and when I wake up... I love that idea.

So thank you for posting this!:)


Here's my progress with this if you're interested! I recommend doing this if you haven't tried it :)

The best result is I've had very little to no acne. I even stopped using my acne cleanser and have had no major break outs... yay!

My skin is getting tighter! I'm making more progress, but not quite where I wanna be. But I can tell its helping and its keeping me very motivated... yay! :)

I've been doing this while drinking a lot of water and exercising for at least 1 hour a day (plus walking/running). My cravings for junk food dropped a lot... Ill still want a cookie or some greasy pizza every now and then, and I don't fight it. :p

I'm really impressed so far and feel great... Ill post another update in a month or so if you're interested. For the record, I've never had any major health problems and I'm rarely sick, so I can't test it on things like that... but it can't hurt to try, because its making a difference for me. I feel like its "speeding" up things for me. I tried losing weight a year ago, exercising and eating good, drinking water... and no results after a month. I had felt better, but didn't look it. It discouraged me, so I stopped. But I can actually see a difference this time and that makes me happy. :)

Thanks for reading!


answered 17 Feb '12, 16:12

LapisLazuli's gravatar image


edited 14 Mar '12, 22:08


@LapisLazuli I am very happy this has been of help. Yes talk to the skin cells. Know that they hear you, and as well will do as you will them to do. Hold an image of the ideal you, and imagine it! Be rejoicing as this is the future you that you are looking at! :-)

(17 Feb '12, 21:41) Wade Casaldi

To many [closed minded] people the initial response to a statement like yours would be skepticism, but as silly as it may sound communicating with your body is completely valid. Also keep in mind that anything we expose our body to is 'talking' to it so to speak, whether that be specific movements, exercises, foods, environments, etc.

There are many tasks that require a combination of not only instructing your body of what you want, but also providing it with experience or input that it needs.

(17 Feb '12, 22:37) Snow

@Snow I'm not bothered by what others think of it lol... and yes, I do specific exercises that focus on my abdomin. I'm also drinking much more water and eating raw fruits and vegetables when they're available to me. I've been exercising/eating well/visualizing for a week and have seen improvement. I've been told talking to the body works (not saying its true, they were online friends so I never saw them), so I'm going to find out for myself. Thanks!

(17 Feb '12, 22:43) LapisLazuli

@Wade thanks again! I'm very excited about this:)

(17 Feb '12, 23:06) LapisLazuli

Hmm. It is true. Especially when coupled with drinking tons of water. I've gotten in better shape in the last year or so by doing yoga, body resistance isometric exercises, meditating, free form katas and things of that nature than I did my entire life living a physical lifestyle, weights classes, and even kickboxing training and conditioning at a martial arts gym.

For me there is nothing better than flexing your muscles just before the point of shaking and then stretching or doing yoga / katas

(17 Feb '12, 23:16) Snow

@Snow I love yoga! I do a little kenpo every now and then too, also do lots of walking and the occassional run. I use weights a lot too, because I'm mostly trying to tone and become more flexible, only lose a little weight.

(17 Feb '12, 23:23) LapisLazuli

@LapisLazuli It works, professional body builders have been doing this for years. Some people say you can even "think" yourself thin. However; for me it takes thought plus action & to keep mentally & physically fit I work out. Lifting weights, walking & stretching are at the top of my list; things anyone can do. Hmm... maybe I should get to work on those laugh lines that are starting... Thankfully, no frown lines...

(19 Feb '12, 01:41) ele

@ele Thanks! That makes me even more excited =) I have to work out, too, mainly because I see the results very fast when I do. I feel full of energy and my mood has been awesome! I'm thinking of trying it on some of my scars, too. Creams and lotions don't do much for me lol

(19 Feb '12, 01:49) LapisLazuli

@LapisLazuli are you and your little boy, ok? You disappeared at the same time the storms went through. I know the power is still out in areas. Hope you're well & we miss you....

(14 Mar '12, 14:08) ele

@ele Yes were doing good:) I went on vacation to San Antonio for a week, had a blast! Hope all is well at IQ :)

(14 Mar '12, 21:18) LapisLazuli

@LapisLazuli - I recall San Antonio; it is a blast. Do you feel my envy? Still have snow here; have hope though - saw the first robin today. Enjoy!

(15 Mar '12, 01:32) ele
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Undoubtedly there is great power in the act of appreciation Wade. And I think to live a fully balanced life we have to integrate all parts of our being...body,mind and spirit.

And as your question rightly hints at unless our physical body is functioning at it's optimal level it will be difficult for the other two to do so. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience, but that physical derives from the spiritual realm and should be honored and appreciated as such :)


answered 17 Feb '12, 22:34

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Right on Michaela.

(14 Mar '12, 13:52) Paulina 1

if you care for the exterior of your car
get regular oil changes
make sure the brarkes have sufficient pad
use an appropriate combustable fuel
and give it periods of rest

would you not do the same for yourself

all material form is alive
and when working together
become the potential of its identity


answered 18 Feb '12, 21:50

fred's gravatar image


can you appreciate and accept all that you are? is this not part of know your self? then in truth i say experience and enjoy.


answered 14 Mar '12, 09:52

white%20tiger's gravatar image

white tiger

The body is not disconnected from the soul. After one of my accidents, and I was in a lot of pain, I started a short practice of telling each part of my body as I put lotion on it that I love it, and I thanked it for all the work it does to help me.


answered 17 Mar '12, 14:09

Fairy%20Princess's gravatar image

Fairy Princess

Yes this is what I was talking about. Wonderful answer! :-)

(17 Mar '12, 14:44) Wade Casaldi
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